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2018 Geneva International Motor Show - Worst In Show

2018 Geneva International Motor Show - Worst In Show

Picking out the losers in an otherwise brilliant show

We went a little gaga in our list of the best debuts from the 2018 Geneva International Auto Show, including no less than five honorable mentions in addition to our regular list of five winners. But, as is tradition, we must now don our collective troll faces and single out those rides that not only failed to make the cut, but also elicited our ire and dismay. So read on for our list of the Worst In Show from Switzerland this year, and don’t forget to post your opinion in the comments!

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TopSpeed's 10 Best Entry-Level Sports Cars

TopSpeed’s 10 Best Entry-Level Sports Cars

Now that the sedans have been taken care of, we are moving on to something a bit more fun. Sports cars may not be for everybody because of their limited interior space and minimal cargo room, but they do provide an excellent driving experience that most of the other car segments can’t match.

The sports car segment is littered with different makes and models, the terrible and the good, the fun and the not so fun. Luckily, TopSpeed is here to give you a unique look at the sports cars that we love. Like usual, we don’t care about sales or anything of that nature. We are looking for driving experience, comfort, power, handling, interior space, and something very important in the sports car segment, styling.

We have set a price cap of $30,000, which should be enough for any sports car lover. So, hit the jump to see our top ten sports cars.

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Top Ten Midsize Sedans For Under $30k

Top Ten Midsize Sedans For Under $30k

Midsize sedans are the bread and butter cars of most companies. Yet, even if typical bread and butter may seem like a bland food, that doesn’t stop these cars from being stylish, sporty, and fun to drive.

The best selling cars in the country are midsize sedans and the best selling cars for most automakers are their sedan offerings. The midsize sedan offers practicality without the reputation crushing style of a minivan.

At least, that’s what they want you to think.

The Toyota Camry was once the most popular car in the world and a year ago, the Camry’s annual American sales typically exceeded the total annual new car sales in the average European country.

There are many choices for car buyers and that allows people to demand many different things from these four door cars. Some people buy them as family cars, opting for more room over a compact sedan, without sacrificing small car handling and fuel economy. Other people like a bigger car over a smaller one and then there’s people who prefer the Honda Accord to the Civic because it has a bigger presence on the road. The larger car makes you feel safer and more secure during highway travel.

These are our top ten midsize cars under $30,000.

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