You might have never known or guessed that Italian auto manufacturer, Pagani, would be a soccer fan. Well, apparently they are and they have created a special edition Zonda S in order to prove to the entire world that the World Cup is not a joke in their eyes! And this special edition carries the flag of the England team. Subtle enough for you? Is this a war against the Germany team? Or just a way of saying that Germany has Nurburgring, but England will have the world cup? Those of you out there watching futbol, feel free to offer up any type of confirmation!

The special edition Zonda England features a big St George emblazoned across the length of the car. If that wasn’t fanaticism at it’s best then they decided to add several images of the football team’s badge and the official World Cup logo.

Now, the Pagani Zonda S is a magnificent car all on its own so the special edition will only receive the decorations needed to idolize the game. Other than that, the Zonda England will carry the same specifications of a standard Zonda S, meaning an output of 555 HP and a top speed of 197 mph. Add all of that together and you will get the greatest automotive futbol creation ever!


Source: Evo

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  (383) posted on 08.11.2011

Yeah, as expected from the Pagani, it has an impressive power output. However, its kind of disappointing that the top speed of the car is low. I wonder if this car was built for exclusivity or not?

  (594) posted on 08.11.2011

Just like what I have said before, for a racing car the styling is not important for the speed performance is the only thing that matters. The power output of the car is kind of impressive!

  (433) posted on 06.28.2010

It can only be a true Pagani and successor to the Zonda if it is thoroughly completely utterly mad. My guess is it will be. Yes.

  (570) posted on 06.27.2010

The decals are great, but the car is not that much appealing as the Corvette or Porsche 911 Turbo GT3.

  (1022) posted on 06.24.2010

nice, agree with you dude.. i also like the decals and vinyl they made here..

  (386) posted on 06.23.2010

impressive, I also like to put some English decals to our car..

  (433) posted on 06.22.2010

lovely, it even has the england football logo.

  (206) posted on 06.22.2010

So why is an Italian company supporting the English team?

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