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2019 Polestar 1 Convertible

2019 Polestar 1 Convertible

Would a convertible version of the 1 sports coupe be a good idea?

The debut of the Polestar 1 turned a lot of heads for the right reasons. It was as impressive a first offering for Volvo’s newly-minted performance stand-alone brand, and like most cars with a lot of anticipation surrounding them, the thought of different body styles for the Polestar 1 has begun to take shape. We’ve already seen renders for a shooting brake-style Polestar 1, but what I’m really looking forward to seeing - if it ends up getting here - is a convertible version. There’s no guarantee that Polestar is going to appease our calls for one, but I think it’s a good idea, in large part because we haven’t seen a convertible from the Swedish automaker since the C70 ended production in 2013.

Ok, so it’s only been four years, but a lot has happened in those four years, especially as it pertains to Volvo. Back then, the company had only been a few years into being under Geely ownership, so it was still in the process of reinventing itself. Fast forward to 2017 and Volvo is in much better shape now to the point that its former performance division, Polestar, has been turned into a stand-alone performance brand with one model - the Polestar One - that’s already on the way. There’s no guarantee that a convertible will follow after because the company has already laid out plans for its second (a Tesla Model 3 rival) and third (an electric SUV) models. Fingers crossed we see one in the future, though, because the way the Polestar 1 looks right now, it would be very interesting to see if it somehow lost its hardtop and got a soft one instead.

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