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If you’re looking for a unique, handsome, tech-savvy hybrid sports sedan, the Karma Revero is a pretty decent choice. Now, Karma is offering an extremely limited special edition dubbed the Aliso, which takes its name from a town in Southern California, and offers customers a slew of additional California-style customization options that could hint at what’s to come from the boutique automaker. And no, that doesn’t mean it just comes with avocado.

What The Heck Is Karma Automotive?

2011 Fisker Karma
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Note: original Fisker Karma pictured here.

For those of you who may be unaware, the Karma Elisio Edition draws its lineage from this, the original Fisker Karma, produced between 2011 and 2012. When Fisker Automotive went belly-up in 2013, the company was bought by the Wanxiang Group, an automotive supply company based out of China, which subsequently renamed it Karma Automotive.

Now, Karma Automotive produces the Revero, which incorporates nearly all the same components as the original Fisker model. Production is limited to just 3,000 units, with just a few hundred units produced per year.

That makes this special edition model even more exclusive.

In total, just 15 examples will be produced, each bearing unique touches inside and out.

How Does It Look?

2018 Karma Aliso Edition Exterior
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Let’s start with the exterior aesthetic, which bears the same swanky sports sedan style as Henrik Fisker’s original gorgeous lines.

To this, Karma added a fresh paint hue dubbed Laguna Pearl, which uses a glass flake to help it shine like the “sun’s sparkle over the ocean’s crest.”

In the corners, you’ll find custom wheels made from carbon fiber, which are sourced from CarboTek. Under the composite spokes is a set of Brembo brake calipers, which get a dark metallic orange color to complement the rest of the package.

“Karma Automotive’s design team looked to California’s vibrant 1,000-mile coastline and dramatic mountains for inspiration,” says Karma’s President China & Chief Innovation Officer, Barny Koehler.

What’s The Interior Look Like?

2018 Karma Aliso Edition Interior
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Karma went into the cabin space as well with this special edition model.

The overall interior color scheme was designed to mimic a west coast beach scene during sunset, and includes new leather upholstery bits with a ceramic coloring added to the seats, doors, and elsewhere. There’s also a dark leather upholstery added to the center console and steering wheel.

The leather comes from Bridge of Weir, which Karma identifies as the “oldest family-owned leather company in the world,” and is tanned using a chromium-free process, which is less harmful to the environment.

Finally, there’s “sustainably sourced” platinum and red burl wood finishes to top off the console and dash.

What About The Powertrain?

2017 Karma Revero High Resolution Drivetrain
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This time around, Karma only updated the exterior and interior bits, leaving the powertrain untouched.

That means the Karma Aliso Edition draws motivation from a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which includes dual electric motors paired with a 2.0-liter EcoTec internal combustion engine. All together, the system produces 52 MPGe, with 5.5 seconds required to reach 60 mph, and a top speed of 125 mph.

How Do I Get One?

2017 Karma Revero High Resolution Exterior
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Note: standard Karma Revero pictured here.

Interested buyers can get the Karma Aliso Edition now, just so long as they happen to live in either the U.S. or Canada. Production is set to kick off at Karma Automotive’s plant in Moreno Valley, California, with deliveries starting next month. Production will end December 31st.

Pricing starts at $145,000, which is $15,000 more than the standard Karma Revero.

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Karma Automotive Announces Limited Aliso Edition Inspired by the California Coast – New Model Hints at Future Customization Efforts Irvine, Calif. (October 22, 2018) – Luxury electric automaker Karma Automotive today announced the Aliso Edition, a new and very limited offering that expresses the elegance and fluid lines of its Revero, inspired by the uniquely diverse State of California. The Aliso embodies Karma’s dedication to offering luxury enthusiasts an opportunity to own a customized, collector vehicle.
“Our Aliso Edition is an example of what ‘custom’ can mean for Karma,” says Karma Automotive’s CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. “It’s a specially-crafted luxury electric vehicle for a very select few who seek a truly unique product, and something we believe can be a model for how Karma approaches other unique custom editions and contribute to the sales growth of the company.” Only 15 Aliso Editions will be produced, all individually numbered with unique interior and exterior badging, special exterior paint, interior leather-trim colors, and custom carbon fiber wheels. Starting today, Aliso Editions will be available for sale from select Karma Automotive’s dealers located across the United States and Canada. The Aliso Edition is assembled in Southern California, at Karma Automotive’s dedicated plant in Moreno Valley and has an MSRP of $145,000. Retail deliveries are expected to start during November and conclude prior to Dec. 31, 2018. “Karma Automotive’s design team looked to California’s vibrant 1,000-mile coastline and dramatic mountains for inspiration,” explains Barny Koehler, Karma’s President China & Chief Innovation Officer. “The Aliso Edition’s design is an interpretation of nature where coastline touches surf, like the sights and sounds of Aliso Beach, a popular area in Orange County, Calif., located near Karma Automotive’s headquarters.” The interior design composition of the Aliso Edition suggests a landscape of coastal sand and ocean from a point of view on a beach looking to the horizon as the sun descends. The cabin is a calming, soothing and gentle space, expressing the peaceful moments when land meets ocean at nightfall. The Aliso name is embroidered on the leather seats, and the exterior is badged with Revero Aliso. The pure, ceramic-toned leather provides a delicate accent between sea and sand on the seat backs. The ceramic accent also extends to the doors, providing balance to the overall color scheme and a nod to the

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exterior body color. The dark leather of the center console and steering wheel is contrasted by the suncolored thread for stitching, while bone thread is used on the nightfall leather pieces. The Aliso Edition also features sustainably sourced platinum and red burl wood finishes, on the console and dashboard. Aliso Edition’s leather is sourced from the oldest family-owned leather company in the world, Bridge of Weir in the Lowlands of Scotland. The hides are sourced in Scotland, the UK and Ireland and are tanned using a chromium-free process in an operation committed to eliminating waste through efficient resource use, recycling and energy recovery. The full expression of sand, sea and sun is seen in Aliso Edition’s exterior paint color, Laguna Pearl. The paint’s special formula requires a complex layering system of glass flakes, a celebration of the sun’s sparkle over the ocean’s crest. The Aliso Edition also sports black CarboTek wheels and Brembo calipers in dark metallic orange, a color that ties back to the special edition badging. “Our company, our vehicles and our passion are rooted in Southern California,” Koehler adds. “We live here and work here. We are influenced by the mountains, the desert, the ocean and the light. California is a place that inspires imagination, and every day at Karma we draw on the wealth of the state’s natural wonders for our inspiration.” Meet Karma Automotive and Karma Revero Karma Automotive designs, engineers, assembles and markets luxury electric vehicles, all from its Southern California base of operations. Founded in 2014 and employing nearly 1,000 people worldwide, Karma Automotive is committed to elevating and growing the luxury mobility experience for its customers and draws on global relationships and technology partners to achieve this. Named Green Car Journal’s 2018 Luxury Green Car of the Year, Karma Revero is a luxury electric vehicle powered by dual electric motors that embodies the company’s goals of offering leading automotive design, technology, customization and an outstanding customer experience.

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