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2022 Sony Vision S-02

This second EV Concept in two years is proof that the Japanese Tech Giant is serious about getting into the mobility business

Here’s a first look at the all-electric Sony Vision S-02 concept which the Japanese Tech Giant unveiled at CES 2022. It comes as a follow-up by Sony Mobility Inc. to the stunning Vision S Concept sedan we saw two years ago at CES as well.


It seems that in this new age of mobility, the traditional lines between automakers and tech giants are now getting more blur than ever. Believe it or not, I hoped that this trend would catch on about a decade ago. Tech giants like Google (Waymo), Huawei (AITO), Apple, and Sony all want a slice of the EV autonomous tech space. But what if I told you that recent rumors suggest that Tesla is now considering making a phone. See what I mean about these two spheres merging together?

Sony Vision S-02

2022 Sony Vision S-02
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Anyway, back to the Sony Vision S-02 concept. Well, it’s 2022, and it would be foolish for a company gunning for the EV market to not have an SUV/Crossover up its sleeve. Well, that’s exactly what the Vision S-02 concept is.


2022 Sony Vision S-02
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The Japanese tech giant is using CES once again to show off their second concept, the Vision S-02

It follows the same design language that debuted on the stunning Vision S-01 concept developed with Magna Steyr. Although the Vision S-02 being a crossover sits taller and wider.

2022 Sony Vision S-02
- image 1044398
You do have light bars both front and rear

Going by the proportions, it looks like this crossover is aimed straight at the Tesla Model Y and the dimensions are proof of it at 192.7 inches long, 76 inches wide, and 65 inches tall. The 20-inch wheels and the light bars, both front and rear certainly add some drama to the otherwise plain and minimalist design.

“We are exploring a commercial launch of Sony’s EV,” said Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony's chairman, president, and CEO.


2022 Sony Vision S-02
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The interior is dominated by screen, and it should be considering Sony is a market leader in TV’s

Step inside and that similar aesthetic continues into the cabin as well. In 2022 and screens it seems are the name of the game. Pretty much the entire dash is dominated by an end-to-end screen similar to what we’ve seen on Sony’s own Vision S-01, Honda E, the Mercedes Benz EQS, and the Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX. The glass bubble roof floods the cabin and makes this bright cabin feel even airier than it actually is. Expect the sound system to sound rather good, as is expected from Sony.

2022 Sony Vision S-02
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Choose the former and you get these captains chairs, similar to what we saw on early Lucid Air’s

The cabin can seat anywhere between four to seven passengers depending on the configuration you choose. With just four seats on, the back seats in fact remind me of early Lucid Air prototypes. I hope this kind of layout catches on in more cars in the future. Rear seat passengers also get their own screens. Hey, this is Sony after all that we’re talking about.


2022 Sony Vision S-02
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The all-electric crossover is powered by a pair of electric motors with each producing 268 hp. Details about range and battery size are yet to be announced

Finally, let’s talk powertrain. The Sony Vision S-02 is powered by a pair of electric motors with each of them producing 268 horsepower, which in my opinion is more than adequate for this kind of vehicle.

2022 Sony Vision S-02
- image 1044394
Coming to the design, the vehcile clearly has the proportions of the Tesla Model Y and carries a similar minimalist aesthetic that we saw on the Vision S Sedan

Specifics about the battery size, estimated range, etc are yet to be announced, but going by how heavy the Vision S-02 weighs, i.e 5467 pounds, the batteries sure must be pretty hefty and the range just as good.

2022 Sony Vision S-02
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The technology is supported by the range of CMOS image and LiDAR sensors on the body work, coupled with 5G technology

The car also has sensors at various points on the bodywork including the likes of CMOS and LiDar that would help support its level two autonomous driving technology. Sony also showed off connected autonomous driving tech, where a Vision S Prototype at a test course in Aldenhoven, Germany was driven remotely from Tokyo in Japan. Such tech could go mainstream when 5G rolls out in a bigger way in the future.


2022 Sony Vision S-02
- image 1044386
Following up on the brilliant Vision S concept sedan that Sony developed with Magna Steyr

The compact luxury crossover EV space is getting hotter by the day and the Model Y could soon face some stiff competition from the likes of not just legacy automakers, but also tech giants like Sony with their new Vision S-02. There isn’t any word on when the Vision S cars will hit the road and if Magna Steyr will play a role in the production as well, but this second concept in just two years does show promise that we aren’t too far away.

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