The most track-focused GT-R you can buy without paying the Nismo premium

The latest-generation GT-R was launched in 2007, bringing everything Nissan has learned from building sports cars since the late 1960s into one menacing vehicle. Priced from less than $70,000, the GT-R took the market by storm with a performance package that rivaled those of more expensive supercars. Although nine years old as of 2016, the GT-R received two significant updates that included enhanced aerodynamics and more powerful engines.

The 2017 facelift also brought a revised Nismo model, but unfortunately for GT-R enthusiasts, the range-topping version came with a significant price hike. But those who can’t afford a Nismo can opt for the new Track Edition package, which adds a few goodies inside and out, as well as a handful of chassis updates. This is the second time Nissan has offered a Track Edition model. The first one arrived in 2014 and was the most track-focused GT-R outside the Nismo. Much like its predecessor, it was also engineered by Nismo, the company’s motorsport division, and sits above the Premium, Prestige and Black Edition in the model lineup, but below the flagship Nismo.

However, there are quite a few differences compared to the previous Track Edition, most of which are visible on the inside. The new variant is also limited to certain European markets for now, with Nissan having yet to announce plans for a U.S.-spec model. Hopefully this will change soon, but until that happens, let’s see what makes the Track Edition special among other GT-Rs.

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What makes the Nissan GT-R Track Edition special

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition High Resolution Exterior
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Much like the previous Track Edition model, the new iteration stands out thanks to mildy revised body components and a new set of wheels. Up front, the GT-R received a wider bumper, while the rear is highlighted by a carbon-fiber spoiler. However, the spoiler isn’t standard on any market. While British customers will get it at no extra cost, German buyers will have to pay an additional fee for these features. Updates continue with a set of forged, 20-inch aluminum wheels and a carbon-fiber trunk lid. The latter is optional on all markets and it’s the component that saves the most weight when selected. Naturally, the new Track Edition version benefits from all the updates introduced for the 2016 model year. These include a larger V-motion grille, revised headlamps, repositioned foglamps, new side skirts, and mild modifications to the rear fascia for a sportier look.

Inside, modifications are limited to just a unique, carbon-fiber "Track Edition" badge on the dashboard and carbon-fiber seat backs. Just like the spoiler, the seat backs aren’t standard in all markets. They’re included in the package in Germany, but it’s only optional in the United Kingdom.

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition High Resolution Exterior
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So basically, Germans get the seat backs but not the spoiler, while the Brits benefit from a free spoiler but have to pay extra for the seat backs. Now that’s weird marketing right there!

Anyway, it also needs to be said that unlike the previous Track Edition, the new car has its rear seats in place. Or at least the press statement doesn’t mention a delete option, and there are no photos of the interior yet. The previous model had no rear seats, which meant further weight savings. From this standpoint, the new Track Edition isn’t as cool as its forerunner.

Unique features aside, it comes with the new eight-inch NissanConnect touch-screen infotainment system, a 11-speaker Bose audio system, new paddle shifters, smartphone connectivity, and revised instrument cluster that Nissan introduced for 2017.

Under the hood, the Track Edition houses the exact same engine as the standard Nissan GT-R. The twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V-6 cranks out 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque thanks to an update it received in 2016, and uses a six-speed dual-clutch transmission to send it all to the wheels. Performance specs remain unchanged compared to the standard model, with the Track Edition needing 2.9 seconds to hit 60 mph from a standing start and can hit a top speed of 196 mph. But, while the drivetrain remained unchanged, the Track Edition received a bespoke Bilstein Damptronic suspension, a race-tuned setup for optimized cornering stability, and a lightweight anti-roll bar for increased body stiffness. These changes should come in handy at the track, where the Track Edition will be able to post quicker lap times than the standard model.

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition High Resolution Exterior
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Pricing for the Track Edition starts from £91,995 in the United Kingdom, making it £12,000 more expensive than the standard GT-R. Deliveries are set to start in early November. The Track Edition is not yet available in the United States, where customers can only purchase the GT-R Premium and the beefed-up Nismo versions.

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Press Release

Photo Credit: Nissan

Another eagerly anticipated chapter in the Nissan GT-R success story has begun, with the arrival of the GT-R Track Edition.

As the name implies, it’s been specifically engineered for thrill-seeking track enthusiasts by the dedicated team at NISMO – Nissan’s motorsport division. Designed to deliver a higher level of performance than the standard GT-R, it is priced from £91,995.

The Nissan GT-R Track Edition sits above the Premium, Prestige and Black Edition in the model line-up, but below the flagship GT-R NISMO.

Performance modifications to further improve the dynamic experience include bespoke Bilstein Damptronic® suspension. A race-tuned set-up, this is designed to optimise straight-line and cornering stability. A new lightweight anti-roll bar has also been added to increase body stiffness and reduce weight.

NISMO Racing Black forged 20-inch aluminium wheels and tyres are part of the GT-R Track Edition package, in addition to a wider front bumper. However, the exact specification varies by market. For example, Track Edition cars in Germany come with carbon-backed Recaro seats as standard, with a carbon rear spoiler available as an option.

In the UK, the black and red Recaro seats from the GT-R Black Edition are fitted, while the carbon spoiler is standard. A boot lid made from carbon and the carbon-backed seats are optional extras.

What is included on every version is the finishing touch – a unique Track Edition badge made from carbon that’s attached to the dashboard. Customers will start to take to delivery of cars from early November.

The GT-R Track Edition is based on the MY17 GT-R, first unveiled at the New York Motor Show in April 2016. Building on the GT-R’s unrivalled supercar heritage, the four-wheel-drive super-coupé features a striking new aerodynamic exterior design.

That’s coupled with a sophisticated new premium interior for maximum driver comfort, and includes a new eight-inch NissanConnect touch-screen infotainment system and 11-speaker Bose® audio unit.

Power comes from a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 developing 570PS and 637Nm of torque. Each engine is hand-assembled from start to finish by a single, meticulously trained, technician called a Takumi - literally ‘master craftsman’ in Japanese.

Since its launch in 2007, the Nissan GT-R has been at the cutting edge of the premium sports car sector – an uncompromising performance four-seater for enthusiastic drivers, a car which completely embodies Nissan’s brand sign-off – Innovation that Excites.

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