If you’ve never heard of the Japanese tuning firm, Voltex, then you probably wouldn’t be the only one, but what makes this specialty aero parts company interesting is that their headquarters is located in Suzuka, Japan. Yep, it’s right near the famous racing circuit! The company was founded by Nakajima, a man that has worked for various racing teams in Japan where he has made composite body parts for F-3 and Formula Japan racecars. Needless to say, this guy knows a thing or two about improving a race car for the circuit.

Thankfully, for all us race car fans, Nakajima has set his sights on the Nissan GT-R. The package only includes a few exterior changes, but it’s the little things that can sometimes make a big difference. The package includes an aero kit with bumpers, side skirts, and a few other pieces. Our eyes automatically go to the new Voltex carbon fiber GT wings that are crafted to meet the Super Taikyu "Endurance" regulations and are available in 10 different customizable designs. And let’s not forget that sleek black exterior paint job either.

It may be an oldie, but it was definitely good enough to make a belated appearance!


Source: Jonsibal

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