We know how the partnerships between automaker and timepiece manufacturers usually go. Mostly, it’s the latter that comes out with a product bearing the former’s image, likeness, technology, or a combination of any of these elements.

Swedish watch brand Arlanch, though, is taking a slightly different approach. They’re looking into building a supercar concept, dubbed the Green Supercar Concept.

With the help of former McLaren F1 designer Peter Stevens, the Swedish watch brand is in the early stages of designing this green supercar concept. After already earning a reputation as a company that pays careful attention to being environmentally friendly, Arlanch is trying to venture in the automotive world with a vehicle that, based on these sketches, certainly looks the part of a supercar.

Details are still scarce at this point, but looking at the sketches you can make out a few details about the car, including its mid-engine layout, a large capsule-like roof, and a rear that looks like it has a large exhaust system. Slit-like headlights can also be seen, giving it that kind of supercar look that’ll gain notice immediately.

Rest assured; we’ll have updates about this new green supercar concept when more information becomes available.

  • 2013 Arlanch Green Supercar Concept
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