The 1967 model year was the debut year for the Plymouth Belvedere GTX, which most enthusiasts simply know as the Plymouth GTX. The GTX was always one of the top performers in the 1960s, but was also a refined muscle car, receiving the nickname “The Gentleman’s Muscle Car” in its early years. Unfortunately, the GTX was a late arrival to the muscle car area and only lasted five model years.

In its debut year, there were 12,115 models built, which makes it a rather rare car in itself. Options were not scarce for the 1967 GTX, as it had two engines available, a 425-horsepower, 426 cubic-inch V-8 Hemi or a 375-horsepower, 440 cubic-inch V-8. It also had two transmission options, a three-speed automatic and a four-speed manual.

In addition to the engine and transmission options, there was also coupe or convertible options available. One would assume that the convertible four-speed manual option with a Hemi would be a popular option combination, due to its raw power and ability to shift with the wind in you hair, but that’s not the case. Only seven of these convertible models with four-speeds and a Hemi engine rolled off of the assembly line in the 1967 model year.

That makes this one of the rarest vehicles on the planet, let alone one of the rarest muscle cars ever built. To boot, it is a natural rarity, as opposed to a planned one, like a special edition. It just so happened that dealers ordered so few of this option combination that the factory only produced a few.

If you want to own one of the most rare mass produced automobiles on the planet, now is your chance, as RK Motors Charlotte has just placed a convertible 1967 GTX with a Hemi and a four-speed up for auction on Ebay.

Now we know that it’s rare, but how has this vehicle held up over the course of the past 45 years?

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  • 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    Four-speed manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    425 @ 5000
  • Torque @ RPM:
    490 @ 4000
  • Energy:
    Dual Four-Barrel Carburetors
  • Displacement:
    426 cubic inches
  • 0-60 time:
    4.8 sec.
  • Quarter Mile time:
    13.5 sec.
  • Price:
  • car segment:
  • body style:


1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 455672

This GTX actually features most of its original body panels, as the only ones replaced during its frame-off restoration were the rear quarter panels. The rest of the body was carefully restored to a better-than-new condition, then it was hit with a perfect coating of primer and Chrysler Code-R Yellow paint – the original color of the car. This resulted in an absolutely perfect finish that would make the original paint job look amateurish at best.

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 455677

The front end of a GTX is really the best way to tell a GTX from a plain old Belvedere, as the GTX featured a slightly modified dog bone-shaped grille – a red, white, and blue stripe was added to the center – and the GTX also received two faux hood scoops on the hood. Obviously, the hood scoops are the easiest giveaway when comparing a Belvedere to a GTX.

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible Exterior
- image 455678

The front fenders are also a giveaway, as they not only feature “Belvedere” emblems, but also “GTX” emblems just below them. Obligatory chrome is present on down the side of the GTX, including around the wheel wells and down the rocker panels.

The rear quarter panel on the GTX is another clue that this is not your normal old Belvedere, but the difference is slight. This 1967 GTX, and all GTXs, features a pit stop fuel filler cap, which is one that you do not need to unscrew. You just press the fuel nozzle onto the flap and it opens with moderate pressure. The standard Belvedere has a regular old gas cap.

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 455675

The last dead giveaway of a GTX is the rear light panel. The Belvedere has a plain old chrome taillight panel, whereas the GTX’s taillight panel has a solid red bar on the top and bottom of the taillight panel.

In all, this body clearly fits its nickname as the “gentleman’s muscle car,” it not only packs a muscular wallop, but it also looks pretty luxurious for a muscle car. The stellar restoration job on it definitely helps its cause too.


1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible Interior
- image 455687

On the inside, the GTX continues to show off its luxurious side. It features an all-black interior with well placed chrome accents. The seats are black leather with a ladder-like design embedded in them. On the outermost sides of each front seat are chrome strips that set it all off.

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible Interior
- image 455690

The steering wheel is your typical-for-the-1960s massive wheel with a chrome center and horn ring. The outer ring of the wheel is black. Behind the steering wheel is a rectangle-shaped speedometer that pegs out at a rather frightful 150 mph.

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible Interior
- image 455691

Just like the rest of the interior, the dashboard is covered in black. There are, however, splashes of chrome to help add a little character to the GTX, including: around the glove box, on the lower edge of the dashboard, around the gauge cluster, and around the factory AM radio.

