Designers doll-up the X-Trail for Geneva

Production cars and futuristic concepts aren’t the only things showing up for the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Nissan is bringing a pair of customized crossovers that the automaker hopes will bring attention to the brand. Both the Qashqai and X-Trail examples have been remained with interesting paintwork and design cues, along with interior upgrades that bring added flair to the designs. Here, we’ll be focusing on the X-Trail.

Nissan says the X-Trail is “targeted for the ‘Premium Adventurist,’ who will be thinking of mountain adventures in the Alps or the Pyrenees.” While it’s hard to imagine the X-Trail soft-roader talking more than a dirt path, Nissan’s Global Design Center in Japan sees this as “pushing boundaries and exploring creative solutions to fulfill the broad range of the needs of the aspirational customers in Europe.”

Marketing hype aside, the X-Trail Concept does look swanky, especially with the matte gold accents, carbon fiber accent on the hood, and 20-inch wheels. The most disappointing aspect is knowing this concept will likely never see production – unless Nissan gets rave remarks at Geneva. In that case, the X-Trail could receive a similar appearance package sold in limited numbers.

For U.S. buyers, hope is completely lost. That’s because the X-Trail isn’t offered Stateside, but rather the Rouge, which granted is based on the same platform and has uncanny similarities. Secondly, Nissan’s statements about the X-Trail Concept detail how this design study was conducted with European customers in mind – something the U.S. is somewhat lacking.

Regardless of all that, let’s take a look at Nissan’s latest concept.

Continue reading to learn more about the Nissan X-Trail Premium Concept.


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The X-Trail Concept carries some pretty unique looks. The base color is a matt white that acts nicely as a canvas for the faux carbon fiber-wrapped hood with its grey center accent. The wheel arches carry a glossy black finish that is mirrored in the bumper trim and wheels. Silver accents on the side mirrors add a pop of interest, matching Nissan’s V-Motion grille design.

The main splash of color comes from a golden copper color that graces the front bumper guard, rocker sill plates, fender flairs, and wheels. Aside from the color changes, this concept remains similar to any standard X-Trail.


The upholstery is premium leather with a tan and black color scheme that mirrors the outside.

Nissan is waiting until the official debut at Geneva to show off the X-Trail Concept’s interior. However, Nissan did give a fairly comprehensive description of the upgrades. The upholstery is premium leather with a tan and black color scheme that mirrors the outside. There’ something called a “cloud effect” design on the headrests and seat sides, though what exactly that is has yet to be determined. The seats are accented with Ultrasuede gold pearl leather piping on the center section and seat backs. The dashboard and door panels get black carbon fiver finishings with a matt, dark chrome accent.

The X-Trail Concept’s interior is expected to retain most of its stock appearance and seating layout, so expect room for seven with Nissan’s typical design detailing.


Since this concept is all about appearances and comfort, it’s hard to imagine anything different under hood.

Nissan makes no mention of the X-Trail’s powertrain, so we’re left to speculate. Since this concept is all about appearances and comfort, it’s hard to imagine anything different under hood. That means the X-Trail could come with any one of the three powertrains offered on the production model. They include a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder, and a 1.6-liter four-cylinder diesel. A six-speed manual and CVT transmission are offered. The CVT comes with six pre-set “gear ratios” for manual-style shifting.

Of course, the X-Trail offers 4WD, which this concept undoubtedly includes. Nissan’s system is called All-Mode 4x4-i. It continually monitors wheel slippage and sends power to where its best needed, allowing the X-Trail to navigate slippery terrain like snow, slick mud, and sand.


2016 Nissan X-Trail Premium Concept High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Nissan’s X-Trail Concept seems like a great design stud, but it’s doubtful if we will ever see anything similar to this hit showrooms. That’s a shame, because the matt golden copper accents contrasted by the glossy black and matt white colors really look good. And we can’t wait to see what the interior holds. Rest assured, we’ll bring you more information once Nissan debuts the X-Trail Concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show come March 1st and 2nd.

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Press Release

Nissan will showcase two striking special versions of its best-selling crossovers, the Qashqai and X-Trail, at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Taking the current models as a starting point, Nissan has explored how a more premium and dynamic design interpretation could enhance and extend the appeal of its award-winning crossover range in the future.

The two cars are called the Qashqai Premium Concept and the X-Trail Premium Concept. While they are separate models, the colours, materials and themes which run through them mean they are unmistakably a pair. The Qashqai Premium Concept has been created by Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in the heart of London, while the X-Trail Premium Concept is the work of Nissan’s Global Design Centre (GDC) in Japan.

With crossovers playing such an integral part in Nissan’s continuing success across Europe, these two Premium Concepts showcase Nissan’s desire to extend the target market while acknowledging customer diversity.

Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President, Design and Chief Creative Officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. commented: “We allowed the creativity of our design teams to shine through in this two-car project. Ultimately we settled on two designs – which are contrasting but share common themes – as they reveal a new premium character in our crossovers.”

From how the Nissan design language is expressed to the advanced materials are used, both cars offer a fresh take on the widespread appeal of a premium Nissan crossover. Considering the concept of the urban explorer, each Premium Concept has a unique execution and is designed to appeal to a very different customer. The Qashqai has been designed for the ‘Premium Urbanite’, who dreams of a weekend absorbing the cultural highlights of a European destination city such as Geneva, Paris or Rome. The X-Trail is targeted for the ‘Premium Adventurist’, who will be thinking of mountain adventures in the Alps or the Pyrenees.

Common to both cars is a simple yet vibrant colour palette; the stark appeal of black and white, contrasting with a premium golden copper which brings elegance and warmth to the crossover.

X-Trail Premium Concept

In stark contrast to its sibling, the X-Trail Premium Concept uses a matt white paint as its main colour. The bonnet and roof are crafted with deep black matt carbon fibre, giving the car a truly premium yet tough feeling, as well as a lightweight impression. The high contrast of the white and black emphasises the line which starts from the ‘V-motion’ grille and continues through the bonnet and side to the rear of the car. This contrast also reflects the rugged ‘go-anywhere’ nature of the adventurous X-Trail. The premium golden copper colour is featured on the front skid plate – drawing the viewer’s eye towards it, to enhance the feeling of protection – and on the 20-inch wheels. The body claddings and over fenders are painted in gloss black, a sophisticated touch which lifts the X-Trail beyond other adventure-oriented crossovers.

The interior upholstery is premium leather, with a natural tan and black colour scheme that reflects the car’s appeal to adventurous customers. The seats are tailored in a combination of premium leathers; tan coloured leather with a ‘cloud effect’ design on the head rest and seat sides, plus Ultrasuede® accentuated with gold pearl leather piping on the central section of seat back and base. On the dashboard and door trim, black carbon fibre finishing and matt chrome black are used, giving the interior space a premium sports appeal.

Thanks to the close collaboration between Nissan’s Japanese and European design studios, the Qashqai Premium Concept and X-Trail Premium Concept explore the potential of an exciting new level of personalisation in the crossover sector, promoting a much greater level of self-expression within the ownership experience. The result is that every occupant in either car – whether they are a passenger or the driver – receives an identical premium and dynamic experience.

Mamoru Aoki, Executive Design Director, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. added: “As the pioneer of this sector, Nissan will continue to push the boundaries and explore creative solutions to fulfil the broad range of the needs of the aspirational customers in Europe.”

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