Nissan Motor Company today announced the launch of an all-new vehicle – the Livina Geniss – for Chinese consumers. First unveiled at the Guangzhou motorshow in July, the Livina Geniss is the first model from Nissan’s new family of global cars that will continue to drive Nissan’s growth strategy into the Chinese market. Levina Geniss will be manufactured at Huadu plant and will go on sale in November 2006.

“Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company strives to provide top quality products and services to our customers in China,” said Mr. Ren Yong, Vice President of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, Nissan’s local joint venture partner. “The fact that we chose to debut the Livina Geniss in China ahead of other markets demonstrates Nissan’s commitment and dedication to consumers in China. At a highly competitive and attractive retail price, we are confident that the Livina Geniss will gain popularity among our Chinese consumers.”

The Livina Geniss has been developed to meet the growing sophistication and lifestyle needs of Chinese consumers. Featuring a stylish exterior design, superior quality interior and roomy space with flexible seating arrangement, the Livina Geniss is an ideal choice for the urban family in search of a dynamic yet functional vehicle.

Bringing another “first” to Auto China 2006, Nissan will showcase the eye-catching Pivo electric car concept at its stand. First unveiled at the Tokyo Motorshow last year, the Pivo operates on a drive-by-wire system that enables the car’s cabin to pivot 360 degrees, effectively eliminating the need to reverse. Powered by Nissan’s compact, high-performance lithium-ion battery and its unique super motor, the Pivo creates zero emissions, and is an ideal reflection of Nissan’s commitment to develop environment-friendly technologies and to provide vehicles with innovative technologies that enrich people’s lives.

In addition, Nissan Motor Company and Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company will jointly showcase a line-up of models catering to different customer segments including the iconic Nissan 350Z; the Fuga luxury sporty sedan, and the Quest luxury MPV. Domestically produced models such as the Sylphy, Teana, Tiida sedan and hatchback, and the Paladin SUV will also be on display at the 1,260 square meter large Nissan booth.

“The eleven models exhibited at Auto China 2006 demonstrate the different ways innovation and advanced technology can be applied to our wide range of vehicles,” said Mr. Katsumi Nakamura, President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. “It is also reflective of Nissan’s consistent drive to provide our customers with the kind of product that combines fun-to-drive pleasure with the sophistication of modern and practical interiors. At Nissan, we are dedicated to producing superior cars that not only enrich the lives of our customers but provide them lasting value,” added Nakamura.

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  (498) posted on 01.5.2012

TForum and Livina Geniss has a similarity but it doesn’t really matter at all considering that the two "minivans" are both from Nissan. I just love the color and the simple look of it, I can’t say anything about the interior because the article didn’t say anything about it.

  (692) posted on 01.1.2012

It looks simple, but I notice that the glossy body paint of it only gives an appeal on this one. Anyway, I wonder if what will be the interior of this look like?

  (777) posted on 09.20.2011

I’m just wondering on the other speculations of this Livina Geniss especially on its interior features. And, I must say that it looks so classy and luxurious on its sleek body paint.

  (300) posted on 09.1.2011

The exterior design of this Livina Geniss is really quite impressive but Beth logan were right, topspeed should have also some pictures of the interior of this car.

  (337) posted on 08.4.2011

Forum and Livina Geniss had a similarity but it doesn’t really matter at all considering that the two "minivans" are both from Nissan. I just love the color and the simple look, I can’t say anything about the interior because the article didn’t anything about it.

  (512) posted on 07.12.2011

It is really an eye catcher. Nissan is great when it comes in designing a car. This one would surely be one of the best cars that will hit the market. Keep it up!

  (592) posted on 11.30.2010

another AUV from Nissan motors. Nissan Levina does hit the auto industry. Very comfortable suspension, reliable engine and Fuel Efficient.

  (461) posted on 03.28.2010

An interesting and well written article. The pictures of the car were fine except without some people standing next to it 0,I didn’t get the full sense of its’ scale.

  (702) posted on 02.17.2010

well i heard a lot of rumors about the levina, they say that it’s suspension are very smooth, and quite comfortable to ride than a normal car.

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