A concept that hopes to challenge the all-electric status quo

The shockingly blue slab of speed you see before you is the latest concept from Green Lord Motors (GLM), a new all-electric start-up from the Land of the Rising Sun that will attempt to break into the top-shelf BEV segment with ultimate velocity and style. Recently unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, GLM introduces the G4 by describing it as “just like a powerful lightning of innovation coming from Japan.” Sounds good. Outside, you’ll find styling from a Dutch design studio, while underneath is enough full-throttle grunt to hit 60 mph in less than four seconds. Inside is a crystalline layout that looks like it was plucked from an alien spaceship.

Who is GLM? Based out of Kyoto, GLM was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating the ultimate all-electric sports car. Just four months after it’s founding, GLM inherited Tommykaira, a Japanese tuning company known for modifying some of the island nation’s most popular performance rides. Then in 2014, GLM released the Tommykaira ZZ EV, a lithe little all-electric open-top two-door that ran up the hill at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Now, GLM appears to be gearing up for something bigger and a whole lot badder. The G4 looks to be a true battery-powered exotic, but the question is this – is it all just vaporware?

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2017 GLM G4 High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 690625
2017 GLM G4 High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 690630
2017 GLM G4 High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 690622

The impressive exterior design you see here is more or less a direct carryover from the Roadyacht GTS, a limited edition, 200-mph supercar from the brains over at Savage Rivale. Savage is based in the Netherlands and released the Roadyacht GTS back in 2011 as “the only four-door topless on demand supercar in the world.

It’s a nice mix between streamlined sleekness and eye-catching character, radiating a futuristic ambiance that’s simply dripping with performance.

Rather than shedding its roof, the G4 replaces the top with a solid piece of glass that runs the length of the car (did someone say Tesla?). It also offers a unique twist on the Roadyacht GTS’s dramatic scissor door set-up, opening up and out, rather than up and away from the body.

In front, we find a sleek, aggressive fascia, with lines that remind me of a cross between the Nissan GT-R, the new Acura NSX, and a Tesla Model S. The stance is low-slung and wide, with headlights that are sharp and drawn-back to help guide the eye rearwards. Below the nose is a grille mesh insert (no blanked out beak here!) and some raw carbon fiber.

This two-tone aesthetic continues into the flanks, where we find more carbon for the side skirts. Complementing the black off-set sections are enormous split-spoke wheels, which come wrapped with ultra-low profile tires. The roofline is vaguely reminiscent of an older Koenigsegg, while a bold character line runs at shoulder-height before dipping into the rear doors towards the fenders.

The squared-off rear end comes without a wing, which seems like the right choice for a sleek EV. Rather, high-speed stability appears to come courtesy of underbody aero, as implied by the sizable carbon-fiber rear skirt.

Personally, I really like the way this thing looks. It’s a nice mix between streamlined sleekness and eye-catching character, radiating a futuristic ambiance that’s simply dripping with performance. Simply put, it’s definitely the right attitude for an all-electric supercar.

That gorgeous blue paint and bare carbon fiber don’t hurt, either.


2017 GLM G4 High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 690626

Complementing the impressive exterior is an equally impressive cabin space. Offering a very handsome white on black color scheme, the G4 features seating for four thanks to a quartet of individual captain’s seats, with two in front, and two in the rear. Running lengthwise from front to back is a large center console, which comes outfitted with a duo of screens for both the front and rear passengers.

Adding a serious amount of cool factor is ice-blue ambient lighting, which illuminates the foot wells, hard buttons, and center console, lending the whole thing a Mr. Freeze-like quality.

Drivers will grip a unique, three-spoke, flat-bottom steering wheel, which is trimmed in polished metal to give it a shimmering appearance. Behind the wheel is an all-digital display. As far as I can gather, there’s absolutely no analogue instrumentation to be found anywhere on the car.

Adding a serious amount of cool factor is ice-blue ambient lighting, which illuminates the foot wells, hard buttons, and center console, lending the whole thing a Mr. Freeze-like quality. The side sills also illuminate with the “GLM-G4” logo, while the charge point uses a digital readout to indicate how charged the battery pack is.

The upholstery is quilted with a diamond pattern in the seat back and door panels, while the material covering the center console is creased with a geometric pattern.

