Graphic artist, writer and futurist Daniel Simon is the current darling of both Hollywood movie studios and the top levels of the video gaming industry. Where this man’s wild brain goes, billions in potential commercial opportunities seem to follow. His most groundbreaking work for car enthusiasts came with the founding of Cosmic Motors some years ago. Future cars from Cosmic Motors are often capable of flight, hypersonic speeds and include unimaginably advanced racing and weapons technology. Away from the brutality of the interstellar race circuit, Cosmic Motors also produces a line of super-luxury coupes called the Galaxion. The Galaxion 3000 and 5000 personal luxury coupes present a luxurious way to warp to the 330 mph top speed inside a plush two-seat cockpit. A fusion cell provides the energy for unlimited lifetime use.

For comparison, the Galaxion 5000’s performance and style are a good mix of the Bugatti Veyron and the recent Cadillac Elmiraj concept - with more than a dash of Bugatti Type 57 S/C Atlantique for good measure.

The Cosmic Motors brochure opens a fantasy world thousands of years in the future - with all of the glamor and racing iconography intact. Even the Cosmic Motors booth babes are in full track suits - and are more than a little sexy in some of the renderings - while the dudes practice looking into the distance like brooding sunglass models.

Welcome to Cosmic Motors and the Galaxion 5000 Coupe.

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  • 2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Energy:
    Xenoramium Fusion Reactor: CM 980
  • 0-60 time:
    1.30 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    330 mph
  • Price:
  • car segment:
  • body style:


2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519366

The proportions of the Galaxion are what make these CoMo models such striking showpieces for the rich and famous.

More than 40 inches longer than the largest Cadillac — the concept Elmiraj — and almost 20 inches wider, the Galaxion is truly a streamlined work of art. A roof line almost 10 inches below the Elmiraj helps cut drag.

A pinched oval nose air inlet evokes the Maserati Birdcage, while the translucent white bodywork of the Galaxion 3000 model is a gorgeous treat. Woven from advanced bio-fibers, the material offers rigidity and hundred-year durability that makes steel an ancient relic of an earlier age in humanity’s progress (also known as present day).

9086 Cosmic Motors Galaxion 3000

2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519379

Shrouded rear wheels on the white 3000 improve warp aerodynamics, while the side-mounted aerial antennas provide communication and telematics services anywhere in the universe, with a trial subscription included for new buyers.

9086 Cosmic Motors Galaxion 5000 Black Edition

2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519385

9086 Cosmic Motors Galaxion - Exterior Dimensions:

Wheelbase (in.) 200.5, est
Length (in.) 246.5
Width (in.) 91.7
Height (in.) 46.5


2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519368

Giant scissor doors bring half the front bodywork with them as they arc completely vertical on milled alloy cantilever hinges.

The interior of this two-seat ‘streamliner’ is marked out by the huge amount of leg and shoulder room, each of which are much larger than even any current SUVs. A reclined driving position means headroom still feels plentiful, and the full view rearward is achieved via the “ear mirror” cameras, displayed inside as a projection against the glass.

9086 Cosmic Motors Galaxion- Interior Dimensions:

Seating Capacity 2
Legroom (In.) 49
Headroom (In.) 37
Shoulder room (In.) 58.5
Trunk capacity (cubic-feet) 7

Drivetrain, Suspension and Brakes

2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519365

Powered by a compact and shatter-proof Xenoramium fusion reactor fuel cell, the Galaxion offers performance enough to mean Cosmic Motors drivers are first in the asteroid field or toll booth drag races. The 3000’s estimated sprint time of 1.82 seconds drops down to just 0.81 seconds (projected) for the forthcoming Galaxion 5000 Black Edition.

Bringing a 20-percent power boost to CM 1180 (about 2,360 horsepower), the top speed for this menacing performance model is close to 400 mph (on land).

9086 Cosmic Motors Galaxion - Mechanical Details:

9086 Cosmic Motors GALAXION 3000 GALAXION 5000 GALAXION 5000 Black Edition
Engine Xenoramium Fusion Reactor: CM 780, est Xenoramium Fusion Reactor: CM 980 Xenoramium Fusion Reactor: CM 1180, est
Power 1560 horsepower, est 1840 horsepower, est 2360 horsepower, est
0-60 mph 1.82 seconds, est 1.30 seconds, est 0.81 seconds, est
Top Speed 305 mph, est 330 mph 389 mph, est


2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519367

The Galaxion 5000 is priced from 280,000 Xons, which roughly equals $7.7 million in 2013 U.S. Dollars.


Daniel Simon’s charming and provocative future vision is addictive in its attention to detail and stunning design at every turn.

To learn more about the Galaxion and dozens of other models in the CoMo range, Mr. Simon’s gorgeous book Cosmic Motors is available now at book stores everywhere.

Numerous translations exist, so look for one in your preferred language. The soft-cover is filled with glossy prints for just $27.00, while the hardcover is a more significant $470.00.

His next classic, Timeless Racer, is available now for pre-orders and ships later in 2013.

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Press Release

Cosmic Motors™ is a fantasy manufacturer of vehicles of all kinds, located in the center of the Galaxion galaxy. CoMo, as it is affectionately referred to by its outer space fans, was founded in the Galaxion year 8966-B.

2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519377
2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe
- image 519375

CoMo soon became a rising star among the big established vehicle makers in the Galaxion system, and countless record-breaking CoMo vehicles steadily caught the attention of the public. Besides their groundbreaking developments in transportation, CoMo gained fame by turning retired war machinery of other makers into the finest sports competition vehicles. The transformation of these retired war machines into racers accentuates the now peaceful state in the galaxy, even if there are still remote planets with ongoing conflicts.

2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe Exterior
- image 519369

Today, Cosmic Motors produces some of the finest vehicles in the Galaxion galaxy, successfully blending cutting-edge technology with battle-proven crude mechanics, packaged in a sophisticated design aesthetic.

2033 Cosmic Motors Galaxion Coupe
- image 519374
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