The 407 has an elegance that truly stands out in its segment, in keeping with the 207 and 308. Its excellent resale value and reliability are combined with competitive running costs, as confi rmed by surveys carried out recently in Germany. In terms of handling it excels, combining active safety, driving involvement and comfort of a high level. Incorporating the very best technical solutions, this recognised expertise will be referred to as Peugeot Road Touch Tech in communications to the general public.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303461

Subtle visual improvements updating a design that is just as dynamic and bold as before but now features more in terms of elegance, robustness and high quality, both externally and internally. New enhanced comfort equipment increasing the appeal of the different versions by offering even greater specification and well-being to its occupants, particularly onboard temperature control and new telematics systems.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 248457

It is available with a choice of four- and six-cylinder engines featuring the latest technology, particularly on the HDi diesel versions, the most popular engine specifi ed in the 407. These include an uprated 2.0-litre HDi engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox which develops a power of 103 kW (140bhp), an increase of 3 kW (4bhp). It also benefi ts from a fuel consumption of 5.6 litres/100km (42.0mpg) and CO2 emissions reduced to 150g/km.

Press release

Since its launch, the elegant, distinctive and dynamic 407 Saloon and SW have become a benchmark in their segment due to their high levels of road holding. They also introduced a touch of style into a segment based around traditional yet conventional saloon and estates, designed with just volume and practicality in mind. Peugeot based the design of the 407 around a number of core motoring values identified from its customers: appearance and technology, driving enjoyment in both the Saloon and SW models, with the SW particularly ideal, due to its versatile for leisure pursuits, for both families and individuals or for business activities.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303456

The New 407 enhances the core aspects that are the key sources of enjoyment experienced by its users.

It is available with a choice of four- and six-cylinder engines featuring cutting edge technology, particularly on the HDi Diesel versions, the most popular engine option in the 407.

These include an updated 2.0-litre HDi engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox which develops a power of 103 kW (140 bhp), an increase of 3 kW. It also benefits from a fuel consumption of 5.6 litres/100km and CO2 emissions reduced to 150 g/km.

The 407 …a distinctive ‘stylish vehicle’ …

One of the main attractions of the 407 Saloon and SW is their feline appearance. The forward positioned and inclined front windscreen, bold rear design, large wheels, the 407 has all the personality that underlines the new design signature of Peugeot cars and has become an inspiration for the design of the front of all new models.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303457

Characterised by an ever more distinctive design at the front, with an air intake that fits perfectly both in terms of technical performance and its bold design, it provides the 407 with its overall dynamic image.

Its dynamic characteristics including exceptional road holding, is the result of a number of technical solutions and Peugeot’s expert fine tuning of the suspension, benefiting both ride and handling.

In 2008 … The new 407

Since its launch, the 407 has enjoyed a strong position within its segment due to its distinctive appearance that sets it apart from the other vehicles in the segment and is still contemporary with the 207 and 308 models.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303467

It continues to excel in terms of road holding and offers a combination of active safety, driving enjoyment and comfort of the highest level. In anticipation of the changing expectations of its customers, Peugeot will strengthen the appeal of the 407 even further this summer.

Subtle visual improvements updating a design that is just as dynamic and bold as before but now offers more in terms of elegance, robustness and high quality, both externally and internally.

New enhanced comfort equipment increases the appeal of the different versions by offering even greater wellbeing to its occupants, in particular onboard temperature control and new telematics systems.

New equipment like front parking assistance enhances the car’s world-wide reputation for ease of driving and dynamic performance. This engine, which complies with future Euro 5 emission standards, has been approved in accordance with this regulation.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303444

This new specification testifies Peugeot’s ongoing commitment to achieve the best possible environmental performance on the new 407.

For example, after the standard fitment of an additive-enhanced diesel particulate filter system (FAP) on all HDi Diesel powered 407s and following the introduction of the 1.6-litre HDi FAP engine (110 bhp), particularly well suited as a fleet vehicle thanks to its low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (only 140 g/km for the Saloon and SW), a new 2.0-litre Bioflex engine operating on E85 fuel will be available for destinations where road tax incentives favours biofuels, with their environmental benefits.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303448

To summarise, Peugeot has seized a great opportunity during the summer of 2008, to strengthen the appeal among motoring enthusiasts with the attractive new 407 in both Saloon and SW versions.


