Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 308 hatchback will shortly be commencing its commercial career. During this international event, another body style from the “T7” project will also be unveiled, in part, in the form of the 308 SW Prologue concept car.

With the SW concept which first appeared in 2002 with the launch of the 307 SW, Peugeot created a new motoring concept, which has since become available in other models in the range.

Today the “SW” is synonymous with a true life style car within the Peugeot range and offers dynamism both in terms of style and road holding. The abbreviation also symbolises practicality and versatility, with good interior space and carrying capacity and superb modularity, allowing the car to adapt to its user’s wishes.

2008 Peugeot 308 SW Prologue
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This SW body style also marked the arrival of the panoramic glass roof onto production vehicles, offering extraordinary levels of interior brightness and an unprecedented feeling of space and visibility, particularly for the rear passengers.
The SW therefore combines several benefits such as driving pleasure, comfort inside the car, and carrying capacity.
Capitalising on the strong points of the 308 hatchback, the 308 SW Prologue concept car, while asserting its own personality, takes the definition of the SW even further:

  • further in terms of its elegant and extremely modern style;
  • further in terms of flexibility, with the search for maximum practicality for potential users;
  • further in terms of comfort inside the car, thanks to a particularly refined interior achieved through
  • the use of original, natural colours and materials enhanced by the car’s exceptional brightness.
2008 Peugeot 308 SW Prologue
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In brief, the 308 SW Prologue goes further to making the dream of driving pleasure come true.


The 308 SW Prologue succeeds in harmonising the now familiar expressive and dynamic front design of the 308 with a very original design of the rear. Making the most of the hatchback’s semi-tall architecture, the finished vehicle takes into account the desired requirements in terms of carrying capacity and interior space for passengers, with the possibility of also installing a 3rd row of seats.

From the protruding “nose” of the bonnet, two style lines flow back over the bonnet, merging with the front windscreen pillars and then continuing as far as the car’s rear tailgate. The sharp and piercing look created by the bi-Xenon directional headlamps and the aluminium-coloured front grille with its recessed design is also derived from the 308 three and five door hatchback.

From the side, the vehicle offers a dynamism that is rare in this segment, with a particularly expressive forward-positioned window line. The highly original shape of the rear quarter light windows builds on this dynamic design, particularly since this window provides visibility to the passengers in the 3rd row.

The sides of the vehicle create a sense of motion that extends to the rear lights, enhancing the contours of the car’s prominent shape. Finally, the metallic aluminium coloured roof bars add fluidity and a dash of elegance.

2008 Peugeot 308 SW Prologue
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The sophisticated and very bold rear lines are based on the idea of a wraparound single piece rear tailgate glass, which tightly fits around the sides of the body. In addition to its very original outline, this rear tailgate glass takes into account the need for rear access and visibility and can be opened independently of the tailgate, thereby easing loading in certain circumstances.

Combined with ruby coloured lights, the styling gives this concept car a highly distinctive real personality, as well as an overall impression of durability, size and an original modern feel.

The tailgate provides a wide access area to the inside of the car and also a particularly low load sill for maximum practicality.

Its very exclusive metallic body colour shows off the body contours to remarkable effect.


The interior offers a warm and refined atmosphere with an emphasis on lifestyle. The resulting atmosphere illustrates a high level of craftsmanship thanks to the use of natural materials and high quality finishes. The fascia panel with its very simple and fluid contours, matching those of the hatchback, is fully trimmed with Aniline brown leather creating a pearlescent reflective finish. Leather can also be found on the seats and door interior trim panels.

This creates a monochrome effect with the use of other high quality materials such as linen and silk. Sandstone coloured silk can be found on some parts of the seats and door trims. Benefiting from the brightness of the large glazed surface area, including the panoramic glass roof, this material generates a soft glow that reinforces the overall effect of quality.

2008 Peugeot 308 SW Prologue
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Some components are coated with sprayed nickel such as the rims of the air vents, instruments, door handles and the surround of the gear lever knob, adding their own touch of class to this cosy and timeless atmosphere. Growing in character over time, these metallic components will continue to shine like stunning objects of art.

To complete the feeling of quality, a bespoke luggage set has been produced using the same materials found in the passenger compartment. This can easily be accommodated between the two 2nd row seats, where it then serves as an armrest.


The 308 SW Prologue concept car is powered by the 2.0 litre HDi DPFS 100 kW (≈136 bhp) engine equipped with an additive-enhanced diesel particulate filter system (DPFS). Its excellent performance offers genuine driving pleasure and complete peace of mind. Its HDi DPFS technology, in accordance with the spirit of the car, ensures it is environmentally-friendly, with reduced CO2 emissions and the complete eradication of particulate emissions.

2008 Peugeot 308 SW Prologue
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