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This 1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible is one of only 276 built by Packard Motor Car Company in 1956 and this particular example is one of only 10 equipped with air conditioning from the factory.

This is the only car known that was produced with reversible seat cushions. The cloth side was for winter and the leather side for summer.

The Caribbean was fitted with Packard’s most powerful engine; a 310 horsepower, 374 cubic inch, V-8 engine. The car rests on a 127-inch wheelbase and weighs 4,960 pounds. The $5,995 price tag made this model the most expensive model Packard produced in 1956.

Restoration was completed in December 2004 and this is the first time it has been shown. ( 2005 Amelia Concours).

The 1956 Caribbean Convertible was the last full size Packard produced. This car sold new for $5,995.00. The 374 cubic-inch V-8 engine had 310 horsepower which was the highest in the industry. This engine featured two - 4 barrel carburetors with 10:1 compression ratio and a push button automatic transmission. The original colors were: Dover White, Scottish Heather and Maltese Gray.

The interior featured reversible seat cushions with leather on one side and boucle cloth on the other.

New for 1956 was the twin traction differential with limited slip ’designed for the fellow who must drive in all kinds of weather.’

Packard also featured other safety items for 1956 such as:

- Side marker lights

- Wrap around parking and taillights

- Automatic torsion leveling system for optimum nighttime visibility

This is 1 of 276 Packard Caribbean Convertibles produced by Packard in 1956. It has a 374 cubic-inch V-8 engine with 310 horsepower and uses 2 Rochester Type 4 GC carburetors.

This car has many unique features:

- Fully reversible seat cushions, cloth on one side for winter and leather on the other side for summer

- Ultra-Matic push button automatic transmission.

- Very rare factory air conditioning

- Unique torsion ride suspension which adjusts the cars ride height with 4 electric motors.

- First year electric door locks.

Caribbean has caused double takes when they first appeared in 1956, and they continue to amaze today. One of only 276 built, this car has won Best of Class at Meadowbrook and was a Car Collector Magazine feature car.

Of the 276 Packard Caribbean’s that were delivered in the 1956 model year, only one was delivered in a single solid color. The triple-tone colors that were ’stock’ did nothing to enhance the car’s aesthetic beauty. In its current color of Maroon with the stock gold-colored accents and striking top and interior colors, this is truly a striking example of the marquee.


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  (594) posted on 02.28.2012

It’s not the fastest nor does it have the strongest engine. Even though, you can tell it’s made to provide you only the most comfortable experience. The revertible seat cushions and rare air conditioning are the proof.

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