In some Asian markets, it is fashionable to give cars English names, but picking names that actually mean something or that don’t sound absurd to native speakers isn’t all that important. This is why there are cars with names like Deliboy, Detroit Fish, Life Dunk, Rural Nanny, and Mysterious Utility Wizard. These are all good for a chuckle, but now Nissan has raise the weirdness bar with a new concept called Teatro For Dayz. The big difference between this and the other absurdly named cars is that Nissan tells every detail of what it was doing in picking this name.

Teatro For Dayz goes beyond simple bad English. The word “teatro” is indeed Italian, meaning “theater,” and then there is the intentional misspelling of “days.” This gets into the reason why this concept exists, it is part of a long tradition of car companies clumsily trying to pander to young people. But Nissan is taking it so much further than ever before with this concept, and the press release even goes so far as to invent a new term for young people. This term is “share natives,” implying that they have grown up always talking about themselves on social media.

Updated 10/28/2015: The new Nissan Teatro For Dayz made its world debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. You can now watch a series of new live images and two new video that highlight all the technologies featured in the concept.

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  • 2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept
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    9 sec. (Est.)
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    110 mph (Est.)
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2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649365
2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649361
2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649358

For all of the weirdness in this concept, the exterior isn’t particularly bizarre. It’s just another rolling breadbox, the likes of which car companies have been peddling to young people for years. In fact, Nissan already has a much weirder example of this kind of vehicle in production with the Cube. There isn’t really much on the outside to indicate that this isn’t a regular production vehicle from a decade ago, apart from the usual concept-style wheels and the rear suicide doors.

Although there is one unique feature, and that is the LED screens along the bottoms of the doors and the rear hatch. These can display patterns of the driver’s choosing or the battery’s state of charge. Nissan has said that the things that made cars appealing for previous generations do not appeal to those just now getting their driver’s licenses. Things like performance or a sporty design are therefore out. Nissan even goes so far as to call the exterior “plain” right in the press release.


2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649354

It is the interior that is the most notable part of the Teatro For Dayz concept. The first thing you’d notice about it, if you were looking at it while it was switched off, is that there’s almost nothing to it, everything is plain white or black, including the big blank dash with just a steering wheel and no instrumentation or controls. And this is because everything in the car is a screen.

The dash is a screen, the seats are screens (front and back), and the steering wheel is a screen – it’s like riding around inside a big tablet. Nissan wants you to think of the car as a blank canvas, one that you can customize to look however you want it, and display whatever information you feel is important. Nissan has even gone so far as to make the air conditioning and radio voice controlled, so as to free up more dash space for screen real estate. And just to really drive home the point that this is more of connected device than it is a car, the accelerator pedal has a play icon on it and the brake pedal has a pause icon.

Nissan has even gone so far as to make the air conditioning and radio voice controlled

Nissan says that young people want a car to “be a versatile tool for creativity like a smartphone,” pushing this thinking so far as to say “we thought from the perspective of designing a car that would serve as a canvas for their inspiration." There is also an on-board camera, for the purpose of sharing “anything that happens in or around the car.” All of which is why Nissan has gone with the “teatro” name. Yep, the car is yet another means of putting yourself on display for the world.

It’s quite an extreme to go to, but even before considering the implications of what it would mean for young people to want something like this, there are a couple of other things that should be acknowledged. The first of these is how this is just begging for a big spike in distracted driving, and the reason why should be fairly obvious. The other thing to note is that sitting on screens can’t be all that comfortable... it just can’t.


2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649363

Nissan hasn’t given a lot of details about the drivetrain of the concept, except to say that it’s electric. But this is in keeping with the general approach taken to the concept, that it isn’t a car so much as it’s a tablet that you sit in to go places. Young people wouldn’t be interested in things like horsepower numbers or 0-to-60 times, or at least so thinks Nissan. It’s just an internet-connected device that you plug in when you get home, like any other. If a vehicle like this were to see production – and we can all be sure that this one won’t anytime in the foreseeable future – it would likely share a drivetrain with the Leaf.


