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Giugiaro Namir - world's fastest hybrid debut in Geneva
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Bristol Cars is a British-based company founded in 1945 that specializes in developing hand-built luxury cars. The company produces only 20 units per year, but even so, it manages to maintain loyal clientele.

One of the most famous cars developed by Bristol was the Fighter - a sports car that can hit a top speed of about 200 mph. Along with that beast, the company has developed lots of other models and all of them used either BMW or Chrysler engines to power them.

Now Bristol wants to hit that 200 mph mark one more time, but this time in a new extended-range electric GT supercar. The model is still in its development process and will be shown in concept form at the end of this year.

It will use the same design language we saw on the 2009 Giugiaro-styled Namir supercar concept and will be offered with technology developed by Surrey-based technology group Frazer-Nash Research.

Note: pictures shown here are of the Giugiaro Namir Concept, not the Bristol GT.

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  • 2015 Bristol GT
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    200 mph
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Giugiaro Namir - world's fastest hybrid debut in Geneva
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While it’s true that no one has ever seen the upcoming GT, we do know that it will look a lot like the Namir concept and that can help give us an idea on what the new electric supercar will look like.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect the GT to look as futuristic as the Namir, because it needs to be driven on the roads. So, it will get a regular windscreen, exterior door mirrors and, considering it will hit incredible speeds, it needs to be a little bit more aerodynamic.


Giugiaro Namir - world's fastest hybrid debut in Geneva
- image 288463

The interior is a big secret up to this point, but considering Bristol is developing high-end luxury car, the GT should be no exception.


Giugiaro Namir - world's fastest hybrid debut in Geneva
- image 288470

The Namir concept was powered by a hybrid powertrain that combines an 814 cc endothermic rotary engine with four electric motors for a total output of 400 horsepower.

The GT should develop something pretty similar. We expect an 800 cc Wankel rotary engine combined with four electric motors driving the wheels. The rotary engine will only serve as a generator for the lithium-ion batteries that power the electric motors.

No official figures have been announced just yet, but Bristol do hopes to break 200 mph barrier.


The production version of the Bristol GT will be priced under £200,000 (about $310,000 at the current exchange rates). The company hopes to develop several hundred units a year.


Bristol is not the only local maker to express its intention in developing electric supercars. In fact, in the past few months we have heard that statement many times.

Applus+Idiada Volar-E

2013 Applus+Idiada Volar-E High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 494525

The Volar-E is an electric supercar developed in cooperation with Croatian company, Rimac - yes, those who developed Concept One. The Volar-E is powered by a combination of four in-wheel electric motors that deliver more than 1,072 horsepower and a peak torque of 1,106 pound-feet.

The supercar already passed its first testing sessions, so we guess it is one step ahead the GT. The problem with the Volar-E is that it only hits 175 mph.

Rimac Concept One

2011 Rimac Concept One Exterior
- image 450689
Rimac Concept One at Top Marques Monaco

If you have $1 million in your pocket, you can buy the Rimac Concept One. Don’t get fooled by the name, this supercar is drivable and on sale. The problem is that it is limited to only 88 units.

Concept One is powered by a unique powertrain that is divided into four sub-systems, each consisting of one motor, inverter and reduction gearbox. This system delivers a total of 1,088 horsepower and 2,802 pound-feet of torque, which is enough to send the car up to a top speed of 189 mph.


The Bristol GT sounds like a very promising electric supercar, but we have our doubts that it will hit production. A little problem could be its high price, but as you know: exclusivity costs.

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