Upgrades to exterior style

At the front, the new 407 Saloon and SW models benefi t from a redesigned air intake. This important stylistic signature has been improved in terms of visual quality and elegance, but also has a stronger and more technically refi ned appearance. Lateral black components adopt a new design that blends harmoniously with the lines of the transverse black beam. A new delicately curved grille rounds off the air intake assembly. It consists of a triple row of horizontal chrome bars crossed by a vertical chrome bar. Their cross section and inclination capture the light, adding presence to the grille and making mechanical assemblies more opaque without adversely affecting their cooling performance.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303454

To protect the car from knocks and provide even more convenience to 407 owners, front parking assistance system has been added to the rear parking assistance. As a result, the front bumper now discreetly incorporates the four sensors that gather information for the system.

The centrepiece of elegance and distinction of the entire range, the body protection mouldings are fi nished in body colour and accompanied with a chrome trim fi nisher.

The rear of the new 407 Saloon draws inspiration from the natural sporting personality of the Coupé and its individual character.

The entirely redesigned new lower rear panel incorporates a protective capping decorated by a chrome bead. The lower part with its elaborate ‘diffuser’ adds to the car’s dynamism, while the upper part of this new lower rear panel forms the basis of a redesigned boot sill.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303458

This new shape of the lower rear panel accentuates the robust image of the rear of the 407 Saloon while at the same time improving quality of style, due to the reduced clearances and the integration of four rear parking assist sensors in the bumper itself, making them particularly discreet. The rear lights are entirely redesigned and add a new touch of originality by day and by night. With a ruby red housing and a crystal white fi nish on the reversing light and direction indicator, the daytime look appears noticeably different. By night, the refl ector function now moves from the lights to the ‘diffuser’ in the form of two small horizontal bars on either side of the registration

The new volume of the lights, their transparent red refl ector with chrome surround and peripheral textured fi nish, improve the quality appearance due to the high quality production procedure. The rear of the new 407 SW is also enhanced stylistically with a new lower rear panel and new lights.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303452

The new rear volume is aligned harmoniously with the front of the SW. This enhances the effect of a monolithic sculpture and adds to the image of robustness and its high quality fi nish, which ensures fl ush-fi tting components and minimal clearances, meticulous in every detail.

The new shape of the lower rear panel has a more pronounced curve, and gives a new visual identity to the rear design, which now incorporates edge protection mouldings enhanced with a chrome trim fi nisher, as well as recessed parking assistance sensors. In the lower section, its discreet diffuser effect adds a further touch of dynamism.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303459

The new rear lights, in the upper section, exhibit a pronounced diode effect similar to that of the 407 Coupé. The new refl ector has a red lacquered fi nish giving the car a refi ned visual appeal by day. A collimator baffl e with multiple prisms directs light to ‘drop’ zones where it is then diffused. In the lower light section, the refl ector zone rotates elegantly.

An even more dynamic profi le with the 18" ‘Soleil’ wheel

Available previously exclusively with V6 engine models the 18 ‘Soleil’ alloy wheels which add a dynamic visual aspect, are now specifi ed on 4-cylinder 2.2-litre HDi 170 engine models, on the Saloon and SW.

External dimensions

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303416

Available previously exclusively with V6 engine models the 18 ‘Soleil’ alloy wheels which add a dynamic visual aspect, are now specifi ed on 4-cylinder 2.2-litre HDi 170 engine models, on the Saloon and SW.

Developments in style have resulted in a slight increase to the rear overhang, which sees the Saloon retain an overall length of less than 4.70m:

  • Saloon: 4691mm (+15mm)
  • SW: 4765mm (+2mm)

Other dimensions are unchanged and add to the aesthetic and dynamic balance of both versions.


Upgrades to interior style

The luxurious passenger compartment of the 407 features new decorations and trim, creating an upmarket elegant atmosphere in a new execution that enhances perceived quality.

New decorations on the Saloon, SW and Coupé

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303462

A spectacular ‘lustrous pearlescent black’ decoration similar to the fi nish on a high quality piano decorates the centre console, air vent trims, door handle inserts and door panel trims, creating a visual link between the door panels and the fascia panel. This enhances the ambience of the passenger compartment and is underlined by ‘Square’ metallic or ‘Carmin burl’ wood fi nishes on the Saloon and SW or an ‘Alcane Grey’ trim on the 407 Coupé.

Entry level versions feature an ‘iridescent (light affected) dark grey’ decoration on the centre console and a ‘silver satin’ trim on the fascia panel and door panel mouldings.