The center console is a thing of beauty on the 1967 GTX. It is trimmed front-to-back in shiny chrome and the center of it is black. The gear shifter is a rather long chrome lever that is angled rearward toward the driver to help the driver reach it more easily. Without this angled shifter, shifting this beast would be quite the challenge that even a contortionist would find difficult. Attached to the center console and angled toward the driver is a small tachometer.

The door panels feature the same black color mixed with splashes of chrome. The window crank is all chrome and there are two door-length chrome strips on the panel, one on the top and one on the bottom. Even the armrests got some chrome love, with a chrome outline and a large chrome fixture on the front of each armrest.

To remind you of what you are driving, in case the sound of that Hemi isn’t enough of a reminder, there are genuine GTX floor mats, which feature “GTX” embroidered on the front set.

Chrome is very often overdone in these classic cars, but Plymouth did a wonderful job balancing the basic black interior with chrome. All we can say is that the interior is just as stunning as the exterior, if not more stunning.

Engine and Drivetrain

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 455684

Under the hood is where the GTX really separates’ itself from the regular old Belvederes. As standard equipment, the 1967 GTX comes with a respectable 375 horsepower, 480 pound-feet, 440 cubic-inch V-8 engine, which performed admirably in the GTX. What adds to the rarity of this drop-top GTX is the fact that it features the optional dual four-barrel-fed 426 cubic-inch Hemi V-8 engine, which cranks out an astonishing 425 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 490 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. The sheer size of this engine earned it the nickname “Elephant.”

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible Drivetrain
- image 455683

The engine was meticulously restored on this GTX. Everything that an original replacement part was available on was used and where there were no original parts available, exact replicas were used. The original components include: carburetors, engine block and color, exhaust manifolds, 37-amp alternator, cooling fan, 26-inch heavy-duty radiator, fan shroud, hoses and clamps, horns, washer fluid reservoir, power steering pump, and brake booster. In the case of any classic restoration project, there were some reproduction parts used in this GTX’s engine compartment, including: drive belts, red-top battery, ignition wires and ignition coil. The exhaust is also all brand new mandrel-bent piping and replica mufflers.

The second component that makes this GTX so rare is the fact that it features a four-speed manual transmission. With this manual transmission also came a 9.75-inch ring gear in the axle, a 3.54-to-1 axle ratio, making it acceptable to drive at highway speeds; double breaker distributor, which is harder to tune but increases spark efficiency; and a free-wheeling fan, which minimizes horsepower-robbing resistance on the engine when cooling is not needed.

This engine literally looks identical to what it did when it was purchased by its original owner. The restoration company used only the highest quality replica parts and even the original parts where they could. This is without a doubt a top-10% engine bay restoration job. Bravo to these guys for not sparing a penny in this job.

The engine and drivetrain combine to push this massive muscle car to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds. It also completes the 1/4-mile in just 13.5 seconds at 105 mph. Those are mighty impressive stats for a `60s muscle car.

Suspension and Braking

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible Exterior
- image 455692

The front suspension is a torsion bar-and-shock-style suspension with ball joints to keep the tires even with the road. The rear suspension is a six leaf spring-style with shock absorbers. These are both outdated by today’s standards, but in the late-`60s, this was a top-of-the-line system. This means that even though the GTX is a rather monstrous car by today’s standards, it actually holds onto the road fairly nicely.

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible Exterior
- image 455693

On the front of this GTX you have a power disc brake system, which was an option on the GTX. The rear end has mechanical 10-inch drum brakes, which came as a package with the front discs. The tires are original replica redline tires 7.75x14 Firestone Deluxe Champion tires wrapped around the original chrome Magnum 500 rims.


1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 455673

RK Motors has a “Buy it Now” price of $199,900 on this 1-of-7 GTX, but that price seems about $30K too high for us. NADA places the value of a GTX convertible with a 426 Hemi and four-speed manual at about $166,000. We understand that the price is going to continue to shoot up on this car, but you cannot sell a car at its future value today, that’s just not how it all works. We would suggest calling RK Motors themselves and negotiating a better price.

