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2018 Nissan Titan AT-M6 Walker

2018 Nissan Titan AT-M6 Walker

Japanese automaker’s resident pick-up gets rebuilt as an AT-M6 Walker

Stars Wars: The Last Jedi is hitting theaters next week, and like in year’s past, Nissan is hitching its wagon on the monolithic movie franchise. We saw the fruits of that partnership last year with the launch of the Nissan Rogue One Edition. This year, Nissan and LucasFilms are upping the ante by launching a whole fleet of Stars Wars-inspired creations, including the vehicle you see here.

This is a Nissan Titan, or at least it was until it was redesigned to look more like one of those giant AT-M6 Walker bots that the First Order deployed against the Resistance in The Force Awakens. The overall look and the details that went into creating the Titan Star Wars is a feast for the senses. We should give credit to Vehicle Effects for making this transformation. The California-based company is famous in Hollywood circles for building some of the best cars to hit the silver screen, including all the vehicles in The Fast and Furious and Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises. In addition to the Titan, Vehicle Effects also created the Nissan Altima Special Forces TIE Fighter, Nissan Maxima Kylo Ren, Nissan Maxima Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer, Nissan Maxima Captain Phasma, Nissan Rogue Poe Dameron’s X-Wing with BB8, and Nissan Rogue Sport A-Wing.

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Nissan Returns As A Promotional Partner Of Star Wars

Nissan Returns As A Promotional Partner Of Star Wars

It needs to up its game if it wants people to care about its Star Wars involvement

In case you haven’t heard, or you’re just spending far too much time running away from wampas in Hoth to care, Nissan and Star Wars have been partners-in-crime for some time now. The two companies came together last year to promote Star Wars: A Rogue One Story, so it comes as no shock that the Japanese automaker is back as a promotional partner to the mega movie franchise ahead of its highly anticipated movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Nissan is one of six major brands tabbed by Lucasfilm to be part of an extensive global promotional campaign supporting The Last Jedi. The other five companies include Christian Louboutin, General Mills, Royal Philips, Verizon, and VIZIO. It’s a diverse group that includes a high-end fashion designer (Louboutin), a consumer food giant (General Mills), and a telecommunications network (Verizon). Nissan fits in there somehow, largely because the company has been a promotional partner for the giant movie franchise, most recently last year ahead of the release of Rogue One. For those who’ve forgotten, Nissan actually piggy-backed its Rogue SUV off of the movie’s title, resulting in the creation of the Nissan Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition that was unveiled at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show. It wasn’t much of a special edition, at least not to our expectations, but it did come heavy on cosmetic Star Wars references. Only time will tell if Nissan can improve upon its ho-hum Rogue One offering with something a lot more interesting. Don’t expect a special edition GT-R, though. Godzilla isn’t mainstream enough to warrant consideration. On the other hand, the updated Nissan 370Z was just released a month ago…

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2003 Nissan 350Z Tokyo Drift

2003 Nissan 350Z Tokyo Drift

To be considered even halfway decent, every car movie has to have its vehicular villain. Bullitt had the Dodge Charger, Death Proof had the Chevy Nova, and Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift… well, it had this fifth-generation Nissan Z. Complete with an extensive wide-body aero kit and menacing black-and-grey paint job, this thing comes packing real performance under the hood, which means all that wastegate flutter you hear ain’t just for show. This is the Drift King’s 350Z.

Universal pumped out 11 copies of the car for stunt duties, each bearing the same body kit and large, 19-inch wheels. Most were bought used in Japan and sent to California for modification and filming. However, only two were equipped with turbos, and luckily, both survived film production without getting blown up or stuffed into a wall.

And it’s a good thing too, because now they can be enjoyed outside the confines of the silver screen.

Updated 08/06/2015: This car just went up for sale through Cheshire Classic Cars here, making for one helluva Fast & Furious collectible. However, the future owner will have to be committed, as it’s priced at £149,995 – roughly $233,000 at current exchange rates. Yikes.

Continue reading to learn why this isn’t just another Tinseltown special.