Even more chrome

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303463

Accompanying these improvements are new rotary buttons and circular controls on the air conditioning, radio and telematics equipment have chrome surrounds, as do the control pads of the new satellite navigation system (see section entitled ‘interior communication’) and the CD player.

New trims

Adding signifi cantly to the elegance and comfort of the passenger compartment and complementing the specifi cation and style of different versions, the seats are available with high-quality cloth or leather trims.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303461

Saloon/SW Comfort pack

Woven fabric trims – ‘Figue’ (or ‘Jade’ according to destination) accompanied by plain cloth – a pleasing presentation in Camaïeu with new ‘iridescent dark grey’ and ‘silver satin’ interior features.

Saloon/SW Premium/Premium pack

Three ambiences are available:

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303464

A dynamic ‘Titanium’ ambience consisting of an ‘Andorra Blue-Grey gloss’ woven cloth accompanied by a plain woven cloth. This is accompanied by a black fascia panel with ‘Square’ metallic decoration on the mouldings and ‘pearlescent black’ on the centre console and door panel trims.

A soft ‘Diamond’ ambience composed in the ‘Tramontane’ woven fabric in the central seat section has dark grey ‘Veluto’ velour trim on the edges, with beaded trim and on the door panels. It is accompanied by a black fascia panel with ‘Square’ metallic fi nish on the mouldings and ‘pearlescent black’ on the centre console and door panel trims.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303465

A bright and warm ‘Ivory’ ambience consisting of a woven fabric (for some destinations) in a beige ‘Terre de cassel’ shade is accompanied by beige ‘Veluto’ velour on the edges, with beaded trim and on door panels.

It is accompanied by a contrasting two-tone black and ‘Terre de cassel’ fascia panel (except for righthand drive and Japan versions), ‘Carmin burl’ wood decorations on the mouldings and pearlescent black on the centre console and door panel trims, as well as on the beige seat frame and carpet in the same colour.

A black or beige leather seats option is available (market dependent)

Saloon/SW Féline

These models are specifi ed with leather trim available in three colours: Black leather, the pinnacle of exclusivity, with a ‘Titanium’ ambience,Cerberus Red leather, with a
‘Titanium’ ambience,‘Terre de cassel’ beige leather with an ‘Ivory’ ambience (market dependent).

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303451

Sport Coupé

The seats on this model have a ‘Speed’ up’ mesh trim with a hi-tech appearance, accompanied by a dark plain woven cloth. A special edition uses this same ‘Speed’ up’ mesh trim with black leather trim a standard feature. An optional leather trim is available in three colours, enhancing the elegance and appeal of the 407 Coupé:

  • Smooth black with perforated leather: for the pinnacle of exclusivity,
  • Original and distin ctive smooth Cerberus Red with perforated leather, with red-edged carpets, • Smooth Lama (light grey) with perforated leather, for a delightful light/dark contrast.
2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303455

The top-specifi cation Feline Coupé is equipped with this as standard. An ‘integral leather’ option underlines the Coupé’s luxurious and sports credentials, and available in
the same colours, with the addition of a leather trimmed fascia panel incorporating visible quality stitching.


Engine range

Petrol and diesel engines extend over a wide range and include four- and six-cylinder engines coupled with manual and automatic transmissions to power a very ‘broad’ range:

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303420

The petrol engine range:

  • 1.8-litre – 92 kW (≈125bhp) – 170Nm at 3750rpm – 5-speed manual gearbox
  • 2.0-litre – 103 kW (≈140bhp) – 200Nm at 4000rpm – 5-speed manual or automatic gearbox
  • 2.2-litre – 120 kW (≈163bhp) – 220Nm at 4150rpm – 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox
  • 3.0-litre – 155 kW (≈211bhp) – 290Nm at 3750rpm – 6-speed automatic gearbox

The HDi FAP diesel engine range

  • 1.6-litre – 80 kW (≈110bhp) – 240Nm at 1750rpm – 5-speed manual gearbox
  • 2.0-litre Euro 4 – 100 kW (≈136bhp) – 320Nm at 2000rpm – 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox
  • 2.0-litre EURO 5 – 103 kW (≈140bhp) – 320Nm at 2000rpm – 6-speed manual gearbox
  • 2.2-litre dual-turbo – 125 kW (≈170bhp) – 370Nm at 1500rpm – 6-speed manual gearbox
  • 2.7-litre V6 – 150 kW (≈204bhp) – 440Nm at 1900rpm – 6-speed automatic gearbox

A new “biofuel” options

A 2.0-litre ‘Biofl ex’ engine operating on E85 bioethanol is available in some destinations.

