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Nissan launches "The Altima Chase" - Or Your Chance To Win A New Altima

Nissan launches "The Altima Chase" - Or Your Chance To Win A New Altima

Nissan is launching a new ad contest that challenges social media users to a track down a stolen Altima, using clues found sprinkled throughout the automaker’s various media channels. One lucky sleuth will walk away with the grand prize – a brand new 2015 Altima – while those who participate will be eligible to win cash and Altima-inspired gear.

The new contest piggybacks off last year’s “Ride of your Life” campaign, which saw four-door Altima street cars fitted in race guise to trick unsuspecting riders into believing the stock car’s performance was on the same level as a dedicated track machine. 

This year’s campaign, dubbed “The Altima Chase,” is a “social media scavenger hunt” that puts participants on the trail of the fictitious “Mastermind,” who has stolen and hidden the sedan, prompting an investigation into Nissan’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can can follow the action using #AltimaChaseSweeps or visiting the official website.

The contest began May 11th, and will run for three weeks until June 1st, so if you’re interested, get out that digital magnifying glass and start poking around. 

“The Altima ‘Ride of Your Life’ campaign has once again sparked interest and excitement among consumers nationwide, and ‘The Altima Chase’ takes this year’s campaign to the next level,” said Jeremy Tucker, vice president, Marketing Communications and Media. “The Chase is designed to drive online engagement, while emphasizing the Altima’s blend of performance, innovative technology and superior fuel economy that consistently helps give our drivers the ride of their lives.”

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