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MOD MAX - Episode 1: Video

MOD MAX - Episode 1: Video

We’ve all thought about it – when the world finally goes insane, and we’re all roaming the nightmarish post-apocalyptic hellscape barely scraping by, what car will you want with you? Most folks would probably go with something tough, big, and AWD. You know, to roll over your enemies and whatnot. As for those nutty Aussies over at Mighty Car Mods, well, they went with something a little different – a Nissan S15 Silvia, to be exact. Weird, right? It’s ok though, don’t worry – they’re dropping in a V-8.
The vehicle is an homage to the upcoming "Mad Max Fury Road" movie.

After selling off most of the car’s mechanical bits, all that remains of the MOD Max S15 is a shell ready and waiting for an eight-fold heaping of torque. The donor car for that is an Australian favorite – a late-90s Holden Commodore with a 5.7-liter GM boomer nestled under the hood.

To help the guys in the build, MCM went to Adam Gotch at AGI Roll Cages for a few tips, not to mention a complete roll cage to protect the boys when out thrashing the MOD Max S15. AGI was the right choice, as the Australia-based shop was commissioned by Kennedy Miller Productions to churn out over 100 stunt cages for the film due out next month.

Next up is a rummage through the scrap metal yard for all the rusty bits and pieces, followed by a trip to the exhaust shop for some custom headers.

For the last half of the video, the car is stripped down and assembly begins. Knobby tires are installed under chopped up fenders, the stock SR20 four-banger is removed in 10 minutes, the interior is gutted, the cage is installed, and the Holden’s powerplant is “tested” with a huge, smoky burnout. All in a day’s work, I suppose.

One question though, guys – why not a ute?

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Paul Walker's "Fast & Furious" Nissan Skyline GT-R Will Set You Back More Than $1 Million

Paul Walker’s "Fast & Furious" Nissan Skyline GT-R Will Set You Back More Than $1 Million

$1.35 million is an extremely ridiculous price to pay for an ordinary Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, but truth be told, there’s nothing ordinary about his particular model.

For one, it’s actually a movie car and one that was heavily used in the film it was on. More importantly, that film was "Fast & Furious 4," and the man who drove this Skyline was none other than the late Paul Walker. So yeah, it’s a pretty special ride driven by one special dude.

But after Walker’s sudden and unexpected death late last year, the car now finds itself on the market and the attached price tag — €1 million, which is around $1.35 million at the current exchange rates — speaks not only to the uniqueness of this particular Skyline GT-R (fully souped up and all), but also to the man who once treated the ride like one of his own.

Normally, we’d be turned off by a sticker price like that. After all, there are a lot of things you can do with that much money. But not this time.

See, the car itself will probably gain value as the years go by and Walker’s legend grows. But that’s trivial and inconsequential to the more important reason as to why if we had the money to spare, we’d buy it in a heartbeat.

What’s more, this car is going to help a great cause. See, 50 percent of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Walker’s Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW) charity, one of the finest charitably organizations you’ll ever find.

Unlike other movie cars that have gone on sale in recent years, we’re pretty sure that this one will find a new owner soon enough.

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Nissan GT-R R35 to Star in Fast and Furious 6

Nissan GT-R R35 to Star in Fast and Furious 6

After having a cameo in “Fast 5,” the producers of the next installment have finally decided to give a more deserving role to the award-winning Nissan GT-R. And guess what? Like how Gerard Butler worked out for the movie "300,” the Nissan GT-R will also grow some muscles and abs for the movie, thanks to BenSopra and SP Engineering.

This car is a tuner enthusiast’s dream with the host of upgrades, both in styling and performance, so it is bound to grab some attention from the lead actor Vin Diesel.

This superstar GT-R features a muscular and aerodynamic body kit by BenSopra that makes the car look like a fire breathing Godzilla (which it actually is) and a full carbon-fiber treatment by Seibon that includes the doors, door sills, cooling panel set and engine cover. AMS Performance stepped in an offered up a carbon roof and trunk lid. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

To smoke the competitors, both on the big screen and for real, the GT-R’s 3.8-liter V-6 carries Switzer’s P800 turbo kit, including HKS downpipe and resonated Y-pipe provided by SP Engineering. The soon-to-be movie star also stops faster thanks to the custom ceramic brake set-up by Weapons Grade Performance.

Overall, this custom Nissan GT-R just gives us a good reason why we should watch the 6th installment of the Fast and the Furious. Now, if only they had an Oscar Award for baddest cars...

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