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Past And The Future: Digital Artist Imagines All-Electric DeLorean

Signature design elements like the stainless steel body of the original DeLorean on a futuristic EV should let your imagination run wild

We already know that DeLorean is going green and is making a comeback as an EV later this year. Over the past few months, the American automaker, now based in Texas, has released teasers of the upcoming car. While the concept will be unveiled at Pebble Beach in August later this year, this Digital render featured on oldcars_life serves as a great base for what we want from the all-electric DeLorean.

The Teasers

The first teaser released in Feb showed off the car’s gull-wing doors and their collaboration with renowned Giorgietto Giugiaro and Italdesign, who also designed the 80s icon. The short snippet gave us a hint of the front end and not much else. But it was enough to get a lot of folks excited.

Earlier last week, Delorean gave us yet another sneak peek of the derriere and the tail light situation. Gone are those blocky units that we’ve been so accustomed to looking at and income some sleek straight lines with LEDs. You can also see a throwback to certain design elements like the black louvers over the engine compartment, however, the upcoming concept car is going to be an EV.

Digital Render Of All-Electric DeLorean

This design sure does come off as both futuristic and elegant at the same time. DeLorean after all is positioning it as a luxury EV as well.

This digital render of a potential Delorean EV compared to the old car sure does look interesting. Thanks to that teaser from last week, we know that the rear has a light bar, which you can just about see come through here as well. Speaking of lightbars and keeping with the times, a front light bar also won’t be such a bad idea would it now?

But, the main stand-out detail on this mockup has to be the same unpainted exterior body panels, similar to OG Delorean from the 80s. This is one element that certainly makes a Delorean, a Delorean and I hope that it makes it to the future car as well. Other details like the multi-spoke wheels, a couple of sizes bigger in this case and the lovers behind the passenger cell are all throwbacks to the original car as well.


Past And The Future: Digital Artist Imagines All-Electric DeLorean
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Based on what we’ve seen so far, this digital mock featured on Instagram shows off some of the signature design elements in a modern format

’Back to the Future’ fans will finally get to see what DeLorean has in store for us in August this year. Now, while concept cars and prototypes are great, getting these EVs to series production, now that’s the most difficult part. Will DeLorean choose the route that Tesla took a decade ago, which is to first make a low volume high cost EV first, and then grow the range? Well, time will tell. Watch this space.

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