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Zonda Concept by Gary Gu

Zonda Concept by Gary Gu

What happens when you combine a Pagani Zonda R, a McLaren F1, and a Ferrari Enzo? Something incredible, that’s what. And even though a combination like this was something that no one probably thought would ever happen, designer Gary Gu had enough imagination to combine the exquisite details of all three supercars and create a concept that will amaze all who feast their eyes on it. If not for the look of the car - which is something that is always subjective to the eyes that see it - for the sheer genius of combining vehicles with as much stature as the three that were chosen. And in response to the question originally posed, the combination of these three supercars is Gary Gu’s Zonda Concept.

To create the Zonda Concept, Gu combined engine intakes from Ferrari Enzo, the shape of the McLaren F1, and the roof of the Pagani Zonda R albeit with a few modifications to improve the car’s aerodynamics and to make it look even more like an F1.

Under the hood, the designer imagined an AMG sourced engine, with an output of more than 750 HP. Add a carbon fiber body and the incredible performance numbers will surely follow.

Of course, something like this will never happen, but a man has the right to dream, right? And we have the right to follow right along with that dream, and we shall!

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