While quite a few automakers will be absent from the upcoming Tokyo Moor Show, the Nissan Motor Company has prepared a new zero emissions concept car that is ready to solve the problem of personal transportation in congested urban environments while still offering a spirited driving experience for both the driver and passenger; Nissan is calling it the Land Glider. Now the Japanese automaker is not the first to come up with an inline two sear that leans into turns, however they are the first to combine the concept with the forward thinking power train of a battery electric vehicle. This is quite convenient because crowded cities like London for example charge significantly higher taxes on automobiles based on their emissions, while some low emissions and especially zero emissions vehicles are exempt from some of those additional charges to operate inside the city center, making the efficient Land Glider a perfect choice to not only navigate congested cities but escape from them as well.

2009 Nissan Land Glider
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The Land Glider offers seating for two in tandem, with the driver sitting up front and room for only one passenger behind. The traditional round steering wheel is replaced with a unit more like the stick on an airplane, and the gauges match the aviation theme and make the concept’s cabin feel more like a cockpit. The only thing that reminds you that the Land Glider is intended for road use are the leather wrapped bucket seats and a more traditional three pedal layout. On the outside the Nissan Land Glider comes complete with 21st century styling like swept back headlights, floating fenders, angular body panels, large glass surfaces and a strip of LEDs for a taillight. From the side, the Land Glider has a profile similar to a Smart car, but from head on the Nissan concept is no more than a few feet wide.

2009 Nissan Land Glider
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Aside from having a very narrow footprint, the instant torque of its electric motor and lightweight construction make the Land Glider reasonably quick off the line. The low drag design means that the shape will be able to slipstream up to speed and then carry it through the curves by using a sophisticated suspension and drive train setup that makes the zero emissions concept lean into the turns and increase its capacity for high speed cornering.

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Press release

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., will present various show cars at the upcoming 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, including "Leaf," an electric vehicle (EV) which is slated for global launch and volume production in late 2010, "Land Glider," an EV concept car, and "Qazana," which is an entirely new type of compact sport crossover, which made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009. Nissan will also showcase the new "Fuga," Nissan’s top-of-the-line sedan and the new mini MPV "Roox," both to be launched later this year.

2009 Nissan Land Glider
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Nissan’s ultimate goal in the environmental field is zero emission. With aim to be a leader in this field, the Nissan exhibits will focus on concept cars including "Leaf" and on the development of related technologies and battery-charging infrastructure, in an effort to communicate the company’s commitment to consumers.

Nissan is also continuing to work on the internal combustion engine (ICE) technology, for the development of environment-friendly technology to improve fuel economy and reduce gas emission. In addition to EV, the Nissan exhibit will feature a wide range of models and technologies such as hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), clean diesel technology and next-generation X-TRONIC CVT.

2009 Nissan Land Glider
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Land Glider

A new proposal for urban mobility that can be enabled by zero-emission car

  • The Land Glider has a potential to become a new means of transportation in urban areas; its linear acceleration and the narrow body, which only an ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight EV can achieve, will help reduce traffic congestion and promote effective use of parking space.
  •  Shift of the center of gravity by leaning provides a new, exciting sense of driving and a powerful, crisp ride.
2009 Nissan Land Glider
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  (1) posted on 02.17.2013

You don’t have to "drive alone"; please READ the article, place for passenger, behind the driver!

  (512) posted on 03.9.2010

Very futuristic car, but it looks boring, I dont want to drive alone.

  (345) posted on 03.9.2010

The creation is very dramatic. A real intelligent inventor and props to him.

  (798) posted on 01.21.2010

Very futuristic car, but I think driving alone is boring.

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