Once again, I like what I’m seeing. But there’s a problem – the design is pretty much a carryover from the Roadyacht that came before, albeit with a new color scheme and updated instruments.

I would have preferred to see some newer ideas, but I guess I can’t complain – it still looks quite good.


2017 GLM G4 High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 690621

Don’t fret – the G4 isn’t a total reboot of the Roadyacht. That thing came with a 6.2-liter V-8, producing 670 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque. That means a lot of nastiness spewing out the tailpipe in the rear. By contrast, the G4 doesn’t have a tailpipe. Rather, it uses an in-house developed all-electric powerplant to make some very extraordinary zero-emission output figures.

How does 532 horsepower and over 737 pound-feet of torque grab ya?

Let’s get straight to the heart of why you should care about the GLM G4. Motivation is derived from twin-motor set-up, with one motor driving the front axle, and another driving the rear axle, making for prodigious AWD grip. GLM didn’t divulge the full technical specs, but did clue us into some very enticing details – how does 532 horsepower and over 737 pound-feet of torque grab ya?

GLM says it’s enough to propel the G4 to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds, which is just a tad slower than the Porsche Mission E. It’ll charge on to a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph), with up to 400 km (248 miles) of range offered between plug ins.

Other features include multiple driving modes, as well as a multi-stage transmission, although GLM declined to elaborate on the specifics. However, the start-up did mention the use of a unique stator to help improve the various driving modes, as well as a low draw mode to keep that range as high as possible. Finally, there’s special software that calculates imperfections in the driving surface for max traction at all times.

Chassis And Handling

2017 GLM G4 High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 690623

Underneath all that blue, you’ll find underpinnings that are traditional super car stuff. What’s that mean? Composite materials – lightweight, strong, and ready for blast off.

Of course, it’s the same chassis that you’d get with the Savage Roadyacht GTS, but rather than using a tall internal combustion and RWD layout, most of the weight is low, while all four wheels provide the motivation. Throw in instant electrified torque, and this thing should be a completely different beast in the corners.

GLM says it’s currently working on its on modular chassis, including a Grand Touring platform, a sports car platform, and a compact car platform. It would have been nice if the G4 used one of these, but I guess then we wouldn’t get a second look at the Roadyacht GTS.


Porsche Mission E

2015 Porsche Mission E Concept
- image 647966

Air-cooled, naturally aspirated six-cylinders aren’t really a thing anymore, but hey, the show must go on. Enter the Porsche Mission E, Stuttgart’s very first all-electric design study. With 600 horsepower, AWD, 310 miles of range, and 3.5 seconds to 62 mph, this thing looks like a real challenge in the world of BEV performance. And considering Porsche’s considerable financial means (at least compared to GLM), I’d say this thing has a real fighting chance at making it to production

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Tesla Model S

2017 Tesla Model S Exterior
- image 672486

Any discussion of all-electric performance, even one revolving around a concept, requires at least a cursory mention of the Tesla Model S. Now offered in the intimidating P100D trim level, the Model S can hit 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, making it not only the quickest production electric car on the road, but the quickest production car period. Best of all, you can go buy one right now. You know, with money.

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2017 GLM G4 High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 690620

“The automotive industry is changing, and in the next few years, the electric vehicles market will see a significant growth, taking shares of the internal combustion vehicles market,” says GLM’s CEO, Hiroyasu Koma. Mr. Koma continues, saying, “Seeking to develop an EV that not only concretely contributes to a low-carbon society, but provides an exciting drive experience to the driver is our vision and daily inspiration.”

I think it’s a fantastic idea. Electric vehicles are clearly on the rise, breaking free from old connotations of compromise-ridden eco boxes and moving towards a premium experience, whether its comfortable cruising on the highway, or adrenaline-soaked flat-footed passes down the quarter mile. Now is the time to start thinking about where the EV will go next, and the idea of a high-powered four-door with supermodel good looks is right in line with my hopes and dreams.

But hopes and dreams don’t always get along with the blunt realities of starting a car company, so we’ll have to wait and see if GLM can follow through. It’s not an impossible proposition, because hey – if a plucky little unknown from California can rock the boat as hard as Tesla has, then anything is possible.

