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2012 Nissan GT-R Stage Five by JoTech and HRE Wheels

2012 Nissan GT-R Stage Five by JoTech and HRE Wheels

If the Nissan GT-R can be criticized for one thing, it’s its styling. Sure, the GT-R may be one of the fastest accelerating and cornering cars on the planet, but it definitely doesn’t host those classic supercar lines which are typically the core ingredient that make a supercar what it is.

As we’re sure you know, the GT-R is significantly narrower and taller than anything offered by Ferrari, Lamborghini, and even Porsche (Cayenne excluded, obviously), but the bright-green pictured here does not conform with that rule in the slightest sense.

This 942 horsepower beast is one of the most customized GT-R’s out there, with the wide-body kit finally giving the GT-R the true supercar proportions it’s always needed. No details have been released about who created the wide wheel arches as it could have a custom one-off job by a fanatical owner, or a relatively mainstream tuner displaying their prowess of what could become a kit available to other GT-R owners.

What we can deduce however, is that its front splitter has been provided by Stillen, the extremely menacing exhaust pipes come from JoTech tuning, while the custom black wheels are obviously provided by HRE Wheels. What makes this particular GT-R stand out even more is the fact that it’s painted in Lamborghini’s ever-popular Verde Ithaca.

If anything can top off the incredible styling of this car it’s the fact that it has been fitted with the JoTech Stage 5 upgrade kit which includes a set of HKS GT800 GTII turbos delivering their power at the same time while a new exhaust manifold, 50mm wastegate, and the aforementioned exhaust pipes finish off this incredible upgrade.

Photo Credit: Pepper Perfect

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