You will likely not get them down to the $166,000 point, but if they will work down to $180,000, you have yourself a winner here. This car will increase to above that price within about five years.


You can compare cars like the 1967 Chevelle and 1967 Ford Torino to the regular 1967 GTX, but given the natural rarity of the convertible models with a Hemi and a four-speed, you cannot compare any available car to this particular model. Not even rare special editions can be compared, as they were rare by design, whereas this model is rare just by happenstance.


1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible High Resolution Exterior
- image 455680

The GTX was a bad-ass car in its day, and to own one of the rarest GTXs ever built is even more intriguing. As we stated, the price is set way too high at this point, but with some savvy negotiation skills, this car could be yours for a fair market price. As long as you can get RK Motors to the $180,000 point, we would slap the TopSpeed seal of approval on the sale. Even at $199,000 it is an okay buy, but a little overpriced.

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Press Release


Ever have one of those moments when you find a spectacular muscle car that seems too good to be true? The ’rarest of the rare’ which has survived almost 50 years of vehicle downsizing trends, fuel thirsty gearheads and stoplight fisticuffs? Well, you don’t have to worry about getting pinched back to reality this time because this fully restored 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX convertible is a REAL DEAL, 426 Hemi 4-speed car! Not only is it an extremely hard to find Hemi GTX, it’s also one of only SEVEN Hemi powered 4-speed GTX convertibles to ever roll off of Ma Mopar’s assembly line. With impeccable documentation, a major feature in Muscle Car Review and a long stint as a centerpiece of well-known Michigan Mopar collector Harold Sullivan’s legendary garage, it is by far one of the nicest and most exclusive Plymouths on the planet.

According to the Chrysler Historical Services documents included with the sale, this super rare Belvedere GTX left Chrysler’s St. Louis, Missouri assembly plant in April of 1967 on its way to Hess Sales and Service in Tell City, Indiana. And, according to the owner history included with the sale, the initial owner kept the car for seven years before it began a Midwest to east coast journey that would eventually end up at RK Motors Charlotte. Clean and ready to show tomorrow, it has obviously benefitted from a very extensive frame off restoration at some point in the not too distant past; but to ensure everything is in spectacular working order, RK Motors Restoration spent 60 days fine tuning the big Hemi and getting everything into tip-top mechanical shape. In case you don’t know, RK Motor Restoration is probably the BEST place a car like this could end up because we have performed two of the most exhaustive and historically accurate ground up concours GTX restorations on two exceptionally rare 1967 Plymouth GTX HEMI cars. Our award winning, magazine featured WW1 white automatic 1967 GTX Hemi sold for $140K ( and our BB1 black 4-speed 1967 GTX Hemi sold for $160K just last month (

Before we go any further, I’ll authenticate the car by breaking down both its fender tag and major features listed in Galen Govier’s assessment of the original broadcast sheet.


RS - Plymouth GTX
27 - Convertible
73 - 426 dual 4-barrel 425 horsepower Hemi
3 - A833 4-speed manual with an Inland shifter
48 - 7.75x14 Red Streak tires
5 - Five tires (includes the spare)
420 - Scheduled for production on Thursday April 20th, 1967
02016 - Plymouth shipping order number
1 - Drip rail mouldings
A6 - 9.75 inch Dana 60 rear end with 3.54 gears
X8 - Sure Grip axle
TP - Premium trim grade
R6 - Vinyl bucket front seats
MX - Black interior
PR - Bright Yellow roof paint
NR - Bright Yellow body paint
T1 - Mono-tone paint style
UB - Black upper door frames
B - No buffed paint
S - No accent stripes
ABC Options:

A1 - Heavy duty 26 inch radiator
D9 - Front disc brakes
F5 - GTX package
R1 - AM radio
T7 - Console mounted tachometer
X2 - Tinted windshield
Y2 - White convertible top
abc Options:

a6 - Console
b4 - Bucket seats
g0 - Body belt mouldings
j4 - Body sill mouldings
u1 - Sold car order

Standard Equipment:

Front heater and defroster
Outside manual left-hand chrome mirror
Three spoke steering wheel with a chrome horn ring
Variable speed wipers
Maximum cooling package
37 amp alternator
Heavy duty shock absorbers
Optional Equipment:

18 - B-body 426 Hemi 4-speed stub frame
48 - 7.75x14 red sidewall tires
71 - 426 Hemi engine distributor
73 - 426 dual 4-barrel 425 horsepower Hemi
302 - White convertible top
365 - Belvedere GTX special body style
393 - 4-speed manual transmission
406 - 9.75 inch axle with 3.54 gears
408 Sure Grip
421 - Transaudio AM radio
451 - Power brakes
456 - Power steering
479 - Front disc brakes and 10 inch rear drum brakes
486 - Console
487 - Cigarette lighter
509 - Glove box lock
511 - Map and courtesy light
522 - Tinted windshield
529 - Wheel lip mouldings
540 - Belt line mouldings
544 - Body sill mouldings
564 - Bucket seats
565 - Rear armrest and ashtray
577 - Console mounted tachometer
580 - Chrome Magnum 500 wheels
626 - 70 amp heavy duty red top battery
648 - Hemi suspension
691 - Dealer stock order
When you’re restoring a car of this caliber to the level you see here, you have to start with an unmolested, clean body. That way, reproduction parts can be used only when necessary and the car retains as much of its authentic factory fresh feel as possible. During this GTXs complete frame-off restoration, new high quality quarter panels were applied and, along with the cars original body panels, sanded to a smooth, exceptional surface. Then, a thick coat of primer was sprayed on, allowed days to cure, and worked free of any defects that might prevent a better-than-showroom foundation. Once the primer was completely dry and defect free, an impressive coat of correct Chrysler code R Yellow was professionally applied and sealed with a tough, glossy clearcoat shell. The result is one arrow-straight Plymouth that has no gremlins, no thin spots and no short cuts what so ever. Fit and finish is worlds above what originally came out of Chrysler’s factory 44 years ago; and the car is an absolutely stunning show piece which catches the light perfectly in our RK Motors Charlotte photo booth.

Taking a lesson in style and brand awareness from the likes Ford, Chevrolet and Pontiac, Plymouth outfitted the mighty 1967 GTX with some hot styling cues which better differentiated it from the divisions more plebian offerings. At the front of the car, a GTX exclusive bright stainless grille holds a traditional red, white and blue centerpiece between four halogen headlights. Below that grille, a pristine body-width chrome bumper displays re-located square marker lights, and above that grille a black inlayed "Plymouth" script sprawls beneath a centered "426" hood ornament. Behind that ornament, GTX exclusive chrome trimmed hood scoops sit in front of correct gray 3-speed windshield wipers and a correctly tinted like-new windshield. At the top of that windshield, pristine stainless trim attaches a great looking correct white top in front of a straight and flat trunk which advertises "Hemi and "GTX" to lesser stoplight warriors. At the sides of the car, pristine, dent free rocker trim runs below square chrome door handles to like-new stainless wheel well trim, and a GTX exclusive ’pit stop’ fuel filler adds a little race car flair. On the front fenders "Belvedere GTX" emblems perfectly complement subtle "Hemi" badges, and a traditional passenger’s side gold pentastar markets to any curious sidewalk dwellers. At the back of the car, GTX exclusive concave stainless trunk trim aligns perfectly with clear, factory taillights, and a second showroom fresh chrome bumper hangs above factory correct stainless exhaust tips.

Under this GTXs hood, you’ll find a 1966 model 426 cubic inch Hemi that produces 425 horsepower and 470 lb./ft. of torque. Nicknamed the ’elephant motor’ because of its large dimensions and heavy weight, Chryslers ’street’ Hemi was derived from specially developed race engines that would prove to be lethal on NASCAR tracks and NHRA drag strips across the country. At the top of the block, two correct 4-barrel carburetors breathe through a mirror-like chrome air cleaner which wears correct Mopar decals. Below those carburetors, a spotless ’Hemi Orange’ block wears correctly restored wrinkle finish valve covers and restored original factory exhaust manifolds. At the front of the motor, reproduction belts spin a correct 37 amp alternator above a correct fan and a Hemi-exclusive rebuilt power steering pump. Fire is supplied by reproduction wires, a reproduction coil and a correct distributor, and cooling is provided by a correct 26 inch heavy duty radiator with a correct Hemi-exclusive fan shroud. This is one of the finest detailed Hemis on the planet! Refocus your eyes on the rest of the engine compartment and you’ll find a correct reproduction red top battery, correct hoses and clamps, restored horns, a 1967 GTX exclusive washer fluid bottle and a factory fresh brake booster. The hood is secured with original hood latch hardware, and the entire engine bay is coated from top to bottom in the same excellent looking code R yellow as the car’s exterior panels.