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Source: GLM

Press Release

From Kyoto to Paris, the EV supercar “GLM G4” is finally unveiled
29th September 2016 – Just like a powerful lightning of innovation coming from Japan,
the preview of a new EV luxury sport car has been unveiled to the press during the first day
of Salon Mondial de l’Automobile show in Paris (October 1-16, 2016).
The new GLM product line signs a fresh start into the automotive upmarket scenario,
introducing a high-end electric car international player.
GLM G4 boasts a new concept which is not an extension of existing internal combustion
vehicles, but it is what a luxurious vehicle should be. Founded in Kyoto, GLM offers a
comprehensive contribution to the automotive industry through unprecedented EV with
amazing symphony of technology and aesthetics. In line with this approach, GLM
embodies Japan’s dedication to ruthless efficiency and pursuit of perfection, as well as the
promise to offer exhilarating EVs that has not existed before.
If EV means Electric Vehicle, GLM interprets it as Exotic Vehicle
Where luxury means quiet, powerful and elegant, the next-generation vehicle like GLM G4
represents a new segment as it has zero emissions. This brand new model GLM G4
belongs to exotic car segment, one of the best expression of upper-class electric
vehicle; it joins together fluid but robust exterior, four doors and an high internal
comfort for 4 passengers to cover distance in style. With its flowing body lines - from C
pillars to the rear section - it is a vehicle that makes a new segment of class, force and
GLM worked on significantly advanced technologies to achieve these results. One of them
is the improvement of efficiency and performance of wide driving mode/areas using
the multi saliency power package. Two packages are loaded front and back on the GLM
G4 in order to control coordination and improve the performance. GLM-G4 features a
multi stage transmission that improves the performance, which is not affected by the
powertrain output. While the reduction of switching loss and the improvement of
electric efficiency are realized by the IGBT systems, the car structure has a light and
solid multi-merit package incorporating a chassis structure using composite
For the realization of this innovative concept and design, GLM established a partnership
with Savage Rivale, a design studio in Netherlands. System total output is above
1000Nm (>101kgm) and 540PS (400kW) with a twin motor application that allows to
lively splitting torque depending on the driving mode. As a result, the vehicle accelerates
0-100km/h in less than 3.7 sec and allows you to cruise at 250km/h.
As a dedicated EV engineering company, GLM has a certain principle to engage into
development of “enabling technologies” and invests into the improvement of powertrains,
chassis, IGBT and the packaging of key elements to reduce the use of batteries with large
environmental burdens in order to transform them in the core technology for the
promotion of full-scale use of EVs.
GLM G4 will define EV technology standard of the future. For example, the multi
saliency power package is the distinctive motor mechanisms that stator within the motor.
This optimizes its shape depending on the driving mode. The system is coupled with a
multi stage transmission system and the driver could easily extract the maximum power
output. It also consumes the minimum current at city-to-autobahn cruising speeds. The
twin motor system is coordinated to continuously calculate the road surface and allowing
the driver to have access to the maximum traction. Amalgam chassis with light and stiff
multi-merit package incorporates a chassis structure using the optimum materials.
“The automotive industry is changing and in next few years, the electric vehicles market will
see a significant growth, taking shares of the internal combustion vehicles market. GLM has
the mission to be at the forefront and push boundaries of EVs. Our “key enabler”
technologies and the concept of “application to variants” will be applied for dissemination
of EVs which you would witness in the very near future” - says Hiroyasu Koma, GLM CEO.
“Seeking to develop an EV that not only concretely contributes to a low-carbon society but
provides an exciting drive experience to the driver is our vision and daily inspiration. We
are here for the thrilling and promising future of the automotive industry.”.
GLM G4 performance:
0-100km/h 3.7sec
Power 400kW (540PS)
Torque 1000Nm (101kgm)
Top speed 250km/h (155mph)
Range 400km (248mile) ※NEDC
For more information about the car and company, please visit the official websites:
http://glm-g4.com/ and http://glm.jp/
About GLM
GLM is the first Japanese EV manufacturer certified by the Ministry of Transportation. Based in
Kyoto, the company GLM Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, but its first step took place in 2006 with
the Kyoto Electric Car Project, launched by the Kyoto Venture Business Laboratory, famous for its
open and free-thinking culture. Through the development activity, GLM managed to create the
‘GLM ecosystem’, a series of first-class direct partnerships with over 100 technology partners,
conducting research and development into new forms of vehicles and transportation that go
beyond EV and automobiles.

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Press release
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