2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649359

The Teatro For Dayz concept is a sort of a sad statement. Car manufacturers have been saying for years now that young people aren’t interested in cars anymore, and that this is why sales of new cars to young people have been in decline. They say that young people just love their smartphones so much that cars aren’t a priority anymore. Some pretty solid arguments to the contrary have now been made, the most important of which being that young people can’t afford new cars anymore.

But the same marketing people who continue to fail to sell young people keep repeating the smarphone story as though it’s gospel. This car is the natural conclusion of this train of thought, the result of thinking that there is literally only one thing that a given group of people thinks about. It’s hardly the first time that a carmaker has revealed itself to be completely out of touch when trying to market to young people, but it is still an absolutely staggering example of it. The press release reads like a parody of itself, quite possibly setting a new record for marketing speak. But that’s probably what you expected when you saw that Nissan had built a car called “Teatro For Dayz.”

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Press Release</h3 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a surprising concept called Teatro for Dayz at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. This is the first car designed specifically for the generation known as "digital natives." Teatro for Dayz is more than a car for a generation of consumers accustomed to transformational technology and the freedom to use digital devices for sharing experiences. It is an out-of-the-box concept that defies convention and rejects restrictions.
2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649360

"Designing a car to appeal to the generation we call `share natives’ required us to intentionally not use knowledge and tried-and-true approaches we had amassed," says Executive Design Director Satoshi Tai. "For example, through design we typically try to convey a sense of acceleration, power, or supreme quality. But these values do not resonate with share natives. If anything, such car traits just call to mind old-fashioned technology that bears little relevance to their lives."

Nissan has surveyed this generation extensively. Nissan’s Product Planning General Manager Hidemi Sasaki says: "Share natives feel that time spent in a car should be time for connecting and sharing experiences with friends. We can no longer attract their attention with the same old values."

Design that supports sharing ideas and experiences

Teatro for Dayz’s concept is "a clean canvas." It’s about being able to freely create and share experiences. The entire car serves as a platform for inspiration, allowing share natives to design their own experiences, connect with friends, display an attitude and freely share them.

The interior of tomorrow is a clean canvas

2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649361

Have a passion for driving? If so, you’ll be forgiven if your first reaction to Teatro for Dayz is, "Is this really a car?" After all, all you see inside the interior are solid white seats, a steering wheel and two pedals.

This is the "Future Canvas" interior concept: the appearance can transform according to your whim. Image display technology supports this concept — turning seats, headrests, door trim and the instrument panel into a moving screen.

Tai explains: "The interior can be visually altered according to one’s mood, for playing games, and in the blink of an eye to surprise friends. What Teatro for Dayz is, how it’s used, and what it could become are all up to the share native’s imagination."

At first it may be surprising to see only a steering wheel and a flat instrument panel, but in this interior space conventional knobs and switches would limit display arrangement and expression. That’s why Nissan adopted voice control and motion sensors for the air conditioning and audio systems. In drive mode, meters and car navigation data are displayed on the instrument panel. When parked, it all disappears. Seats with bases that resemble balance balls feel radically different from the usual grip of a car seat, further signaling a departure from the conventional.

"Digital device" exterior design

Nissan made another unexpected turn with Teatro for Dayz’s inorganic yet warm exterior design. "We adopted Nissan’s signature V motion grill and headlamps," Tai says, "but dropped the usual components that express aggressiveness: speed, size, elegance, and other traits you would expect to see on a car. This car’s identity belongs to the owner, and design assumptions we make just limit their creativity. This could also be seen as an indication of what people will expect of EVs in the future."

2015 Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 649362

With an exterior color scheme of satin white silver between full gloss white, the vehicle resembles leading-edge handheld technologies and provides share natives even more space for design creativity.

Teatro for Dayz’s simple, square design maximizes possibilities for communicating and sharing, both inside and out. The wide, open interior provides the perfect space for friends to gather, while the plain exterior features LED screens that enable further self-expression. Overall, the unusually simple exterior design creates a compact and grounded impression, with cleanly rounded roof and bumpers, wheels extended to the outer corners and radically short front and rear overhangs.

Teatro for Dayz — inside and all around it — is a canvas for individual expression. "How will share natives express themselves with this car? Just wait and see. They’ll share their first experiences on social media," says Tai.

Expect this unique concept born from the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s drivers to create ways of enjoying cars never before imagined.

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