A cute, quirky truck that looks pretty cool but doesn’t seem too utilitarian

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Alpha Motors is not a very well-known startup, but it’s got a few upcoming electric vehicles. The company had revealed a cute, retro-looking car last year called the Ace. Now, the company has followed that up with a compact electric pickup truck. It is based on the Ace and its crossover coupe called the Jax. It doesn’t boast of any mind-blowing specs, but this is a truck we want!

Alpha Wolf Exterior

2021 Alpha Motors WOLF
- image 978713

The Alpha Wolf is nothing that you would find on the market today. At a time where pickup trucks are getting bigger and bigger, the Wolf stands apart. The truck comes with a busy front fascia, courtesy of the oval-hexagon LED headlights, the daytime running lights, the bull bar, skid plate, and turn indicator lights that stick out like a sore thumb. All this comes wrapped in a flat-end, black mouth that sounds preposterous when described, but doesn’t look too bad in pictures.

The extremities of its modern and retro touches can be seen in a single frame on the side profile.
2021 Alpha Motors WOLF
- image 978717

On one hand, you have manually-adjustable wing mirrors, but on the very same door, you get flush door handles that will pop out when you approach the truck. ‘Flared wheel arches’ would be an understatement here, but they add a lot of character to the overall persona of the truck. This Alpha truck will be offered with wheels ranging between 16- and 18 inches.

The truck bed features a roll bar with auxiliary lights mounted on top, which we doubt will be offered as a standard accessory. Also, the hood cover is generally one of the thickest body parts in vehicles. Here, it’s the opposite. As for the dimensions, the Alpha Wolf is 188 inches long, 76 inches wide, and 66 inches tall. The truck bed is 65 inches long, 59 inches wide, and 16 inches deep.

2021 Alpha Motors WOLF
- image 978727
Alpha Wolf dimensions
Length 188 inches
Width 76 inches
Height 66 inches
Truck bed length 65 inches
Truck bed width 59 inches
Truck bed depth 16 inches

Alpha Wolf Interior

2021 Alpha Motors WOLF
- image 978725

The cabin is very minimalistic and seems inspired by Tesla. There is a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, though. A huge portrait-style touchscreen system is the only other thing on the dash and will be the control hub for everything in this EV. For a two-seater, the Wolf seems quite spacious.

The frunk looks quite spacious and Alpha has mentioned that the cargo volume offered on this truck is 34.5 cubic feet. But is it the frunk’s volume? We’ll know the exact figures when the production version is rolled out.

Alpha Wolf Powertrain and Charging

The Alpha Wolf will be offered in two different drive layouts – a single motor that drives the front wheels and a dual-motor setup that powers all the wheels. It will take 6.2 seconds to sprint to 60 mph from a standstill. The battery capacity, charging times, etc. aren’t revealed, but it will deliver between 250- and 275 miles on a full charge. Does this mean a 75- or 80- kWh battery pack? It will also come with a Rapid Charger.

Some images here show a solar panel as well. While such a big panel isn’t feasible, automakers are resorting to adding miles while on the go. Tesla has plans to launch the Cybertruck with panels that could add up to 15 miles per day with panels. If fold-out solar wings come into play, then we’re looking at 30-40 miles of added range per day. A ‘not-so-famous concept called the Sono Sion was to be offered with solar panels that could add 18 miles every day.

2021 Alpha Motors WOLF
- image 978715

Fisker and its latest SUV called Ocean can add 1,000 miles annually. And, then there’s the so-called ‘solar car’ called the Lightyear One that came with 16 square feet of solar cells on the roof and hood, and could add up to 7.5 miles of range to the battery every hour! We’ll have to see if Alpha resorts to something like that.

As for the towing capacity, it is rated at a laughable 3,000 pounds. Even the Tesla Model Y has a better towing capacity than this.

Final Thoughts

2021 Alpha Motors WOLF
- image 978729

Alpha has listed the starting price of the Wolf at $36,000. The top models could start at $46,000. This, by the way, doesn’t include the federal tax incentives. But still, at the base cost, it is priced on the higher side for what’s on offer. We’ll hold our reservations till we see the production version, however. There is no timeline on when it’ll arrive, but the Wolf could still be a couple of years away.

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