Bulleta Motors is a California-based niche sports car manufacturer and it’s got quite a surprise for all of us. The RF22, inspired by Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor jet, is the company’s new sports car and it looks awesome. It’s actually based on the Lotus Evora, which shouldn’t come as a surprise once you dive deep into its overall shape and some of the details that went into improving its aesthetic and aerodynamic character.

But at its heart, it’s an Evora and that’s a pretty good thing because we love the Evora.

Bulleta, however, takes it up to a new level with the RF22, giving it enough added goodies, be it in styling or the supercharger it developed in-house, to give this sports car some serious bite. Given its svelte look and lightweight characteristics, the fact that the RF22 can hit 500 horsepower and break 0-60 mph in about the same time as a Ferrari speaks to the incredible job Bulleta Motors did in building this sports car.

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  • 2014 Bulleta RF22
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    six-speed manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    3.5 L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.6 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    190 mph (Est.)
  • car segment:
  • body style:


2014 Bulleta RF22 High Resolution Exterior
- image 520579

One look at the RF22 and you immediately recognize the traces of the Lotus Evora on the body. But on the flip side, you have to appreciate Bulleta’s determination to craft an identity for the RF22 that’s all its own. The aggressive front fascia plays a big part in that, particularly the redeveloped front lip spoiler that changes the character of the supercar without going too deep into overhauling the traces of the Evora.

Bi-xenon headlights were also added to the package, each coming with integrated direction indicators while the overall use of a composite GRP Composite body (or the option of using carbon fiber) ensures that the RF22 remains true to the lightweight yet powerful appeal of the Lotus.

Notice also the nose of the RF22 and how it stretches out and swoops down on the front car. Hard to believe that Buletta designed that without improved downforce for the front end in mind. Likewise, the side vents serve more than just its intended cooling function. The V-shape vents, according to Bulleta, are inspired by the V-shaped lines of the F22 Raptor. The shoulders at the back also provide a nice and complementary touch to the sporty front end, indicating a pronounced look that’s ready to pounce on the road.

Finally, a set of 19-inch carbon wheels was fitted into the niche exotic, all wrapped in Michelin Super Sport tires.

Overall, the RF22 is sharply designed and one that instantly caught our attention for all the right reasons.

Exterior Dimensions

Length 4,348 mm (171.3 in)
Width 1,858 mm (76.8 in)
Wheelbase 2,575 mm (101.4 in)
Height 2,571 mm (101.2 in)
Unladen Weight 1,363 kg (2,920 lb)
Fuel tank capacity 15 Gallons


2014 Bulleta RF22 Interior
- image 520587

Although there weren’t that many details about the interior that were divulged, one look at its photos and you immediately see that Bulleta paid equal attention to making it as comfortable and stylistically pleasant as possible. Black leather appears to have been used prevalently with matching red stitching to highlight the pretty cool two-tone finish. The sports seats used in the front certainly serve their purpose while the center console also looks to have been neatly designed; it’s simple yet spaced out enough that the controls don’t get too jumbled up and becomes confusing.


2014 Bulleta RF22 Exterior
- image 520589

The Bulleta RF22 will be powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 engine with a Bulleta-designed HTV 2300 Supercharger thrown into the mix. With all that in tow, Bulleta claims that the RF22 is capable of producing 505 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, good enough to hit 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds with an estimated top speed of about 190 mph.

Engine Specs

Powertrain All alloy, 3.5 litre DOHC V6 with Bulleta Designed HTV 2300 Supercharger utilizing Eaton Turbine Technology
Setup Mid Engine, transverse, rear wheel drive
Engine Power 505 horsepower
Engine Torque 410 pound-feet
0-60 mph 3.6 seconds
Top speed (est.) 190 mph
Electronic Fuel Injection Multi-point sequential fuel injection and direct ignition system
Transmission 6 speed manual with sports ratios
Transmission (Optional) 6 speed automatic with Sport Paddle shifters


2014 Bulleta RF22 High Resolution Exterior
- image 520592

No word yet on how much the RF22 is going to cost, but Bulleta did say that each buyer will also take home a "custom made, individually numbered, Swiss mechanical chronograph time piece, matching the serial number of its companion car."

Taking the car and the apparent freebie watch into consideration, we expect the RF22 to retail for probably around the neighborhood of $120,000.


Lotus Evora S

2013 Lotus Evora S Exterior
- image 479176

Considering that the RF22 used a Lotus Evora as its basis, it’s pretty fair to see how the two can match up against each other when the higher grade Evora S comes into the picture.

For the record, the sheer exclusivity of the RF22, not to mention the free watch, should make it more attractive than the mainstream Evora S. That is if you’re willing to spend a lot of extra money for it. Both car’s look relatively similar, although the RF22 as more pronounced lines throughout its body, giving it a sportier appearance than the Evora S.

Power also favors the RF22, thanks in part to that Bulleta-designed turbocharged added into the mid-engine V-6 powertrain.

The big plus for the Evora S is that its cheaper and more readily available than the RF22.


2014 Bulleta RF22 High Resolution Exterior
- image 520590

The Bulleta RF22 seems to have all the characteristics of what makes for an exciting niche supercar. It’s got the design locked down. It has an impressive powertrain setup. And it’s got serious power and speed at its core. We just can’t help but question how far it’s going to go in the production phase. There’s no specific number of cars that are already being developed and as we’ve seen countless times with niche builders in the industry, finances and overall interest play as big a part as anything in the fate of these sports cars.

We hope the RF22 makes it because it would be a shame if it didn’t.

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    • Will it be available?
    • Too much uncertainty with niche companies these days
    • Just get the Evora S and call it a day

Source: Bulleta

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