A little over a month ago, a design sketch of Monster Tajima’s new Pikes Peak race car was revealed to the public, and to our surprise, it wasn’t a new iteration of his Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special.

The new car, which we now know as the Monster Sport E-Runner Pikes Peak Special, looks like an actual LMP1 prototype with plenty of GoPro cameras installed on it. The blue LED stripe headlights even add a mix of Batmobile and K.I.T.T from Knight Rider to it.

Having said all of that, the Monster Sport E-Runner Pikes Peak Special means serious business as Tajima is looking to set not only the electric car record, but also best his own record time in the Unlimited class. Tajima, a six-time defending champ in Pikes Peak, will most certainly be one of the top contenders this year, even if he’s going to pilot a new toy that a lot of people know little about.

From what we do know about the car, it looks like it’s been given the full-on carbon fiber treatment, complete with a pod-like driver capsule that’s encased by a full-on roll cage. Those aforementioned LED lights are also an attractive sight as are the matching set of blue rims. Meanwhile, the plethora of vents and scoops on the car’s body clearly suggests that the racer is ready to throw down at Pikes Peak next month.

Different car, same results, right?

With Monster Tajima behind the wheel, we’re not about to doubt that.

  • 2012 Monster Sport E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special
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  (474) posted on 08.22.2012

It looks like it’s been given with a full carbon-fiber treatment, and complete with a pod-like driver capsule, which is encased by a full-on roll cage.

  (201) posted on 08.21.2012

Yeah, very cheap-looking car. But it seems that the makers focused on the performance and quality of this car.

  (419) posted on 06.14.2012

Although I think it is cheaply made, it has a potential to be speedy.

  (677) posted on 06.7.2012

It’s harsh to say that those components made it look ugly, but it’s okay, for its performance has improved.

  (458) posted on 05.27.2012

Having those features made it contain such disadvantages on its appearance. Nonetheless, it’s better that way.

  (570) posted on 05.24.2012

Honestly, I think its wheel rims look cheap! Then again, the body itself also seems like it, and it’s probably because it’s made of light-weight materials. Despite that, I believe it’s able to give off a powerful and speedy performance!

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