It’s the Franco-Mexican cousin of the Renault Alpine A110 like you haven’t seen before

The Renault Alpine 110 is arguably one of the French automaker’s best creations. It’s also one of those models whose history extends all the way to Mexico. Yep. From France to Mexico…to Spain…to Bulgaria where it was named "Bulgaralpine.” That’s the story of the Dinalpin A110, a Renault Alpine 110 that was built under license by the DINA company in Mexico.

The weird history notwithstanding, the Dinalpin A110 is actually a great-looking car, at least if you don’t try to stare too long at the three-lug wheels. One such owner of the Franco-Mexican sports car is Dave Griffiths, who got a lead for the car after winning one on an auction site in Puerto Rico. Eventually, Griffiths found himself with a Dinalpin A110 and proceed to restore the car, giving it some hot rod love with drivetrain parts from the Renault Alpine parts bin.

Eventually, he got his Dinalpin A110 to produce 120 horsepower, double the output of the original model. Sure, the output isn’t anything to get excited about, but with a weight of just 1,500 pounds, there’s enough power-to-weight ratio there to make it more than just an ordinary Dinalpin A110. And to think that Griffiths ended up with this car by wasting time on the Internet.

Oh, look! A Ferrari Testarossa!


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