Straight from the heartland of Russia comes a new, four-door coupe that actually looks pretty good in our eyes.

This car is the TagAz Aquila, a car that will be launched later in 2012 in Russia. No word yet if it will find its way outside of its country, but we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it on our shores in the future.

The Aquila, as we already mentioned, is described as a four-door coupe, something the Porsche Panamera has been labeled as in the past. But unlike the German sports saloon, the Aquila is being pegged as a car that will carry high-end aesthetics, top-of-the-line equipment, and most importantly, an affordable price tag.

The Aquila will be powered by a 1.6-liter engine, a sign that you probably shouldn’t expect a whole lot of "coupe-like" speed. We’re thinking it will come with about 110-210 HP, depending on whether or not they slap on some turbochargers to help out. This would make it something more like a Hyundai Veloster than a Porsche Panamera, but we’ll give TagAz an "A" for effort in their marketing ploy. Execution, not so much.

What the TagAz Aquila does have is a five-speed manual transmission, ABS, EBD, dual airbags, power steering, power mirrors, heated, power windows, door locks, air conditioning, front parking sensors, and rear sensors with a rear view camera.

TagAz is far from a household name in the industry and they need to establish themselves in a business that has too many big names. The Aquila is a pretty good step in that direction and it certainly helps that the starting price for one is just 400,000 rupees, which is around $12,000 based on current exchange rates.


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  (474) posted on 08.22.2012

It’ll launch only in India or also in the United States. I like it that it looked like a sports car.

  (201) posted on 08.21.2012

looks like a sports car. And I think the manufacturer did a great studies about its components and designs. This is a good start for them.

  (395) posted on 06.19.2012

I can see that the parts have been researched thoroughly before getting assembled.

  (596) posted on 06.19.2012

For an entry-level car, this already seems ideal; the expertise in the automotive field has so far been practiced.

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