It is lamentable that European Nissan enthusiasts don’t have the opportunity to try out the Nismo 370Z. However, they are receiving a special edition that looks pretty good! The new Nissan 370Z Yellow will be available in limited numbers starting in September with prices ranging from a manually shifted £31,650 to £33,050 for an automatic.

2009 Nissan 370Z Yellow
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The 370Z Yellow is painted in the sun inspired color and wears a set of 19 inch RAYS forged alloy wheels, but what really sets this Z car off are the 1970s Porsche RS inspired side stripes that spell out exactly what is driving down the road. Both items set off the gleaming yellow body to perfection.

The interior is another story all together, consisting of black leather and suede, the inside of the Yellow 370Z is both comfortable and grippy. Electronics consist of an integrated satellite navigation system and a BOSE audio with eight speakers and a built in six disc CD changer. Touches like illuminated entry plates and special mats greets the driver as he or she enters and sits back in the heated racing buckets. This 370Z includes the speed limiter and all the other features from the 370Z GT Pack on which the special Yellow model is based.

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Press release

It’s already the one bright spot in the affordable sports car market, but now Nissan is going for gold with a special version of the storming 370Z coupe. Not for shrinking violets, the new 370Z Yellow lives up to its name in spectacular fashion.

2009 Nissan 370Z Yellow
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Ultimate Yellow is the paint job and it signals a 370Z with everything that people expect of the 331PS sportster along with a rare exclusivity – there will be a limited number of Yellows available – and a potent visual impact that takes the 370Z’s muscular looks to new heights. Some cars were just born to be yellow.

The 370Z Yellow gets design cues that nod at the racing 370Zs from the European GT4 series. The wheels are 19-inch RAYS forged alloys and along the flanks are special 370Z graphics, both items setting off the gleaming yellow body to perfection.

2009 Nissan 370Z Yellow
- image 308654

Inside the contrast could not be greater: the theme here is black leather and suede. There’s an integrated satellite navigation system, illuminated entry plates, special mats and a BOSE audio with eight speakers and a six-CD autochanger. The sophistication continues with heated seats, cruise control, speed limiter and all the other features from the 370Z GT Pack on which the special Yellow model is based.

The 370Z Yellow is, like all the new-generation versions of this world famous sports car dynasty, powered by an enthusiast’s delight of a V6 engine. It pumps out 331PS at 7000rpm backed up by a meaty 270lb ft of pulling power.

2009 Nissan 370Z Yellow
- image 308652

With a six-speed manual box (a seven-speed automatic is optional), the Yellow sprints from rest to 62mph in 5.3sec and goes on to a restricted top speed of 155mph. A synchronised rev control during downchanges reminds you just how good the engine sounds – even when just trundling to the shops.

The Yellows for the UK are available from all participating Nissan dealers but definitely from all High Performance Centres where its big brother the GT-R is exclusively sold. The first cars will be available from September with prices from £31,650 (manual gears) or £33,050 (automatic).

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  (383) posted on 03.7.2011

I don’t get why some people keep on comparing the Porsche and Nissan.
You guys are bunch of an idiots! Well, its been a long time ago since Nissan has proven that they better! Stop complaining about the overpriced!

  (570) posted on 02.24.2011

I don’t understand why some people keep insisting, despite all evidence, that the 370Z is the same-old-same-old, when it clearly is NOT. And that is a good thing.

  (630) posted on 02.24.2011

They should look better, they’re newer vehicles. The Versa has been sold in the US for nearly four years now, in Japan six years.

  (1023) posted on 02.28.2010

very ugly looking 370z without Body kits. it’s like a music that has a missing lyrics.

  (708) posted on 01.28.2010

@rogermanalac : I think you said that because of the yellow color. They should change the color of the car to gray or black.

  (708) posted on 01.28.2010

Color yellow fits this car perfectly.

  (780) posted on 12.9.2009

Looks like a taxicab for me. Nissan is well know for its cars, most of their cars are meant for sports and mostly used for drifting like the Nissan 200sx, cefiro, 370 & 350z and the undisputed Skyline series.

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