• 2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT

    The Jaguar XKR-based Dave Brown Automotive Speedback GT is modern British awesomeness wrapped up in a neo-retro package.

Sir David Brown is a name that is recognizable to many auto enthusiasts. After all, this is the man who bought Aston Martin after World War II and created the automaker we know today. Now there is a new David Brown entering the automotive world, but he has no relation to the man from Aston. This new David Brown is starting his own automotive company, David Brown Automotive, and he is releasing his own luxurious GT Coupe to steal the hearts, minds and wallets of the world. David Brown has teamed up with former Jaguar Land Rover designer to create a car dubbed the Speedback GT. The car was revealed this spring at the Top Marques Show in Monaco, and it looks incredible. The car is built on the chassis of a Jaguar XKR, and the body holds a special nostalgic appeal that harkens back to the 60s. The cars are all built by hand using traditional coachwork techniques, and so each one will be just slightly different and unique. Currently there are only plans to manufacture 100 of these rolling pieces of art.

With an aluminum shell, and a supercharged V-8, this machine is sure to have the speed to match its looks.

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  • 2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    Six-Speed Automatic
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    5.0 L
  • 0-60 time:
    4.6 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph
  • Price:
  • car segment:
  • body style:

Teaser Images

2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Exterior
- image 541471
2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Exterior
- image 541472
2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Exterior
- image 541473


2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 600141
2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 600137
2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 600122
Just like the exterior design itself, the creation of this shell combines the best parts of modern technology with the beauty and elegance of old-world craftsmanship.

Created by ex-Jaguar designer Alan Mobberly, the Speedback GT is reminiscent of many of the most famous GT cars of the 50s and 60s. The nose and lights have just a hint of old Ferraris, the rear end looks just a touch like an Aston, and the squat greenhouse could have called any Maserati home. Just like the exterior design itself, the creation of this shell combines the best parts of modern technology with the beauty and elegance of old-world craftsmanship. The car’s body panels are hammered out and shaped by hand on traditional bucks and rolled over and English wheel, but the bucks are now created using advanced CNC milling to ensure they are incredibly accurate and precise in their shape and measurements.

In the hands of skilled craftsman, this allows each panel of each car to made and fitted by hand, but with the same quality and precision as we expect from modern mechanical manufacturing. The result is a car that looks as much sculpture as it does performance automobile.


2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Interior
- image 600153
2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Interior
- image 600155
2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Interior
- image 600154
The wood in the cabin is all pulled form responsible sources and each Speedback is trimmed using a single batch of wood veneer.

The cabin of the Speedback GT is elegant and classic just like the exterior. The bespoke interior sees British sourced semi-aniline hides that are tanned using natural processes and the drum dyed for the deepest colors and softest feel. The hides are then stitched by saddle craftsman and experienced automotive upholsters.

The wood in the cabin is all pulled form responsible sources and each Speedback is trimmed using a single batch of wood veneer. This ensures that each car is unique, while also providing that all the trim is consistent in grain and color across the cockpit. The veneers are pressed using traditional methods before being sanded and covered in five separate layers of lacquer. From there each insert is sanded by hand before being waxed and polished.


2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 600107
The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission for the perfect balance of refinement and speed.

Under the long hood of the Speedback GT you will find a Jaguar V-8. With five liters of displacement and a supercharger mounted to the top, the engine is good for 503 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission for the perfect balance of refinement and speed. The car is capable of hitting the 60-mph mark in just 4.6 seconds, and it is limited to a top speed of 155 mph. It isn’t the fastest car available, but as a luxurious highway rocket, there is plenty of grunt to get the job accomplished.


2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 600132

To ensure the Speedback GT is the greatest combination of comfortable cruiser and performance machine, David Brown turned to Jaguar to help with the chassis setup. The Speedback uses the bones from the delectable Jaguar XKR including the Jaguar Adaptive Dynamics suspension. We have yet to get an official confirmation, but expect the XKR’s monster 15 inch brake rotors up front with a set of 14.8-inchers in the rear. No word yet on if the car will use Jaguar’s electronic rear differential.


