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The Porsche 989 a four door performance oriented touring sedan that maintained the iconic shape of the 911 Carrera, but unlike the Panamera, never saw production after it was presented back in 1988.

1989 Porsche 989
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The idea of creating the 989 came as a result of strong 928 sales. Porsche engineer Dr. Ulrich Bez decided to design a four door sporty touring vehicle that could compete with models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. As a result the Porsche 989 featured a new front-engine, rear-drive platform with a wheelbase of 2826 mm (111.3 in) and was powered by an 80 degree, water cooled V8 engine with a power output of around 300 HP and displaced somewhere between 3.6 and 4.2 Liters.

In 1991 Ulrich Bez left Porsche. Besides that the 928 sales dropped considerably, so Porsche had to rethink the decision of building a four-door sedan model. Porsche said they have destroyed the only prototype ever built and dropped the idea.

1989 Porsche 989
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However, latest reports suggest the 989 prototype still exist.

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  (442) posted on 03.14.2010

Now I’m going to withdraw my vintage liking for Porsche it’s better to go back on my Volk’s cravings.

  (808) posted on 02.28.2010

I’m starting too think the car designer’s of Porsche way back then have a lack of intelligence in designing now I know the reason why it’s not that popular in my early age.

  (534) posted on 01.31.2010

Pretty neat. I have to say that for that year, it looked really awesome. I mean all I can recall for that year is that the cars are in box type sort of design. Except for the beetles of course

  (344) posted on 01.24.2010

he reason why its sales is poor is obvious. The car is not that dazzling. It won’t match the cars of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Maybe they should furnish it more.

  (428) posted on 01.10.2010

The first thing I noticed on this 989 was the headlights and on that year, the power of this sedan was that amazing that have an output of 300 HP. Nevertheless, this Porsche proves how stylish the body design is where the sales went up and compare it to the sales of Ferrari in 1989, Porsche wins for 9% sales.

  (555) posted on 01.6.2010

For Porsche, the 911 has been both a blessing, and a curse. A blessing in that it has seems to have transcended the usual automotive evolutionary process

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