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The Ace is an old-school EV with cute, bubbly looks and an estimated range of 250 miles

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New electric vehicles generally have a futuristic, unorthodox design language that sets them apart from the present horde of fuel-powered vehicles. But Alpha Motor Corporation has turned the clock back to build a car that seems to belong to the 60s or the 70s. Dubbed as the Ace, this little coupe comes with a minimalistic cabin and an estimated range of over 250 miles.

Alpha Ace - The Next Generation of EV

2021 Alpha Ace EV
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The Ace unveiled is finished in a silver shade that Alpha calls “Blue Seraph”. The headlights and the so-called grille sit in the same enclosure, similar to the BMW E30. There are the unmissable ‘Alpha’ lettering and Alpha logo at the bottom on the front fascia.

The fender flares stick out excessively and give the coupe an aftermarket feel, but it seems to be well integrated overall. They accommodate retro-style chrome-plate wheels wrapped in high profile, thick rubber. Being a coupe, the Ace comes with a sloping roofline at the rear, but since it’s a two-seater, it won’t affect the headroom inside the cabin. The door handles sit flush with the body along with the small, retro wing mirrors. These will probably not carry over to the production model.

2021 Alpha Ace EV
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The short and stout rear is similar to the face; a rather flat derriere with the Alpha logo sitting in the middle on the bumper. The brake lights are present in the form of a long LED strip. The rear windshield is quite large, which shouldn’t make the occupants in this small coupe feel claustrophobic.

2021 Alpha Ace EV
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The Alpha Ace measures 165 inches in length, 74 inches in width, and 57 inches in height. Even though looks are subjective, we feel this is the only other EV apart from the Bollinger twins that have managed to pull off the old-school philosophy with style and grace.

2021 Alpha Ace EV
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The cabin is no exception and follows the retro theme. At the onset, it seems bareboned if you don’t take the huge touchscreen into account. The only buttons present inside the cabin are on the flat-bottom steering wheel. There is no instrument cluster, either, which means all the data will be shown on the touchscreen system only; à la Tesla.

The dash and the top door panels have a steel-like finish whereas the bottom half is wrapped in tan upholstery that gives a wood-like finish to the coupe. The unique door handles are a nice touch, too. There are compact seats at the rear, but they are good only for occasional storage. The cargo capacity is expected to be around 14 cubic feet.

The Ace is built on a modular vehicle platform that also underpins the company’s other upcoming vehicle, the Icon.

It integrates renewable vehicle technology, which enables replacing, recycling, and refreshing major components. Alpha has said that the Ace will deliver an estimated-range of over 250 miles. The battery capacity, however, wasn’t announced. The information on the powertrain, motors, etc. wasn’t revealed, either. However, the company says the Ace will hit the 60 mph mark from a standstill in roughly six seconds.

Final Thoughts

2021 Alpha Ace EV
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The Alpha Ace looks great and is certainly desirable, but the biggest make-it-or-break-it point would be the price. For most folks, this will serve as a second or third car in the garage as it doesn’t really fit the bill as a primary car. Keeping that in mind, Alpha will have to price this well and not shoot for the stars by claiming it to be a halo or a niche car. The automaker hasn’t announced when the Ace will arrive, but more information should follow soon.

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