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2016 Pagani Huayra Tempesta

2016 Pagani Huayra Tempesta

The Huayra gets an optional kit that gives it better handling and a new exhaust system

Pagani has been known to create some pretty wild vehicles. I mean look at models like the Zonda Revolucion and the Huayra BC, for example. They are clearly two of the wildest machines created, but now Pagani is stepping things up for the Huayra coupe with a new package. Dubbed the Pacchetto Tempesta, the kit is offered as an option on new Huayra models or as a retrofit for those of you who already own a Huayra.

This new package comes with aerodynamic enhancements as well as a few other upgrades that will help improve the car’s handling and driving characteristics. According to Pagani, the kit provides “more responsive behavior,” and reduced body roll and pitch, providing a “sporty yet comfortable driving experience.”

The real shocker about the whole Pacchetto Tempesta’ package is the invoice that comes with it. With a price tag of €160,000, or about $182,480 at current conversion rates. So, for the price of this upgrade kit, you could get yourself a new McLaren 540C or even a new Porsche 911. So, with a price that high, let’s take a good look at the kit and see what makes it worth that much money.

Updated 08/23/2017: We added a series of images taken during the car’s auction at the 2017 Monterey Car Week where it was sold for $2,420,000.

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