Chery’s futuristic concept is garnering a lot of attention, and there is good reason for it

Beijing has been host to a number of pretty cool cars this week, but one of the most interesting has to be Chery’s Future Vision 2030 concept car. The thing looks like a wingless spaceship with some very funky wheels and a spacious, open interior. The car has more of a coupe body style but sits considerably higher than most cars. Furthermore, it has large gullwing doors and some other intense styling cues that really stick out.

According to Chery’s press release for the FV2030, the car bear’s the “Fun” brand essence and Chery’s new design idea: “Life in Motion.” Basically, the brand is referring to the development of nature and human beings, while attempting to represent the lifestyle of “youngsters” in the future. We (obviously) can’t say if it accurately reflects the lifestyle of the younger population 14 years from now, but as a whole, the concept is pretty damn cool. It even has a “fantasy” holographic screen that can project 3D images into the cabin of the vehicle. That appeals to me, and I certainly won’t be a youngster in 2030 – just sayin’.

Anyway, with that said, let’s take a look at one of the most interesting concepts that we’ve seen in a while. It’s always fun to look at a brand’s take on the future of transportation.

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2016 Chery FV2030 High Resolution Exterior
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Looking at the exterior of the FV2030, I’m almost expecting to see it hover off the ground, fold the wheels underneath, and take off in flight. While it isn’t exactly that futuristic, it might as well be. The passenger cabin sits to the rear of the whole vehicle. Up front, the front fascia is made up of what appears to be carbon fiber, with the front fenders wrapping around to the nose. There is a large, black-hole looking vent on each corner, and the fascia curves inward at the top. The hood, in turn, sits a little farther forward than the top of the fascia and sports a large chrome band that has the Chery emblem in the middle.

The glass on the doors looks to be stationary but does have a dot matrix overlay that allows you to look in and out of the vehicle.

To the sides, the black trim around the front wheel arch is recessed into the body. There is an interesting step-like component that extends away from the body below the large gullwing doors. The rear arch isn’t as recessed as the front, but it does feature the same gloss black cladding. The glass on the doors looks to be stationary but does have a dot matrix overlay that allows you to look in and out of the vehicle. A small rear view camera is attached to the front of each door. Even more interesting, however, are those wheels. It’s hard to even describe them really, but I suppose you could say they were five-spoke wheels, or maybe it’s ten spokes…. Either way, I’m not even sure if that is rubber on the outside of the wheels. If it is, it is the most interesting tread pattern I’ve ever seen.

To the rear, we see the same kind of styling that we saw in the front. The rear hatch hangs over the rear fascia and also features a large chrome strip with an emblem in the middle. Most of the rear is gloss black, with the rear quarters wrapping around and under the fascia. There is a silver trim element that runs along the bottom, similar to a diffuser on some current vehicles. There is also an overhang at the top of the hatch that would probably house a large LED light strip as a high-mount brake light. Speaking of lights, Chery must expect the world to be lit 24/7 in the future, as this concept has no exterior lights to speak of. All told, it is an interesting and bold design, and I really have to hand it to Chery for going all out on the exterior.


Chery’s press release didn’t provide too much information about the interior, or any pictures for that matter, but I did a little investigating of my own. On the inside, there are four captain’s chairs that look similar to something you would see on a starship in Startrek. The front seats look to sit on a rail that would allow them to slide from side to side. There isn’t a traditional infotainment screen like we’re used to seeing on modern vehicles. Apparently, there is a “fantasy” 3D holographic screen that is said to project 3D images inside the cabin. Obviously, this would be in place of the infotainment system, but just think about that for a minute. In the future, you could – in theory – project a holographic representation of someone 1,000 miles away to talk to while you drive. It makes hands-free calling seem a little barbaric doesn’t it?

Chery did mention that the concept has “smart pilotless technology.”

