6-Inch Lift Transformed The Titan Into a Giant

At the Nissan USA stand at the Chicago Motor Show we had the chance to see a rather surprising and intimidating truck called the Nissan Titan K2 Rocky Ridge Concept. It is a lifted Titan truck, engineered by Rocky Ridge, specialists in “making big bad lifted trucks” with more than 30 years of experience. Although revealed in concept guise, let me tell you that the Rocky Ridge Titan K2 is ready to pounce. The Georgia-based truck magicians made sure of it with a comprehensive set of additions that made this Titan K2 Rocky Ridge Concept as tough and as terrifying as possible. This is what we learned about it at the Show.


  • 20-inch wheels with Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 tires
  • $1,300+ worth of additional LED lighting
  • 6-inch lift over the stock Titan for an Intimidating look
2019 Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge Concept
- image 821991

I think you know best that the intimidating factor of lifted trucks is achieved through the lift kits and tires. But before all that jazz (K2 is really generous about that actually), the Georgia-based customizer chose a few really interesting additions to give the Titan a somewhat sophisticated feel. The details I like the most are the color-keyed pocketed fender flares and the black ceramic exhaust tips. The official Rocky Ridge website also mentions further modifications to the lifted Titan that include:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust
  • Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler
  • K2 Door Emblems
  • K2 Tailgate Emblem
  • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner

While all of this sounds cool, I cannot stress enough the importance of the right lighting for a machine like this. And, the Titan Rocky Ridge Concept does not disappoint here either.

I’ve done some research and found out that Rocky Ridge integrated LED light bars from Rigid and from Zroazd. In total, you are looking here at, at least, $1,300 worth of LED lights.
2019 Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge Concept
- image 821991

Small units at the edges of the bumper are actually Rigid Industries units. The clear ones are LED Hypersports Pro units, while the other is actually an LED Fog Light. Two pairs cost close to $600.

Move to the middle of the Titan Rocky Ridge Concept, and you will be treated with the $440, 20-inch Rigid Industries Light bar on the bumper and the $260, 20-inch Zroadz light bar on the grille. All of this can light up quite a bit.

While on the grille, you can see that the one on the Rocky Ridge Titan K2 Concept actually has a completely redesigned mesh compared to a stock unit. Obviously, the bumper is all new too. It’s edgier, sharper in its appearance, and provides an even better approach angle.

Now, apart from the six-inch lift kit that jacked up the Titan K2 just right, the 20-inch wheels are shod in nifty, 20-inch Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 tires. If you are wondering, these go for $350 per tire.

2019 Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge Concept
- image 821988

Now, I am writing the prices for a reason - to entice you to try this yourself on the Titan. It is somewhat possible, but I doubt you could ever do as meticulous of a job as what Rocky Ridge can. After all, there’s no chance you could ever match this astounding paint scheme. What is more, Rocky Ridge drizzled the Titan K2 with the:

  • Power Side Steps
  • Black Off-Road Steps
  • Matte Finish
  • Vengeance Front Bumper
  • Premium Bumper Set


  • * Embroidered Rocky Ridge logo on the headrests
  • * Black theme thanks to Midnight Edition package
  • * All leather seats
2019 Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge Concept
- image 821939

I guess that with the intimidating exterior look of the Titan K2 Rocky Ridge Concept you’d be OK with a stock interior setup. Yet, Rocky Ridge did drizzle it with some cool touches.

First of all, be advised that this Titan is based on the Midnight Edition, and this means it comes nicely equipped with black leather on the seats and some other darkened pieces in the cabin.

To make a mark on it, Rocky Ridge embroidered its logo on the headrests. Just so you know that this isn’t yet another standard truck. To prove the point, zoom through the drivetrain improvements Rocky Ridge did to make the Titan K2 better than ever.


  • 6” Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit
  • Available with the Cummins V-8, Or the gasoline V-8
  • 2.0 Nitrogen Charged Rear Shocks
2019 Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge Concept
- image 821943

With their colorful description of the K2, Rocky Ridge says that “this lifted truck package is built to climb any mountain, go anywhere, and make you feel unstoppable in the process.” Well, we have already established that it does make you feel unstoppable just by looking at it. That’s the magic not many vehicles actually have.

As for the other part of Rocky Ridge’s claim, the Titan K2 has to accomplish what no one has so far - climb any mountain and go anywhere.

I don’t know if it can really do that, but I do know that it can do a lot of off-road thanks to the following upgrades over the stock Titan:

  • 6” Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit
  • 2.0 Nitrogen Charged Rear Shocks
  • E-Coated Front and Rear Cross-Members
  • E-Coated Full Front Skid Plate
  • E-Coated Front Strut Tower Extension
  • Compression Struts
  • Brake-Line Relocation Bracket
  • 20″ Black Off-Road Wheels
  • 35×12.50R20 All Terrain Tires (that Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3’s)
  • Rocky Ridge Caliper Covers
  • Four Wheel Alignment
  • Road Force Balancing
  • Hypertech Calibration
2019 Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge Concept
- image 821978

I mean, this list alone says a lot about the Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge K2 Concept.

Bear in mind that this is not the first Rocky Ridge-built truck. Nissan has cooperated for years with this Georgia-based company, and one of its best works was the 2018 Nissan Titan XD K2 with a Cummins diesel engine under the hood. Just to show you what price ballpark we’re discussing here - the Cummins powered Titan XD K2 costs just north of $70,000. Now, this one in Chicago is still a concept, but I am sure that Rocky Ridge can actually make it possible in no time. The price is unknown at this point.

Final Thoughts

2019 Nissan Titan Rocky Ridge Concept
- image 821982

What can be said about a truck of this stature?

It is freaking awesome with a six-inch suspension, a Cummins or gasoline V-8 (I believe you will be able to order either of the two), and those all-terrain tires. True, it is expensive, but don’t think for a second that the Titan K2 isn’t worth it. It is. For sure. After all, do you really think that Nissan would allow anything short of exceptional to appear at their Auto Show stand? Of course not. Save for the Versa, of course!

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