  • 2.0-litre – 103 kW (≈140bhp) – 200Nm at 4000rpm – 5-speed manual gearbox

All 407 HDi diesel engines are also capable of operating on a 30% mixture (B30) of biodiesel fuel.

The 407 – Greater respect for the environment

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303421

The 407 continues to further the environmental policy to which Peugeot is committed. From its initial conception, the best possible compromise between dynamism/fuel consumption/ emissions was sought for the 407.

To reduce the vehicle’s weight and at the same time offer a high-level of specifi cation, performance and protection, the decision was made to use light alloys for bulky suspension components, with the choice of Cobapress* aluminium for parts with complex shapes (the hub carrier in particular), as well as an aluminium bonnet and numerous other high-strength steel panels.

In addition, the car’s aerodynamic shape, electrohydraulic power steering and air conditioning, with external compressor control, help to reduce fuel consumption.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303425

For example, 407 Saloons and SWs equipped with the 1.6-litre HDi FAP 80 kW (≈110bhp) engine benefi t from a fuel consumption of 5.3 litres/100km and CO2 emissions reduced to
140 g/km due to this underlying work and enginespecifi c technology. This value is extremely attractive in the M2 segment and positions the new 407 at the very best level, particularly on the corporate fl eet market.

The 2.0-litre HDi FAP engine with 6-speed manual gearbox has been optimised to fully comply with the latest Euro 5 standard which comes into force in 2009 for new vehicles and 2010 for all other vehicles. These regulations apply stricter limits to emission levels of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particles.

While increasing its power from 100 to 103kW, its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are down (150 g of CO2 compared to 155g for the saloon and 159g for the SW).

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303433

Launched from July 2008 according to destinations, this engine will therefore be replacing the 2.0-litre HDi FAP Euro 4 100kW (136bhp). Since all HDi Diesel engines are equipped with the additive-enhanced particle emissions fi lter (FAP), the 407 will be able to boast a level of particle emissions on the very threshold of measurable limits for many years to come, thereby anticipating future imposed targets.


Comfort and convenience

Renowned for its rigour, the road holding of the 407 results not only from the architecture, composition and development of its suspension, but also from the good performance of the structure in terms of torsional rigidity. Both body shapes have a drop-link, dual wishbone type front suspension. The dual wishbone and the uncoupling of bounce and turn functions ensure excellent directional stability under all circumstances, as well as cornering accuracy, superb ride comfort and minimum sensitivity of the steering to road imperfections.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303434

A multi-arm rear suspension which itself also uncouples longitudinal and transverse forces enhances effi ciency, particularly since the suspension is assembled on a large ight-alloy crossmember guaranteeing a high level of geometrical precision.

The rear axle is combined with inclined springdamper assemblies that are both highly effi cient and compact.

Damping of the 407 is always excellent and on versions powered by six-cylinder petrol and HDi diesel engines, the quality of these engines is enhanced by variable damping, controlled on each wheel individually by a rigidly attached wheel travel sensor. Anticipating the degree of damping and its quality automatically and continuously according to the surface or dynamics of the road, damping fi rmness can be adjusted by selecting a push-button for a more dynamic ride setting. Electro-hydraulic steering is featured on most 407s, with an electropump unit delivering assistance according to vehicle speed, angular steering wheel speed and steering fluid

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303435

This technology offers excellent directional stability at high speeds and good response during manoeuvres, as well as fuel savings. Entry level versions are equipped with variable power steering according to engine speed, while six-cylinder versions have hydraulic steering with piloted valve assistance.

Braking is on a par with the dynamic performance of the new 407, and features a Bosch ESP system on all versions, with automatic disconnection and reconnection at 50kph, combined with emergency brake assist and automatic switching on of the hazard warning lights.

Inside the new 407 a more pleasant atmosphere is available, instantly more luxurious and dynamic with other attributes of note. The brightness of the passenger compartment is
the result of the expansive inclined front windscreen with its surface area of 1.6m2, which provides occupants with excellent visibility. In the 407 SW this brightness becomes a veritable art of living with the immense panoramic roof, consisting of dark-tinted laminated glass, which can be hidden behind a one-touch electric roof blind.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303436

The carefully designed postural comfort is the result of sculpted front seats with a generous range of electrically-controlled or manually operated adjustments. Encapsulating the highly exclusive character of certain versions equipped with electric driver’s seat memory, door mirrors and steering column adjustment. The steering wheel can be raised automatically and retracted fully to make it easier for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle.

