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Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X Project Basecamp

Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X Project Basecamp

Built with self-sustaining gear to impresses the overlanding community

Overlanding is growing from a niche market to the mainstream thanks to years of support from aftermarket manufacturers and the trendy idea of off-the-grid vacations. Nissan is tapping into the segment with this one-off custom Titan XD pickup designed to showcase the upgradability of the Titan XD with more than 60 aftermarket parts and accessories. The truck debuted at the 2017 Overland Expo West outside Flagstaff, Arizona where thousands gathered for the latest in overlanding gear.

Named Project Basecamp, this tricked-out Titan XD has been heavily modified to improve its off-road performance while carrying hundreds of pounds of equipment necessary for sustaining life miles away from civilization. The Cummins-powered Titan XD’s most prominent modifications include steel bumpers, fender flares, six-spoke wheels wrapped in 35-inch all-terrain Nitto tires, and the large cargo rack in the bed complete with a foldout tent. Fred Diaz, VP of Nissan America Trucks, said, “Overlanding is an exciting form of outdoor adventuring, taking participants into sometimes extreme terrain and climate conditions. We’re using the Project Basecamp to showcase the Titan XD PRO-4X model’s potential as the perfect platform for truck owners thinking of taking their adventures to the next level."

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