Revolution Racecars is the manufacturer, the Revolution is the car

Revolution Racecars revealed the Revolution - a car that is to become a racing sweetheart, just like the Radical cars were in their day. I am mentioning Radical cars for a reason. The man behind Revolution Racecars, Phil Abbott, is actually one of the founders of Radical Supercars. No better man could have been tasked with the creation of an all-new sports car company.

This is the Revolution Racecars Revolution - a V-6 powered race car that will go for $130,000. A bargain for a race car and especially considering the performance it offers.

Welcome to the Revolution

The all-new Revolution was unveiled to the world at the MotorsportDays.LIVE 2018 at Silverstone Circuit on Friday

Posted by Revolution Race Cars on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Revolution Racecars The Revolution Exterior Styling

- * Exposed exhaust
- * Focused on downforce
- * Open Top

2020 Revolution Racecars The Revolution Exterior
- image 808034

Well, you have to be blind not to see how simplicity leads to perfection and how modernism leads to dominance. While officially being revealed only as a rendering, the Revolution Racecars Revolution is obviously large on aerodynamics.

Large surfaces of its tiny body are actually almost flat and angled in such a way to create as much downforce as possible.

Facilitating all the pieces of bodywork to do the downforce job is as mart play of the Revolution Racecars Revolution (I just can’t get behind this name, sorry). The company even announced that the Revolution will “produce more downforce than anything else in its price bracket.” I believe them!

While rationalizing the obscene into palatable isn’t easy with road cars, it is easy for racecars. I am not saying that this thing isn’t palatable, but it does look quite mean and angry. And unlike your standard race car for sure. Just look at that rear end, massive vents and incredibly exposed exhaust.

Revolution Racecars The Revolution Interior Design

- * A lot of elbow room
- * Seating for two
- * Exposed Rollbar

2020 Revolution Racecars The Revolution Exterior
- image 804077

When it comes to race cars, especially this focused, one cannot expect anything special inside the cabin.

But you can expect to sit in a carbon fiber tub behind the race wheel, with a harness but without a roof or a windshield.

Yet, you will definitely be safe. Just look at that roll bar. It will protect the two inside. Both of them with more room for elbows than in similar cars of before.

Revolution Racecars The Revolution Drivetrain And Performance

- * Ford 3.5-liter, V-6
- * 350 horsepower
- * Six Speed Sequential Gearbox

2020 Revolution Racecars The Revolution Exterior
- image 808036

As far as technology goes, the Revolution Racecars Revolution is based on top of the carbon fiber structure. Carbon Fiber tub produced in Germany is the backbone of the race car and, I believe, the main reason behind its staggeringly low 1,650 pounds of weight. This is around 200 pounds more than originally promised, but it is not bad. At all. Especially considering the 3.7-liter Ford, V-6 engine inside. With 350 horsepower.

Coupled with a six-speed sequential transmission sending all the power to the rear wheels, the Revolution is sure to be exceptionally fast.

Opting for an engine from a manufacturer like Ford was a good choice as it provides reliability of 6000 miles or 100 hours of racing before a rebuild.


Revolution Racecars The Revolution Prices

2020 Revolution Racecars The Revolution Exterior
- image 808037

Revolution Racecars priced the Revolution at $130,000. I have immediately thought of the TCR race cars that are priced much the same. Ok, a bit pricier. The TCR cars are, in fact, the touring racers based on top of the hatchbacks - such as the i30N, the Golf GTI or even the Giulietta. For start, Revolution Racecars plans to create a one-make race series which basically means this thing won’t have any meaningful competition. At least not at the start, but I can see some of the KTMs, or racing Caterhams taking on this thing.

Revolution Racecars The Revolution Competition


2017 KTM X-Bow R
- image 682920

Competition such as the X-Bow seems to be rather serious. And it is despite being ten years old. The Austrian open racer with an Audi-sourced engine developing more than 300 horsepower definitely seems like a clear competitor to the Revolution Racecars.

Read our full review on the KTM X-Bow.

Ariel Atom

2015 Ariel Atom 3S
- image 697537

The Ariel Atom, although lacking the motivation of the six cylinders since it is powered by a cool two-liter Honda engine, seems to be a nice competitor of the Revolution. Obviously, the KTM and the Ariel are both of different structure compared with the Revolution. In my mind that makes them awesome competitors. They are all doing the same job but in a slightly different way.

Read our full review on the 2018 Ariel Atom

Final Thoughts

2020 Revolution Racecars The Revolution Exterior
- image 804078

Considering it is somewhat cheap, I find the Revolution Racecars Revolution rather interesting proposition in the world of race cars. It does look similar to Radical racecars in its execution, but only time will show what it will become of it.

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    • Only for a small scale racing series
    • Possible issues with maintenance

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