The Peugeot Moonster is the most radical concept released in 2001. The talents behind the product were found within an internet design competition. People submitted drawings and design skematics via Peugeot’s website. After the 750 entries were finalized to 50 top designs, an online vote was cast for the most appealing car.

  • 2001 Peugeot Moonster
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This car was made as a design in fluid form. Thus, no engine, tranmission or even suspension systems are in place. The entire bodyshell was hand formed from sheet aluminum and polished to perfection. The result is the most reflective car yet to date.

Peugeot should get top marks for the type of competition they setup. Not only did Peugeot hand over complete creative feedom to the designer, they embraced the internet to seek out talented designs.

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