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2012 Perana Z-One

2012 Perana Z-One

It took a few years in the making, but if we’ve learned anything from the automotive industry, it’s always better to be late than to never show up to the party at all.

So after making its debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, followed by a lengthy delay in its release date, the Zagato-built Perana Z-One is finally ready for its production debut.

Hailing from South Africa, the Perana Z-One is the result of a joined collaboration between Zagato and Perana Performance Group. There’s no word yet on the official release date of the South African sports car, but there have been some rumblings that we might get to see the Z-One for the first time since Geneva in 2009 at the Festival of Speed this coming July in the UK.

Now that we know that the two-seater sports car is well on its way to production, we may need to start saving our hard-earned money to be able to get a piece of one of the 999 Z-One’s scheduled to be built.

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