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Video: Here's How You Can Build Your Own Pagani Zonda for Two Bucks

Video: Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Pagani Zonda for Two Bucks

With a price tag well over $1 million, the Pagani Zonda is a car that’s certainly out of most peoples’ financial wheelhouse. But what if we told you that for only $2, you can have your very own Zonda? Even better: for $5, you can have three Zondas!

Before you start breaking your piggy banks, understand that you’re obviously not getting actual Zonda supercars. What you’re getting are build-your-own paper cutouts that you can transform into actual small-scale replicas of the Zonda.

As you can see in the instructional video above, the man behind the product, Taras Lesko, shows us exactly how you can build a Pagani Zonda from the comfortable confines of your desk. It’s certainly a fascinating hobby that might be worth picking up on, especially if you’re a fan of the mighty Italian supercar.

Big props to Lesko and the guys over at Visual Splcer for this item. We’re actually in the process of picking out what to buy as we speak, and if we do say so ourselves, so should you guys.

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Pagani's 'Man Bag' will probably cost more than a standard car

Pagani’s ’Man Bag’ will probably cost more than a standard car

Such exaggerated claims of that title might fly over the head of other auto manufacturers, but not with Pagani. After all, the Italian automaker is most famous for their exclusive products that cost well over a million dollars.

So when they come out with a man bag - yep, a man bag - you know that it would feel completely out of place in the shelves of K-Mart. Looking at this fashionable money hole, the Pagani man bag draws inspiration from the shapes, styles, and the materials used on the company’s pride and joy, the Pagani Huayra.

A plethora of high-end materials were also used in the making of the bag; looking at it, there’s high-end leather, aluminum, and hold on...are there some touches of carbon fiber too?

With Pagani, you can never be all too surprised if there really is carbon fiber on that bag. Still no word on how much this man bag will cost, but rest assured, there will probably be a lot digits attached to it.

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Pagani's Sound System for your home

Pagani’s Sound System for your home

I think everyone knows the name Pagani; his cars are between the most exclusive vehicles in the world, that’s for sure. The Argentinean designer wasn’t able to present the new Zonda R in Geneva, but instead, they presented us a very special Sound System for your home.

It’s built in polished aluminum and carbon fiber, like all the things that Pagani do. It has two vinyl players, for 33 and 45 rpm, a CD player, a stereo amplifier, a power amplifier and two incredible and beautiful tower speakers with 350 watts.

The main control it’s designed to emulate the sound system that it’s available on the Pagani Zonda. The other similarity between the car and the sound system are the bass speakers that are similar to the famous Pagani 4 tube exhaust.

“Music makes you live very deep emotions and sensations, and there is nothing better than listen your favorite music the right way". Pagani said on a press release.

Even do the price tag haven’t been released, i’m sure will be more that any normal car you own.

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