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The world's fastest S13

The world’s fastest S13

There are man types of automobiles represented at Boneville’s annual speed trials. So it was very fortunate that Rod Chong from Speedhunters managed to capture this ruby of a Nissan S-chassis hidden amongst mountains of salt. There are a few fast 240SXs in the world, the platform has been around for quite some time and tuners have managed to extract the most from some of the Nissan engineering department’s best work. There is one particular example that comes to mind. The first is the Japanese equivalent of a funny car, the HKS Drag 180SX, chosen for its sleek aerodynamic body the performance specialists paired it with and RB26DETT from the Nissan Skyline GT-R. It competed in Japan’s “Pro Stock” class where it won the Big End Drag Racing Series for two years in a row. The purpose built racecar ran a 7.184 @ 190.62 MPH at New Jersey’s Englishtown Raceway Park.

This particular Nissan 240SX is the property of the McMeekin Brothers Race Team and they have quite a bit of experience going fast in their red and white striped S13. The car has done over 235 MPH with a screaming Oldsmobile Aurora Indy V8 and a less stellar 156.7 MPH with a Ford Flathead V8. These cars are more accustomed to seeing Nissan’s turbocharged four cylinder SR20DET swapped in as opposed to domestic V8s. But the McMeekin Brothers are running in the XO/GALT class, a category for naturally aspirated vintage engines, so at first glance what looks to be and L-28 from an old Datsun turns out to be a classic Buick Straight 8, figures for these blue oval boys.

This year the McMeekin Brothers only ran 158 MPH on the long stretch of salt, only 8 MPH short of setting a record. Nevertheless with a one time 235 MPH top speed run, this Nissan 240SX is most definitely the world’s fastest S13.

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