• 2006 Steinmetz Astra Twin Top

    Steinmetz Astra Twin Top

It’s a pleasure to devote yourself to something. The result can be addiction. And it can happen fast with the Steinmetz Astra Twin Top. Exciting design with additional aerodynamic components, accessories in the interior and the wheel and tyre combinations up to 19“ rims, will have both owners and observers in raptures again. Sporting and elegant, and ready for any weather, it’s always at its best.

  • 2006 Steinmetz Astra Twin Top
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    2.0 turbo
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Top Speed:
    148 mph
  • body style:


At present the Opel engine range contains four petrol variants and one diesel. Extra power is available from Steinmetz Opel-Tuning for the 1.9 CDTI diesel engine. With a control unit, the Steinmetz Astra Twin Top with 150 HP as standard then develops 175 HP. The development objective was perceptibly higher torque over a wide rev range, while still maintaining Euro 4 emission standards.

For the turbo engine developing 200 HP as standard, Steinmetz Opel-Tuning also has an option for faster acceleration. Here the standard control unit is reprogrammed. Then the driver of the Steinmetz Astra Twin Top has 230 HP at his disposal.

Steinmetz gives 2 years guarantee from first registration.

Engine 1.9 CDTI
Power kW/HP: Steinmetz 129/175 – Standard 110/150
Top speed: Steinmetz 212 – Standard 208
Max. torque (Nm): Steinmetz 380 – Standard 315
at speed (rpm):Steinmetz 2.000 – Standard 2.000

Engine 2.0 turbo
Power kW/HP: Steinmetz 169/230 – Standard 147/200
Top speed: Steinmetz 238 – Standard 230
Max. torque (Nm): Steinmetz 302 – Standard 262
at speed (rpm):Steinmetz 4.400 – Standard 4.200


THE Steinmetz trademark is the high gloss polished, trapezoid twin pipe rear silencer. Design and sound are persuasive purchase arguments for every Opel fan. On the Steinmetz Astra Twin Top, the silencer can be fitted with or without Steinmetz rear skirt.

Lowering / suspension:

Connoisseurs will appreciate the set-up of the suspension lowered by 30 mm. Driving comfort and safety reserves for fast cornering were the focal points in the development. Combined with a Steinmetz wheelset, driving around the Nürburgring or cruising through the city becomes a true experience.

Wheel/tyre combination:

Wheel and tyre combinations from Steinmetz are available for the Astra Twin Top from 16" to 19". The latest highlights are the new ST4 and ST5 rims. The ST4 is available in size 8.0J x 18“ and the ST5 in 7.5J x 17“. Both wheels are bicolor designs which fascinate the observer with their black/silver appearance. The brilliant look is achieved with the surface finish. The resulting light reflections are the desired effect which make both wheels into true eyecatchers.

5-hole ST1
7.5J x 16“ with 205/55 R 16
8.0J x 17“ with 215/45 R 17
8.0J x 17“ with 225/45 R 17

5-hole ST3
7.0J x 16“ with 205/55 R 16
7.5J x 17“ with 215/45 R 17
7.5J x 17“ with 225/45 R 17
8.0J x 18“ with 225/40 R 18
8.0J x 19“ with 225/35 R 19

5-hole ST4
8.0J x 18“ with 225/40 R 18

5-hole ST5
7.5J x 17“ with 225/45 R 17

Bodywork / Aerodynamics:

Chief designer Michele Viandante has transformed the Astra Twin Top into a true Steinmetz Astra Twin Top. Starting with the front grille in honeycomb design, through to the two-piece rear spoiler. But one thing at a time. One striking outer symbol of Steinmetz is the honeycomb front grille with the Steinmetz logo which gives the Opel front a sporting emphasis. The front is completed by the front spoiler which fits perfectly into the standard skirt.

Continuing the styling lines towards the rear are the side skirts which visually give the Astra a even lower appearance. Rearward vision is provided by the electrically adjustable, heated Steinmetz sports mirrors which are adapted to the form of the Astra.
A two-piece rear spoiler provides even more downforce on the rear axle, and generates the Ooh effect for anyone viewing the Astra Twin Top from behind. Finally, on the same visual line as the side skirts and front skirt, Steinmetz developed the rear skirt which offers the Astra driver the option of a choice of rear silencers. Further body accessories include the designer stripes in silver or anthracite, and the aluminium filler cap cover.

Interior trim:

Steinmetz Opel-Tuning has developed a new aluminium gear knob for the Astra Twin Top. This fits snugly into the hand on every gear change. The interior is further enhanced by the aluminium handbrake handle, the 3-piece aluminium pedal set, and the aluminium foot rest. The Steinmetz interior is completed by the 4-piece foot mats with Steinmetz logo in stainless steel and the sill trim strips.

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