Take one look under this pristine GTX and you’ll find an undercarriage that has been restored to the same exacting standards as the car’s engine bay. Factory correct overspray highlights exceptionally clean floorpans that likely haven’t seen much daylight since the cars restoration. Behind the engine, an original A833 4-speed manual transmission sends power through a pristine driveshaft to an original Dana 60 Track Pak rear end. Inside that rear end, a factory correct Sure Grip differential houses tall Hemi-exclusive 3.54 gears, and on the outside of that rear end, correct chalk marks and maintenance tags add authenticity. At the front of the car, an original K-frame engine cradle and skid plate show very few signs of impact and a correct factory sway bar adds strength to the cars rebuilt torsion bar suspension. At the back of the car, correct firm ride shocks augment correct six leaf springs in front of a new stainless fuel tank that sends fuel through new stainless fuel lines. Braking comes courtesy of heavy duty power front discs and power rear drums, and exhaust is handled by a new mandrel bent system which sends spent gases into an H-pipe crossover and two factory replacement mufflers. The big block power is put to the ground through 14 inch correct chrome Magnum 500 wheels that wear vintage looking 7.75x14 Firestone deluxe champion tires.

Open this GTX’s solid doors and you’ll find one of the coolest interiors ever bolted behind a big block Hemi engine. Billed as the ’Gentleman’s muscle car’ and finished in correct P6X trim, it brings a real sense of class to a car with a solemn and brutish nature. In front of the driver, the original rebuilt instrument cluster sits inside of a slick re-painted dash that’s capped by a supple and pliable dash pad. Below that cluster, like-new dash knobs sit beside a correct Plymouth Transaudio AM radio that’s centered within great looking stainless trim. Below the dash, an optional console holds Plymouth’s controversial, but equally cool canted tachometer in front of a correct Inland shifter and what seems like a mile finned chrome trim. Below the console, new black carpet is protected by yellow stitched GTX floor mats, and at the sides of the console, fully restored saddle-grain vinyl seats face chrome trimmed foot pedals and a sweet looking chrome ringed steering wheel that features a correct black rim. New door panels carry stainless accents and chrome door handles to a brand new black convertible cowl that sits over a fully restored trunk. Inside that trunk, a new matt divides a correct bumper jack and fifth chrome Magnum 500 wheel and spare tire. From the blinding stainless trim, to the crystal clear courtesy lamps, this is a no-excuses, no holds barred restored interior.

As you might imagine, the documentation included with this car is both significant and extensive. We have copies of the original broadcast sheet, a complete Galen Govier breakdown of that broadcast sheet, the car’s fender tag and VIN, Chrysler Historical Services paperwork, an owner history which includes the name of the car’s original owner and pictures of when the car was brand new, a copy of the Muscle Car Review in which the car was featured and a cool Hemi muscle car book.

This 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi convertible is a text book example of a world class, no excuses muscle car. Exceptionally rare and incredibly documented, it’s a near flawless Mopar centerpiece that is the perfect investment for any collector who wants to own one of the finest classic cars on the planet.

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Press release
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  (419) posted on 06.14.2012

Although it is old, anything that’s been applied to it fits it well. It is inexplicably still stylish too.

  (677) posted on 06.7.2012

Let’s see if its variants have something more to offer.

  (458) posted on 05.28.2012

Well, I have yet to know the variants. This one alone is already sufficient though.

  (570) posted on 05.24.2012

It’s amazing how this has been brought back to life again, and was used to create even more wonderful variants.

  (448) posted on 05.22.2012

This was exquisitely restored into its original form, and creatively, more variants have been brought based from it.

  (333) posted on 05.20.2012

This one’s most certainly popular to have been brought back with a pricey tag, and to even have variants now. Additionally, the engine restoration is one astounding fact that its original quality has not been affected by degradation through time.

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