2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 600123

A car with this kind of class and elegance doesn’t come cheap, then add in its hand-built nature, and you’re in for an astronomical price tag. To call yourself the owner of one of these fine Speedback GTs, you’ll need to shell out a whipping £495,000 ($759,033 as of 1/2/2015).


Eagle Speedster

Eagle E-type speedster
- image 312763

When it comes to modern creations that have the look and feel of a classic car, there is not much better on this earth than the Eagle Speedster. Fashioned as a modern interpretation of the classic Jaguar E-Type, Eagle has taken the most beautiful car ever created and it retrofitted it for a modern world in the form of a 4.7-liter V-8 from Jaguar that is good for 330 horsepower. Acceleration is similar to the Speedback GT, but the Eagle is quoted with a higher top speed of 160 mph.

Both cars are stunning slabs of aluminum that have been shaped by hands who understand that a car design is about more than simple aerodynamics or practicality. Great car design is about beauty, soul, feeling, and excitement.


2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 600128

If you can even consider buying a David Brown Automotive Speedback GT, you don’t need me to tell you if it’s any good or not. This is the kind of car that is purchased out of desire to own a piece of legitimate moving art and old-world craftsmanship. There are some things that can’t be assigned a value for comparison, and the Speedback is one of those. With a unique coachbuilt exterior and interior, all wrapped around the bones of the Jaguar XKR, it is hard to think of anything that David Brown could have done better. The Speedback GT is a pure expression of what made the world fall in love with cars in the first place.

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Press Release 3

Stunning Speedback makes public debut at Top Marques in Monaco

- * Speedback from David Brown Automotive
receives public debut at exclusive Monaco show
- * Base-line price announced

Monaco (17th April 2014): The David Brown Automotive Speedback GT has been unveiled to the public for the first time at the Top Marques show in the suitably glamorous surroundings of Monaco. The car will be on display at the exclusive show, held at the Grimaldi Forum, until 20thApril (stand F3) with orders being taken for this fabulous hand-built, British sportscar.

Company founder and CEO, David Brown was also on hand to announce the base-line price for Speedback GT: “I am delighted to announce that the price for Speedback GT will be £495,000, excluding local taxes. The finished cars are the product of thousands of hours of highly skilled, hand-built craftsmanship, and production will be limited to 100 vehicles. Of course with orders now being taken our team will work closely with purchasers to ensure that their Speedback is as bespoke as they wish – a process only possibly due to the latest low-volume manufacturing techniques we have employed to produce Speedback.”

After the media reveal in London late last month, the car has received a vast amount of praise and admiration from across the globe. This unique car, which uses the very best of modern British engineering and production skills combined with traditional skills, is based on the latest generation of Jaguar XKR. Each vehicle will be handcrafted to order.

“We are delighted at the response we have received from the media”, said David Brown. “Speedback has attracted interest from literally every country in the world and we are looking forward to showing the car to an international audience in Monaco and opening our order books for the first time.”

Potential customers who are unable to attend the event in Monaco are invited to record their interest with the sales team via the company’s newly launched full website www.davidbrownautomotive.com. Fans can also join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using #HistoryInTheMaking.

Press Release 2

David Brown Automotive unveils Speedback

- * New model revealed to the media at exclusive preview in London
- * Speedback name announced
- * Car to be exhibited at Top Marques Monaco in April

LONDON (27th March 2014): At an exclusive media briefing in London today, David Brown Automotive unveiled its unique handcrafted GT car for the first time. It was also revealed that this exciting and highly anticipated new car, which is designed, engineered and hand-crafted in Britain, will be called Speedback: a name which reflects the elegant yet purposeful lines of the V8 powered sports coupé.

Speedback will remain at the venue in London over the weekend for viewing and will then travel to Monaco to be shown publicly for the first time at the exclusive Top Marques show, which runs at the Grimaldi Forum from 17th to 20th April. The car will be on display on stand F3 and the full team will be available to discuss the car, its specifications and to take orders during the event.