Outside of what I’ve already mentioned, Chery did mention that the concept has “smart pilotless technology.” Assumingly, that means Chery expects the cars of 2030 to be fully autonomous. If nothing else, the FV2030 would represent a hang out on wheels, if you will. There is a steering wheel of sorts – well it looks more like a U-shaped controller, really. There may be a gauge cluster sitting ahead of the “wheel,” but if there is it would be a digital display. I think that, if anything, it would be a holographic display that projects necessary information onto the windshield or an area just above the dash. There are also two pedals on the floor. Obviously, one is for going, and one is for stopping.

To be honest, this is a very futuristic cabin, but I love the way it is so open. There is no center console to speak of in the front or rear, and I have a feeling that those front seats pivot 180 degrees during “pilotless operation.” Overall, it is an interesting design, and I somehow think that this interior is a small glimpse into the future of car interiors.


2016 Chery FV2030 High Resolution Exterior
- image 674231

Chery has released absolutely zero information about what does or may power this concept. Given the role of the concept, I have to say this thing is probably just a rolling chassis and isn’t drivable. Given the current direction of automotive technology, and where electric car technology is going, I would say the FV2030 would be an all-electric vehicle. By 2030, I would expect it to have around 500 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a range of at least 600 miles. Another 14 years, should be more than enough to advance battery and energy recovery technology to that level. Then again, who knows. In 14 years, we might be able to harness enough energy from the sun to provide an unlimited range on electric cars, so maybe this thing would have unlimited range. After all, that is the idea isn’t it?


2016 Chery FV2030 High Resolution Exterior
- image 674228

Normally, I’m pretty harsh on non-functioning or futuristic concepts. But, most of the time, that’s because the manufacturer was lazy when it came to putting it together. That certainly isn’t the case with the Chery FV 2030, though. Sure, the radical and unique design seems a little farfetched, but so did the idea of having a powerful computer in your pocket 14 years ago.

I think the wheel design is a little too much, but the idea is to draw attention, so I can understand the uncomfortably unique look. The dot matrix overlay on the door windows is also a little much, but it seems to me that we’ll have a similar design in the future that will allow us to digitally change the surface of glass for privacy reasons. All told, I like the concept, and I think Chery did a good job on it. The question is, how close did they actually get to nailing the look and technology of cars 14 years from now? Tell me what you think in the comments section below, or hit us up on Facebook.

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Press Release

At this year’s Auto China 2016, the biggest highlight of Chery’s exhibition booth is undoubtedly the "FV2030" concept car (Future Vision 2030). It made its debut at the "Chery Night" brand press conference on April 20 and was reported by many media at great length. This time, it still attracts the eyes of numerous visitors. Its smooth body curves, huge plug-in hub, supercool gullwing door, fantasy 3D holographic screen and smart pilotless technology show the perfect integration of three future technologies: intelligence, Internet and new energy as well as Chery’s bold exploration of future automobile technologies and the industrial development trends.

Apart from cutting-edge technologies, the "FV2030" concept car also bears the core value of Chery’s brands and its latest product design idea. "FUN" is Chery’s brand new brand essence which means Chery’s products allow the consumers to enjoy their life and personal freedom. Secondly, it designs fashionable, dynamic and supercool styles through the family and individualized design language, allowing the consumers to experience difference. Thirdly, its products and brands and trustworthy. "FV2030" also bears Chery’s brand new design idea — Life in Motion.

"Life" refers to life and lifestyle, while "motion" represents the constant evolution and development of the nature and human beings. The design idea of this concept car reflects Chery’s deep thinking on the lifestyle of youngsters in the future, such as dynamic, innovation, high technology and flexibility. All of these in turn will affect and lead the consumption tendency of the young target consumer group.

Chery’s exhibition booth at Auto China 2016 not only shows the technology and product upgrade in Chery’s strategy 2.0 age in all dimensions, but also comprehensively demonstrates Chery Automobile’s grasp of the development trends of Internet, electromotion and intelligence of the automobile industry in the world. It also shows the world a young and vigorous Chinese vehicle brand which has cutting-edge technologies, outstanding strategies and international vision.

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