This California company will turn your Jeep Wrangler into a 500-horse monster

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Rezvani has only been around since 2014, but has already created some spectacular supercars with outstanding performance. There’s the Beast, the Beast Alpha, and the X version of both. Now, the small automaker is getting into the SUV game. Not surprisingly, its idea of an SUV is just as outlandish as its definition of a supercar. Meet the Rezvani Tank. As the name describes, this SUV is all brawn and bravado thanks to its buff body, massive wheels and tires, and powerful V-8.

The Tank also lives up to its militaristic appearance. It comes with FLIR thermal imaging, standard night vision, a head-up display for the driver, LED off-road lighting, and optional ballistic armor. Yet, under its skin, the Tank is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Yep, open the front door or the re-hinged rear doors that now open suicide style, and you’ll see an interior that’s straight from the Wrangler. Of course, Rezvani does plenty to upgrade the Wrangler’s internals, making the six-figure asking price seem a bit more reasonable. The Tank’s ties to FCA and Mopar continue under the hood, too. That 500-horsepower V-8 is none other than the 6.4-liter Hemi found in the SRT versions of the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Nevertheless, the Rezvani Tank is an original design living atop a Wrangler, which is unquestionably the most iconic off-road vehicle sold today.

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2018 Rezvani Tank Exterior
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The Tank is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Wow, the Rezvani Tank is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Credit has to be given to Rezvani’s design team for coming up with something this radical, yet that still maintains a high level of practicality.

Up front, the Tank features a full-width bumper with LED lights protects vital mechanical bits, an X-shaped grille, and narrow headlights sunken into the bodywork. Muscular fenders make the hood seem extra short, as does the large tires and bulging doors. The windshield is about the only recognizable Wrangler piece on the Tank, though even its profile has changed thanks to the integrated LED light bar mounted above. The Tank’s rear is even more unique thanks to its sloping roofline, scalloped body panels, LED taillights, and glass lift-up tailgate.

2018 Rezvani Tank Exterior
- image 735816
2018 Rezvani Tank Exterior
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The Tank rolls on Toyo Open Country M/T tires mounted on five-spoke wheels from Grid. Rezvani offers “two unique off-road packages” on the Tank that customers can choose from.


2018 Rezvani Tank Interior
- image 735828
Topping the list of Rezvani’s modifications are the suicide rear doors.

While the Tank’s exterior is undeniably unique, its interior is somewhat less so. Topping the list of Rezvani’s modifications are the suicide rear doors. Not only do they open opposite of a standard Jeep Wrangler, they are power-operated. Once inside, the Tank features new leather seat covers with intricate contrast stitching and the Rezvani logo embroidered on the headrests. The dashboard has an upgraded infotainment system with a larger screen over what’s currently offered in the Wrangler JK.

The center console has the typical gated shifter for the automatic transmission and the lever for operating the part-time 4WD system. Anodized aluminum grab handles are added to the A-pillars for the climb into the cab. Once in, there is room for five people, though the middle person in the second row will find his quarters rather cramped. When it comes time to haul cargo, the second row folds flat.


2018 Rezvani Tank Exterior
- image 735814
Straight from the Mopar catalog, the 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 offers plenty of grunt

Rezvani wisely dumps the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 for something with more muscle. Straight from the Mopar catalog, the 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 offers plenty of grunt, while being relatively easy to swap in thanks to proven conversion kits. Rezvani says the big Hemi cranks out 500 horsepower in the Tank. We’re guessing that’s either because the V-8 features a tuned ECU with a more aggressive fuel map or because Rezvani is rounding up. The 6.4-liter normally makes 485 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 475 pound-feet of torque at 4,200 rpm in both the Challenger and Charger SRT Scat Packs. Regardless of the exact power output, the Hemi is vastly more powerful than the 285-horsepower V-6 it replaced.


2018 Rezvani Tank Exterior
- image 735818

Not surprisingly, the Rezvani Tank isn’t cheap. In fact, its starting price is $178,000. Of course, the more options and custom features customers request, the more expensive the Tank’s bottom line becomes.

Rezvani Tank $178,000
B4 Hand Gun Protection $45,000
B6 Assault Rifle Protection $60,000
B7 Armor piercing rounds $97,000
Thermal Night Vision System $5,500
Off Road Suspension $5,500
Off Road Extreme Suspension $12,500
High Performance Brakes $3,500
Full Leather Interior $3,500
Colored Stitching $500
Leather with unique design and hand stitching $650
Premiium Sound - Alpine Apple CarPlay Unit $2,500
Weather Proof car cover $750
CTEK 4.3 $175


2018 Rezvani Tank Exterior
- image 735813

The Rezvani Tank is a helluva build from a company best known for its outlandish supercars. While Jeep Wranglers conversions aren’t new, this is probably one of the most extensive we’ve seen. Few can compete with the level of detail Rezvani displays here. The suicide rear doors, for example, are above and beyond. The same with the 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 – it just elevates this build into something that’s arguably worth the $178,000 price tag.

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