Company founder and CEO, David Brown has a long-standing background in engineering, vehicle manufacturing and an equally strong enthusiasm for both classic and contemporary cars (although he has no connection with either Aston Martin, its founder, Sir David Brown, or with the David Brown Group). With his concept for a classically styled GT car with modern mechanicals and reliability, he began to assemble his specialist team some two years ago.

He said: “The launch of Speedback is the realisation of a dream for me, and is the result of skilful and dedicated work by a team of highly talented designers, engineers and craftsmen. I am delighted at the reaction of the media, our suppliers, potential customers and friends, and I look forward to presenting the car to the public in Monaco. The Speedback name perfectly reflects the classic sports car tradition of the past, whilst also doing justice to the sophisticated silhouette of the car’s hand-built body and unique styling which features amongst much other detail, a fold-down picnic seat.”

The car revealed today is the result of 18 months of hard work by the David Brown Automotive team, including highly-experienced Chief Designer, Alan Mobberley. The car, which has been engineered and handcrafted in Coventry, proudly uses traditional British materials and craftsmanship. Speedback promises exceptional performance and handling from the latest Jaguar 5 litre supercharged engine.

“This car will appeal to anybody who desires a truly individual sports car, which can boast a fine British pedigree and which will only be produced in limited numbers, thus ensuring the kind of exclusivity associated with Britain’s once proud heritage of traditional, high-quality, automotive coach-building”, said David.

Also on display was a unique handcrafted 1:4 scale British granite model of Speedback, crafted by Lapicida in Harrogate.

The London media briefing and subsequent launch party was held at the London showroom of specialist stone suppliers, Lapicida, another of David Brown’s business interests. Guests were also able to lean against their handcrafted marble bar and enjoy speciality beers from one of David’s latest business venture, BAD Company; a craft brewery based in North Yorkshire. The three brews, Dazed & Confused, Love Over Gold and Comfortably Numb were the perfect accompaniment to this handcrafted British car.

Today also saw the full David Brown Automotive website launched, featuring full information on Speedback, beautiful images of the car and the craftsmanship behind it. You can also join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using #HistoryInTheMaking.

Press Release1

2015 David Brown Automotive Speedback GT
- image 539073

- * Supercharged 5.0-litre V8, 510PS/ 625Nm, 6-speed automatic
- * 0-60 mph (0-100km/h) in 4.6 (4.8) seconds; top speed 155 mph (248 km/h), limited
- * Chassis based on Jaguar XKR, bespoke and original exterior and interior design

All-new, British luxury automotive brand, David Brown Automotive, has announced the outline specifications of its first car.

Underneath its bespoke exterior design, is the acclaimed chassis and powertrain of the Jaguar XKR, optimised specifically for the car by Envisage group engineers.

This means the car will boast a thoroughly modern 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 engine, driving the rear wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Performance will be suitably brisk, yet refined, delivering 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds and a top speed exceeding 155mph (248 km/h).

“As reliability is vital, we chose to adopt a thoroughly proven and acclaimed chassis that not only delivers dynamic performance but also lends itself to our lightweight aluminium design. Renown for its performance and handling, the XKR has been extensively developed and refined by one of the world’s greatest car manufacturers, making it an obvious choice on which to base our car” said David.

These state-of-the-art underpinnings are matched to a completely original exterior and interior design, realised through the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

David explained: “I wanted all the impact and style of a classic sports car, but with modern capabilities and conveniences. This is what I want in a car, but it’s not something anyone really offers. So, I’ve created it myself.”

“It has been developed using a combination of both traditional and contemporary technology, including the latest in automotive expertise. It has undergone a thorough analysis and development programme, including highly advanced windtunnel and dynamic simulations.”

“Project Judi” will be revealed to the public at the Top Marques Show, in Monaco, on 17th April 2014.

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