• 2012 Opel Enigma Concept

Everyone knows that Opel is preparing to bring back the Calibra name, but an official debut is still a few years away. Until then, David Cardoso has created a very cool concept that may be a modern interpretation of the old Calibra. His concept is called Enigma and as you can see, it takes the Insignia design language to a sportier level.

The Enigma Concept is a sportive 4-seat coupe based on the platform of the Chevrolet Camaro. It will be offered with an all-wheel-drive and will be powered by the same engine as the OPC model.

When talking about his concept, David Cardoso says, that his "concept’s rear is inspired by the Insignia while the side and front have design features of the Astra GTC and the Flextreme concept."

We don’t know about you, but we would really like to see this concept put into production sometime in the near future. What do you think?


Source: Autoevolution

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  (530) posted on 07.3.2012

The concept looks just right. Even if they’ll use the Camaro as their platform for this concept, they will not get the aggressive stance of the Camaro. Let’s give them a chance, but for me, I still go for Chevrolet.

  (797) posted on 07.3.2012

Knowing that they used the platform of the Camaro, it will surely have its sporty stance. The proposed exterior seems very risky, so they must know if this is worth to pursue, but definitely trying to produce this concept is one of the steps on what will be the response on this concept.

  (394) posted on 06.27.2012

It’ll be useless if it doesn’t proceed to the production. I think it’s worth trying.

  (484) posted on 05.2.2012

Is there anyone out there who actually thinks this is a brilliant concept?

  (858) posted on 05.1.2012

I can’t even fathom the amount of disbelief that I have for Opel. Seriously, they came up with this useless concept?

  (498) posted on 05.1.2012

I don’t understand why concepts like this exist. It’s like nothing in it is ever functional or interesting.

  (503) posted on 04.30.2012

This is like already a fail, even though it’s not yet out for production. We can all see that nothing’s attractive about it.

  (530) posted on 04.27.2012

It doesn’t matter if this concept comes to production or not; it’s not interesting at all.

  (714) posted on 04.4.2012

I won’t be sorry if ever I’ve missed the teasers and the unveiling of this concept. Not a single feature of it allures me.

  (397) posted on 04.2.2012

I’m disappointed about these sprouting concepts with (very to beyond) typical components. I am betting that this Enigma will be neglected.

  (592) posted on 04.2.2012

Is this concept new? I can’t seem to find its prominent feature which it could boast and appeal to compete with other concepts.

  (399) posted on 04.1.2012

Since this is still a concept, maybe they should change their minds about the style and features. It’s already ancient before it’s even released.

  (410) posted on 04.1.2012

I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m kind of tired seeing this type of a car. Same old boring features that are exaggerated to hype up the people.

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