Rear passengers are comfortably seated in ergonomic seats and on many versions benefi t from a wide centre armrest with concealed storage. The absence of a central tunnel frees up space for passenger’s legs and provides undisturbed lateral visibility, adding to their comfort.

Thermal comfort

At the front and in the rear, passengers benefit from excellent thermal comfort dispensing automatic air conditioning with bi-zone (left/right) temperature controls with a gentle diffusion system in line with the fascia panel. A new compressor control provides a better response to temperature settings by delivering the requested ‘sensation’ more quickly. In hot climates particularly, the sensation of coolness is felt more quickly.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303415

On some versions, sun blinds can be lowered over the rear windows of the Saloon and SW, and combines with the electric blind of the panoramic roof, on the SW, to make it possible at all times to protect the passenger compartment from the sun. In addition, while the laminated side windows contribute greatly to noise insulation, they also boost thermal comfort by limiting the sensation of a hot or cold surface.

To enhance the comfort of occupants in very cold countries, a calorie effi cient Webasto additional heating system is available, as standard or as an option according to markets, on HDi diesel engine versions.

This programmable equipment preheats the cooling circuit with the engine switched off, ensuring a faster build-up of engine temperature after setting off. The programming system also makes it possible to preheat the passenger compartment to a fi xed temperature by means of a remote control, at a specifi c time and for a predetermined period.

Noise insulation

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303419

An essential component of in-car comfort is noise insulation and on the new 407 it is exceptionally good. Passengers can communicate easily as a result of high-quality seals, favourable aerodynamics, engines designed from the outset to be as quiet as possible and a range of other noise insulation solutions. Laminated side windows, available as standard or as an option according to versions, create a quiet interior ambience worthy of more expensive luxury cars.

Communication inside the car – “WIP” systems (World in Peugeot)

The WIP sound system is an audio system that allows playback of MP3 music fi les. It features new functions such as CD text and list mode. It has two analogue inputs making it possible to connect a USB Box system available as an accessory. A Bluetooth hands-free kit, available as an option, uses the different audio system functions.

The WIP Nav system (available in a few weeks time) is a telematics offer with a highly competitive range of features:

  • Tri-tuner audio system.
  • MP3 and WMA format CD player.
  • Navteq GPS satellite navigation with cartography covering 40 European countries. It is stored on a 4 GB SD card. It has a traffi c information function with fi ltering and ‘detour’ function. Its ‘POI’ function covers a wide range of headings.
  • Auxiliary RCA connectors for mobile radio equipment in the glove box.
  • Compatibility with the USB Box ‘accessories’ unit available as an accessory.
2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303438

The WIP Nav system comes with a 16/9 7 inch colour screen displaying the name of main roads up to a scale of 200 m. This offer, particularly attractive both in terms of functions and budget, should prove an attractive and appealing alternative to mobile equipment and offers the following considerable advantages:

  • 1.5 ISO front panel perfectly integrates with the style of the vehicle,
  •  a valuable tamper-proofi ng,
  • a large colour display showing colour cartography, in 2D or perspective view, with street names up to 200 m or any other available information, such as radio, CD, Bluetooth
  • phone, trip computer, parking assistance data, air conditioning (with time delay),
  • the choice of fi ve graphic ambiences allowing personalisation of the display,
  • voice synthesis in seven languages,
  • a simple control panel with the main Radio, Music, Traffi c, Navigation and Phone functions accessible directly by means of dedicated, clearly identifi ed buttons,
  • controls on the steering wheel allowing the equipment to be used with a maximum of safety,
  • a Bluetooth connection allowing calls to be made and received without any need to handle the Bluetooth mobile phone,
  • traffi c info in France with the partner Via Michelin and, in the United Kingdom, with Traffi cmaster,
  • at a later date, this system will allow points of interest to be downloaded, as well as risk areas monitored by fi xed radars.
2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303463

The last advantage is by no means the least – the selling price to the customer is particularly competitive for a vehicle so well specifi ed.

