Th!nk used to work with Ford on a small city car, but after a while, the collaboration was interrupted and the Norwegian company continued to work on its project alone. Fortunately, it managed to finish the electric car and even launched it on the market with a huge starting price of $49,500 (including taxes).

Th!nk had much bigger plans, however, and is currently working on a new vehicle which puts practicality and comfort on top of the list. The new vehicle was presented in concept form in 2008 and judging by its tasty looks, it could certainly be received with more interest than the tiny City.

The Ox will be powered by a 60 kW electric motor paired with a pack of sodium or lithium-ion batteries which store enough juice to offer a range of 200 km. The Th!nk Ox can transport up to five passengers, being much roomier than its small sibling.

In the near future, Th!nk will also develop a sport version using the same modular platform as the Ox.

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2008 Th!nk Ox High Resolution Exterior
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Technically, the Th!nk Ox concept is an MPV that has the capacity to transport five passengers and also offers pretty generous boot volume.

You won’t need to be an art critic to notice that the Ox looks way better than the City, featuring a fresher design language which will certainly win a lot of fans.

Like the City, the Ox’s design was strongly influenced by Scandinavian style, the result being a bold, clean, and sophisticated plastic skin, which by the way is fully recyclable.

One of Ox’s signature design cues is the space frame cant rail which runs from the front to the rear wheel arch, underlining the car’s elegant silhouette.

The entire body is made of plastic, but Th!nk added a few contrasting aluminum details for the mirror housings, door handles, and grille which make the car look pretty stylish.

The side indicator lights are prominently placed on the wheel arches, while the modern headlights add the finishing touch to the front fascia.

We also need to send a shout to the solar roof panel which provides energy for the air conditioner or sound system when the engine is switched off.


2008 Th!nk Ox Exterior
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The Ox is 4120mm long, 1814mm (without mirrors) wide, and 1650mm tall, so the cabin is be pretty spacious with proper amounts of head-, leg- and shoulder –room for all occupants.

To make the car feel even more spacious, Th!nk opted for a bright color scheme, so the door panels, pillars, seats, and many dashboard parts are colored in beige. There are also a few black inserts to further accentuate the bright surfaces.

Once seated inside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by large glass surfaces which offer a clear view of the road ahead and the surroundings. We also like the transparent tailgate which will come in handy when you need to deal with tight parking lots.

The interior design is simple and elegant, while an inbuilt computer screen displays all mandatory information as in a standard instrument cluster, plus a variety of useful functions related to driving, leisure, and work.

Moreover, Th!nk Ox has a key-less entry fob setting that stores and displays the personal choices of the user. This makes it so your personal desktop, music, and e-mails are displayed when you sit inside. The system also stores your personal settings for the steering wheel and seat, adjusting them automatically from the moment you step inside.

What’s even more interesting is the Th!nk’s connectivity platform which enables drivers and passengers to stay tuned at all times. This platform offers real time navigation, web, e-mail and open source interfaces, keeps track of the battery performance and also makes route calculations.

The list of futuristic features doesn’t stop here, as the OX’s telematics system will include an integrated dual audio amplifier with spatial expansion to enhance the space inside the car.

Engine and Performance

2008 Th!nk Ox High Resolution Exterior
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The Th!nk Ox will be powered by a 60 kW electric powertrain. Equipped with this motor, the OX will reach the 100 kmph mark in less than 8.5 seconds and will have a top speed of 130 kmph.

The electric energy will be stored in either sodium batteries or lithium battery packs, allowing optimal adaption to the type of use and geographic region.

The TH!NK Ox driving range is rated at 200km for combined highway and city driving.

Charging the TH!NK Ox’s batteries from a standard 230V/16A European outlet will take approximately 12 hours using the on-board charger. The Lion batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in less than an hour with a high power off-board fast charger.


2008 Th!nk Ox High Resolution Exterior
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Unfortunately, there are many reports that claim that the automaker’s funds are running dry and Th!nk’s future is uncertain. Whether the company will solve its financial issues or not, we’ll have to admit that the Ox is one of the most charming EVs seen lately.

Apart from its tasty design language, the vehicle also comes with a roomy, high-tech cabin which is fitted with a series of futuristic features developed to make your life on board more pleasurable. The electric drive train is also great and provides unexpected range and performance.

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