The German tuning house Novitec Rosso is hands down one of the greatest Ferrari tuners of all time. The prancing horse specialists have just released an all new customization package for the fabulous front engine V12 powered Ferrari 599 GTB. Not only does the performance kit include a very striking design and exclusive accessories that accentuate the 599’s beautiful lines, but Novitec has also found an extra 40 HP as part of the high performance upgrade package.

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB
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The exterior of the 599 has been modified with a new front spoiler, larger side skirts with incorporated air scoops as well as a new rear wing and diffuser that not only look good but are functional as well. The Novitec kit enhances the already gorgeous body lines of the 599 and only accentuate it wherever they felt appropriate without overdoing it. Finishing off the exterior treatment, the tuned GTB rides on a set of three piece NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 wheels.

The Novitec Rosso 599 sends a super car like 660 HP to the rear wheels thanks to a new engine computer and a full length NOVITEC ROSSO stainless steel high performance exhaust system, while the Ferrari’s top speed is increased to and astounding 208 MPH.

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Press release

An Extra 40 hp, Striking Design and Exclusive Accessories

The Ferrari 599 GTB is the focus of the latest new product developments from NOVITEC ROSSO, the worldwide leader in customizing the great cars from Maranello. The new developments include a performance kit that increases power output of the V12 engine by 40 hp / 29.4 kW, a striking and aerodynamically efficient design program and numerous exclusive accessories.

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB
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In addition to the familiar twin compressor engines with up to 808 hp / 594 kW NOVITEC ROSSO now also offers classic engine tuning for the six-liter twelve-cylinder four-valve engine. The Performance Stage 3, starting at 10,490 Euros, increases power output from standard 620 hp / 456.3 kW to 660 hp / 485.7 kW without any alterations to the engine’s inner workings.

The conversion consists of new engine electronics and a complete NOVITEC ROSSO stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system. The new engine management system comprises new mapping for ignition and injection as well as increase in maximum engine speed to 8,550 rpm.

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB
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The NOVITEC ROSSO sport exhaust system features four tailpipes with diameters of 90 millimeters and is available in two different versions. In addition to a conventional version there is also a system with controllable exhaust flap. Using the little ‘Manettino’ switch on the steering wheel, the driver can change the exhaust note from sporty subdued to bona fide racing sound.

After the conversion throttle response of the V12 engine is even crisper with further improved driving performance. The higher redline speed increases top speed by five km/h to 335 km/h.

For even faster and more precise shifting of the six speeds of the 599 GTB’s F1-Superfast transmission NOVITEC ROSSO offers longer carbon-fiber shift paddles.

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB
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Even better looks and better aerodynamic efficiency: These are the attributes of the NOVITEC ROSSO body components, which received their finishing touches in the wind tunnel. The front spoiler lip for the production bumper gives the 599 GTB an even more aggressive expression and reduces lift on the front axle. For a perfect aerodynamic balance the rear of the car is upgraded by NOVITEC ROSSO with a new rear wing and diffuser.

New rocker panels with large air dams give the coupe a more muscular stance.
All NOVITEC ROSSO aerodynamic components are also available in clear-coated carbon fiber.

Further innovative NOVITEC ROSSO exterior accessories are black taillights, side markers and auxiliary brake light as well as the new LED rear fog lights.

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB
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Three-piece NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 wheels are important components in the spectacular appearance of the customized 599 GTB. They are available in a number of different color combinations. The double-spoke wheels exceed the size of the production wheels by one inch on front and rear axle, and are fitted with Pirelli high-performance tires. The front axle features size 9Jx20 wheels with size 275/30 ZR 20 tires. On the rear axle size 12.5Jx21 wheels with tires in size 355/25 ZR 21 make full use of the available space under the wheel arches.

The NOVITEC ROSSO sport suspension allows both ride height and damper rates to be set according to each customer’s individual preferences. But that’s not all: By pushing a button in the cockpit the front of the car can be raised by 40 millimeters to safely navigate parking-garage ramps or speed bumps. Upon reaching a speed of 80 km/h the front of the car automatically reverts to its original position.

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB
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NOVITEC ROSSO offers a multitude of individual options for the interior of the two-seater sports car. The product lineup includes a leather/carbon-fiber sport steering wheel with flattened bottom for easier entering and exiting of the vehicle, aluminum foot pedals and foot rest. Additional customization requests can be fulfilled with custom-altered seats tailored to the individual owner and with leather and Alcantara interiors perfect down to the last detail.

Source: Novitec Rosso

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  (14) posted on 09.8.2009

Lets be real the best performance car that Ferrari offers is the 599 now you send it to make it better its just non sense actually you need to think about my point first of all i think you screw the car if its beautiful now you make it the beast high power but you actually prefer keep the nice "delicate lady" instead of the super powerfull beast second are you actually going to use this car all the time at 200 mph?? there is no point its not like you would enjoy arriving at a famous restaurant or club with this car it wont work.

Emmanuel Rubi

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