After the Nuvu concept, the second Nissan premier at the Paris Auto Show is the 2009 Pixo. The newest small car from Nissan is expected to go on sale in Europe in spring 2009.

Built in collaboration with Suzuki, the Pixo is a five-door, four-seater powered by a three cylinder 1.0-liter engine. Nissan is paring the small engine with lightweight construction in an effort to keep good performance while achieving high fuel economy.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Continuing the theme of compact urban motoring, with outstanding green credentials – but this time for the more immediate future, Pixo is an accessible city car which offers low emissions and consumption at an extremely accessible price.

Pixo is a five-door, four-seater with a roomy interior and generous luggage space thanks to its efficient design and packaging. It has a lively highly efficient three cylinder 1.0-litre engine. Thanks to its brand new lightweight construction, with resulting benefits in performance, very low fuel consumption and emissions, Pixo will be among the best value eco-cars in the small city car category.

Pixo is 3565 mm long, 1470 mm tall and 1600 mm wide. It has a wheelbase of 2360 mm.

Built in collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation, at state-of-the art facilities in Delhi, India , Pixo is a brand new four-seater competing in the fast growing A-segment. Unlike some of its immediate rivals, however, Pixo is far from a micro car. It has five doors to ease ingress and egress to and from the rear seats but remains sufficiently compact to be agile to be ideal for city driving.

Unusually in this class, Pixo is also available with a full four-speed automatic, reinforcing its suitability as a town car that’s perfectly capable of longer journeys when needed.

Sales start from late spring 2009.

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  (544) posted on 04.7.2010

So this is the product of Suzuki-Nissan partnership. Great work to both of you.

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