• 2017 Pagani Huayra Americano

    Say Hello to the Pagani Huayra Americano
  • It’s a one-off located in Newport Beach, California
  • It was recently delivered in the last year and has logged just 488 miles
  • That’s pretty much like new!!!
  • Pricing is unknown, but you can expect at least $2 million
  • Red striping complements the carbon and the exhaust outlet
  • Black wheels and red calipers round out the exterior
  • Inside, you’ll find the same red and black theme
  • There’s lots of carbon fiber too
  • How much would you pay for this masterpiece?

A new one-off Pagani finds its way into America

From the automaker that has turned one-off creations into something of a business in of itself, Pagani is back at it again with yet another exclusive creation. It’s called the Pagani Huayra Americano, and it’s actually here in the U.S., specifically at Pagani’s own dealership in Newport Beach, California. Even better; it’s actually for sale, though like most one-off Paganis, the price for this exclusive Huayra is on a need-to-know basis.

Pagani Newport didn’t disclose too many details about the Huayra Americana, saying only that it was delivered in the latter half of 2016 and only has 488 miles on its odometer. It’s also stock #0019 and carries the VIN ZFGK58739Kl09300L. There’s no price tag on the car, but that’s to be expected considering that this is a one-off model that underwent a lot of custom touches to validate its name. Regardless of what new digs are in the car, don’t expect it to come cheap. For one, those 488 miles are close enough to be considered new. Then there’s the prestige and exclusivity that comes with being an owner of a true one-off Pagani Huayra. All that considered, expect this car to fetch north of $2 million at the very least.

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What makes the Pagani Huayra Americano special

2017 Pagani Huayra Americano Exterior
- image 737187
It’s a one-off located in Newport Beach, California
Expect this car to fetch north of $2 million at the very least.

It’s special enough by virtue of its one-off status. Actually, “special” isn’t even the word I’d use to describe the Huayra Americano, or any of the other one-off Zondas and Huayras that Pagani has created over the years, for that matter.

I’ll stick with that one for now though because the Huayra Americano features plenty of new and exclusive features, beginning with an exterior that’s dressed up in a Grigio Clement body finish. That translates to a two-tone look made up of a silver body and black carbon fiber on the hood and roof of the car. Red striping can also be found on the carbon fiber, running from the tip of the Huayra’s nose all the way to the back, right on top of the quad exhaust tailpipes. Multi-spoke black wheels and red brake calipers complete the exterior styling of the Americano. It’s not the fanciest color scheme among all of the one-off Paganis we’ve seen, but it certainly captures your attention, especially when it’s all polished up like how it is in the photos.

2017 Pagani Huayra Americano Interior
- image 737186
Inside, you’ll find the same red and black theme
2017 Pagani Huayra Americano Interior
- image 737189
There’s lots of carbon fiber too
The seats are dressed in black and red leather while the abundance of carbon fiber takes a completely different meaning by how much the lightweight material is present throughout the interior

Step inside of the car and the interior follows a similar color treatment. The seats are dressed in black and red leather while the abundance of carbon fiber takes a completely different meaning by how much the lightweight material is present throughout the interior. Likewise, the detailing on the center console is one of its defining qualities, specifically the black and red leather surround that helps add plenty of styling depth to this particular area of the interior. Last, but certainly not least, is the presence of a plaque on the firewall section of the cabin, indicating that this particular Huayra is actually model number 68 out of the 100 of its kind that Pagani built.

Overall, it’s a solid creation from Pagani, though it’s probably not my favorite among the one-off creations that Pagani has created. I took my time choosing which one tops my list, but in the end, I chose the Huayra Vulcan that the automaker launched back in December 2015.

Pagani Huayra Vulcan

2015 Pagani Huayra Project Vulcan Wallpaper quality
- image 658925

It’s not just because of the name although, if I’m being honest, it did play a big part in giving this one-off Huayra an identity of its own. The supercar’s exterior is particularly revealing, especially the approach Pagani took in giving it the one-off look. Chief among these features is the use of black and silver gunmetal metallic exposed carbon-fiber, a first of its kind for the Pagani Huayra.

Meanwhile, the Huayra Vulcan’s interior is a picture of vividness. Most of the surfaces inside, including the steering wheel, carry the same shade of bright red as the wheels. The result is a fiery look to the interior that does justice to its Vulcan name. Remember, Vulcan isn’t a race of people in the Star Trek universe. It’s actually the name of the Roman god of fire. Seems like a car that Vulcan would want to be caught driving in, wouldn’t you think?


Pagani Huayra

2011 Pagani Huayra High Resolution Exterior
- image 390341

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2016 Pagani Huayra Tempesta High Resolution Exterior
- image 727854

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Source: Pagani Newport Beach

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