WIP Com – a prestige offer with integral phone

This offer consisting of an MP3 audio system, a GPS system with all-inclusive European cartography and an integral GSM phone uses a 30 GB hard disc on which 10GB are dedicated to 180 hours of music in MP3 format, the equivalent of around 140 CDs, as well as a SIM card for the phone.

Compared to the WIP Nav system, this system provides in addition:

  • the jukebox function,
  • voice recognition,
  • RCA video connectivity making it possible to watch a fi lm (with the vehicle at a standstill), in addition to audio functions,
  • USB connectivity housed under the armrest. This allows the connection of a digital walkman to play or record data on the Wip Com system,
  • Peugeot emergency services and Peugeot mobile services.
2008 Peugeot 407
- image 248459

The Peugeot emergency service pinpoints the car’s location in the event of an accident and calls the emergency services automatically if a restraint device is activated, or does so manually when the SOS button is pressed (with SIM programmed to the device).

The WIP Com system is combined with a high defi nition 16/9 7 inch colour screen offering a display in 2D or perspective view.

WIP Com – a prestige offer with integral phone

New driving assistance systems Driving pleasure is further enhanced on the new 407. The front parking assistance system is combined with the rear obstacle detector to give the driver greater convenience during parking manoeuvres, as well as for extra safety. Acoustic warnings indicate the proximity of an obstacle that are now combined with visual
information in the multi-function display by means of coloured bars representing the distance of the detected obstacle.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303460

This function can be de-activated as required by means of a button, thereby completely cancelling acoustic and visual information, if required. The very popular ‘cruise control/speed limiter’ function, already available on all versions as standard or as an option, now features new displays with magnifi ed pop-ups that keep the
driver better informed of the system’s various status parameters.

New controls under the steering wheel

The 407 will benefi t from a new set of controls under the steering wheel. This will improve access to different functions, particularly the automatic windscreen wiper which can be activated very simply by a toggle switch and automatic switching on of headlamps which has a dedicated position on the stalk.


With 5 Euro NCAP stars in the test of adult occupants for the vehicle, the 407 offers good protection to its occupants thanks to the front structure with its double force distribution channel, its retractable steering and its genuine ‘interior shield’ consisting of high-performance means of restraint – up to nine air bags including a steering

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303437

column air bag, ‘active’ backrests preventing ‘whiplash’, seat belts that maintain and respect the body with fasten seat belt warnings. Specifi cally for child protection, two Isofi x seats can be installed in the rear side seats, while electrically-operated locking of the rear side doors and windows is available on most versions and de-activation of the front passenger air bag allows the installation of a rear-facing child seat.

The new 407 SW reaffirms its distinctive practical character

In addition to its elegant and dynamic design style and the exceptional brightness afforded by its panoramic roof (except on the entry level version), the 407 SW appeals at a practical level, whether for leisure use or to accommodate a variety of objects, due to its interior functions offering a multitude of ingenious solutions and its roof bars with their brushed metal finish.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303439

The rear tailgate and rear windscreen can be opened separately as might be required. They provide access to a meticulously fi nished parallelpiped boot fl oor space. Its low-level protective chrome sill, its dimensions and its slide bars make this functional boot very easy to load, while its sealed side storage compartments and large
concealed storage area under the carpet above the spare wheel are intelligently designed.

When opened by holding down the dedicated button on the remote control, the rear tailgate glass provides access to the boot, independently of the tailgate, without revealing its contents. The clever load space cover provides easy access to the luggage compartment regardless of configuration.

The modularity of the 2/3-1/3 folding rear seats on all versions allow for a virtually fl at fl oor aligned with the boot. Combined with this modularity, the ski fl ap present on most versions or the ‘modular’ front passenger seat which folds horizontally onto the seat cushion, provide benefi cial solutions for the occasional transportation of long objects for leisure or other purposes.

Even more competitive for corporate fleets

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303440

The competitiveness of the 407 among corporate fl eets has been underlined by two prizes won in Germany in 2007:

In 2007 the 407 2.0-litre HDi FAP won the best imported car award for the least rate of breakdowns recorded up to 50,000 km by Dekra in Germany, representing excellent recognition the car’s build quality and reliability.

Also in Germany, the 407 won the ‘Firmenauto des Jahres 2007’ award in the medium range segment (M2) of imported cars. Combined with its maturity, the upgrades of the new 407 will provide a long-term basis for the benefi ts this car can offer to businesses.

2008 Peugeot 407
- image 303446
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