The Hoggar is far from being your normal concept car, being in the image of the extraordinary, wild and spectacular desert in southern Algeria which it is named after. The Hoggar has free-flowing lines, a sober interior and hi-tech fittings, and offers a spectacular level of power and efficiency.

  • 2003 Peugeot Hoggar
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Transmission:
    6-Speed Manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
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With its twin HDi engine with particle filters, offering 360 hp, this concept car is particularly environmentally friendly, as well as having advanced suspension and road holding that is optimised for extreme obstacle-crossing capacity.

With visible mechanical components that look like the drawing of powerful musculature, the Hoggar combines a compact volume with low-slung proportions, accentuating the impression it gives of a wild animal ready to leap.

The Peugeot Hoggar is a top-end 4-wheel drive vehicle consisting of a self-supporting carbon bodyshell reinforced with two lengthwise stainless steel roll bars. First and foremost, the Hoggar is a two-seater open-top vehicle. Consequently, this concept car does not have either a roof or side windows: the cabin is largely open, without a roof panel.

The Hoggar has two powerplants with a sequential gearbox controlled using a lever or controls fitted to the steering wheel. The vehicle is however capable of running on just one of its two motors. Everything is interlinked electronically: there is no mechanical link between the front and rear.

The Hoggar, which was designed to cross extreme obstacles, has highly-developed suspension for this purpose, incorporating 2 shock-absorbers per wheel.

The vehicle’s restrained interior combines technology and elegance. In an environment which mixes the refinement of brown leather and aluminium, the Hoggar seats 2 people, who can use the hi-tech equipment via a central console with a touch screen.

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  (6021) posted on 08.10.2006

The Hoggar is cool. Do you have any more information, though???-Sir Jeep

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